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February 21, 2006

Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention

February 21, 2006

Present: Kate Arganese, Kathleen Schoen, Lindsay Waskey, Becky Stern, Johanna Gallers, Joan Casey, Denise Mikita, Jayme Nielson, Norm Renter, Aubrey Lavizzo, Bill Riedell, Barb Riedell, Corey Price, Jan Mickish, Martha Smith.

I. Introductions
Kathleen Schoen introduced and welcomed two new members to CACP: Lindsay Waskey, DU law student; and Norm Renter, Chief of Investigations at Denver Dumb Friends League.

II. Updates on Trainings Since Last Meeting

A. Becky Stern reported that the Link Training on February 3, 2006 in Adams County was very successful with over 45 people attending.  Also, they were approached by two organizations (CASA and Arapahoe County Victims Advocates) requesting a training.  Kay Dahlinger will follow-up on this.
B. Becky also reported that the Link Training in Douglas County went very well.
C. Martha Smith reported that CACP’s booth at the Plum Creek Dog Show on February 16-19, 2006 was a success.  However, for future events she informed the Committee that they need to have more people staff the booths in order to effectively advertise CACP.

III. Future Trainings

A. Corey Price reported that she has confirmed two trainings in late April with the Colorado Association for Education of Young Children and the Jefferson County Children’s Alliance.
B. Corey informed the Committee that a shelter in Taos, New Mexico has expressed interest in hosting a training.  She will pursue this and report to the Committee at their next meeting.
C. Joan Casey reported that she will be handing out information on CACP at two upcoming events in early March.
D. Denise Mikita reported that Diane Balkin will be presenting to the Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians in Estes Park on April 29, 2006.

IV. Future Initiatives

A. Lindsay Waskey suggested that the Committee focus their attention on the department of social services as a possibility for trainings and collaboration.  The Committee decided to pursue this.
B. Feedback from the Link Training in Montrose informed the Committee that while attendees found the presentation informative, they would have liked to have more concrete “action steps” to help solve the problem of the Link.  Kathleen Schoen, Kate Arganese, Corey Price, Lindsay Waskey, and Jan Mickish will work on creating the “action steps.”

V. Dr. Aubrey Lavizzo’s Presentation

A. Aubrey discussed the steps that he has taken with his project since the last meeting (for more information on his project, please visit the following link:  Since the last meeting, he met with Corey Price and others to discuss creating a pilot project.  The pilot program will be tailored for a local elementary school.  He will ask teachers and counselors to identify children that are considered “at-risk” and work with those children on a one-on-one basis.  He will acquire feedback from this school and use it to shape his program in the future.
B. Recently, Aubrey presented his program to the Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society and it was well received.  He will be writing an article for their next magazine issue regarding his new program.
C. Aubrey will work with Corey and Diane Balkin on creating a new proposal to present to CACP at an upcoming meeting.
D. Joan suggested that the program The Gathering Place would be in need of this kind of program.

VI. List of Current Trainers
Kate Arganese presented the list of current trainers.  Twelve people have volunteered to train; however, several would like to observe a training before they give a training.  Kate will email those that wish to observe a training when space is available at a training to be observed.

VII. Next Meeting is March 28, 2006 at 12 p.m.  The meeting will be held at the CBA offices (1900 Grant Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO, 80203).