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January 24, 2006

Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention


Present: Kate Arganese, Kathleen Schoen, Theresa Abeyta, Aubrey Lavizzo, John Cogley, Denise Mikita, Michele D. Simpson, Bill Reidell, Barb Reidell, Kay Dahlinger, Andy Archuleta, Mary Phillips, Jayme Nielson, Joan Casey, Diane Balkin, Phil Tedeschi, Meighan Laurie, Corey Price, Jan Mickish, Leo DeVigil.

I. Reports on Recent Trainings

A. Kay Dahlinger, Chief Probation Officer for the City of Aurora, and Diane Balkin, Denver Deputy District Attorney, reported that the Link training in Montrose was very successful with over 65 attendees.  The event was sponsored by Dolphin House and received good media coverage in the local papers.  Following is a link to the story written in the Montrose Press:
B. Kay Dahlinger reported that the upcoming training on the Link in Adams County is set for February 3rd.  It will be located at the Adam’s County District Attorney’s Office’s training room at 1 p.m.  They already have over 50 registrants.  Anyone wishing to attend can RSVP to Becky Stern at 303.751.9843.

II. Phil Tedeschi and Meighan Laurie’s Presentation
Phil Tedeschi, Professor for Denver University School of Social Work, and Meighan Laurie, Registered Forensic Evaluator for Sex Offenders, presented a project that they have been collaborating on to CACP members.  The project’s goal is to create a general outline and protocol for an animal abuser specific evaluation.  They informed the Committee that at this point there is no assessment tool for threat/risk assessment for animal abusers.  This project will help identify and treat animal abusers in the early stages.

A. Phil and Meighan asked that the Committee review their current rough draft and email them with their suggestions for improvement as well as any concerns they may have.  Phil’s email is and Meighan’s email is
B. Phil and Meighan emphasized that this draft is not for use or dissemination.  They asked that members not share this material.
C. Kate Arganese will email the CACP members present at the meeting the documents that Phil and Meighan are interested in feedback on.
D. Kay Dahlinger volunteered to connect Phil with the people that attended/helped organize the Montrose Link Training as they may also be a good “sounding-board” for his project.

III. Dr. Aubrey Lavizzo’s Presentation
Dr. Aubrey Lavizzo, Veterinarian, presented a project that he has been working on to CACP members.  He distributed his Proposed Humane Educational/Interventional Model for Veterinary Practice to the group.  This proposal discusses two programs that he wishes to adopt:

A. Adopt-A-School: establish a relationship with a neighborhood elementary school by which staff at the veterinary clinic and school children would reciprocate visits for humane education.
B. At Risk Children: intervene positively in the lives of children of domestic/animal violence and educate/mentor them in the humane ways to treat animals.

Aubrey is asking the Committee for support of his programs and for feedback from the Committee.

A. The Committee suggested one topic that he could focus some of his teachings on: existing animals in the educational program. The Committee suggested that he could not only educate children, but also the teachers in how to better care for animals in their classrooms.

IV. List of Current Trainers
The list of available trainers has not been updated.  Kate Arganese will update the list and present it at the next meeting.

V. Future Trainings for CACP

A. Diane Balkin reported that she will be trainng at the National District Attorney’s Association Conference in late March.
B. Corey Price, Dumb Friends League, reported that she has secured two trainings in late April with the Colorado Association for Education of Young Children and the Jefferson County Children’s Alliance.
C. Kay Dahlinger reported on February 3, 2006 Adam’s County Training (see I,B).
D. Joan Casey reported that she has secured a booth for CACP at the Plum Creek Dog Show on February 18-20, 2006.  Kay Dahlinger, Corey Price, and Joan volunteered to be at the booth for the weekend.

VI. Other Business
Corey Price reported that the Dumb Friends League has hired a new Chief of Investigations named Norman Renter.

VII. Next Meeting is February 21, 2006 at Noon at the CBA offices (1900 Grant Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO, 80203).