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March 28, 2006

Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention

March 28, 2006

Present: Kate Arganese, Kathleen Schoen, Jan Mickish, Sandy Trott, Theresa Abeyta, Martha Smith, Joan Casey, Leo DeVigil, John Cohen, Becky Stern, Nancy Sheffield, Kay Dahlinger, Jayme Nielson, Andy Archuleta, Lindsay Waskey, Aubrey Lavizzo, Norm Renter, Mary Toornman.

I. Introductions

A. Sandy Trott was introduced to the Committee.  Sandy is a student at Regis University.  She is working on a brochure for her “capstone class” that informs the public about the LINK.  She would like to get the Committee’s feedback on her brochure.  Kate Arganese will email the brochure to the Committee for them to review.
B. Kay Dahlinger introduced Nancy Sheffield to the Committee.  Nancy is the Director of Neighborhood Services for the City of Aurora and is looking forward to working with CACP.

II. Future Trainings


A. Kate Arganese informed the Committee about all of the upcoming trainings:

1. Corey Price has confirmed two trainings in late April: Colorado Association for Education of Young Children and the Jefferson County Children’s Alliance.
2. Corey is still pursuing a possible training at an animal shelter in Taos, NM.
3. Diane Balkin will be presenting to the Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians in Estes Park on April 29, 2006.
4. Kath Schoen and Jan Mickish will present to the Department of Criminal Justice on April 6, 2006.
5. Kay Dahlinger reported that the Aurora LINK will be presenting to Arapahoe County in July; to Douglas County on July 1, 2006; and to the California animal shelter PAL on June 9, 2006.

III. New Training Materials
Kath Schoen reported that she recently met with Corey Price to discuss integrating new materials into the CACP trainings.  The new materials will focus less on the historical aspects of the Link and more on proactive steps towards recognition and eradication of the Link.  Some possible materials include:

A. Providing concrete descriptions on recognizing the Link;
B. Providing action steps to help stop the Link;
C. “Nuts and Bolts” materials to help combat the link;
D. A new power point presentation with humane education;
E. A possible treatment piece;
F. Vignettes of informative videos.

IV. Future Initiatives – The Department of Social Services
Lindsay Waskey reported that she is still pursuing CACP’s possible collaboration with the Department of Social Services.  She will report further on this topic at the Committee’s next meeting.

V. Update from Dr. Aubrey Lavizzo

A. Aubrey informed the Committee that his Adopt-A-School program will pilot at a Colfax elementary school in the fall.
B. Aubrey informed the Committee about a new program that is currently being developed by the Children’s Museum in Denver called “Ready- Vet-Go!”  This will be a permanent exhibit for children to role play with veterinarians.  In addition, they will develop a program for pre-adoption children/parents to attend for 1 week for 2 months, at the end of which, they will receive certificates for their participation.  This program is actively seeking volunteers and Phase I will begin in September 2006.

VI. Research Project

A. Jan Mickish discussed a research project that she is currently working on that will help to fill the gaps in understanding the Link and what each organization (fire department, police, humane society, etc) does to try to follow-up on reports of abuse and to prevent it.  The research project will be carried out in six phases:

1. Data collection and preliminary analysis;
2. Identification of system stakeholders and process;
3. Recommendations;
4. Plan for implementing recommendations;
5. Implement plan;
6. Evaluate, making further recommendations, plans, and implementations.

B. CACP formed a sub-committee that will work with Jan Mickish on this research project, members include: Martha Smith, Joan Casey, Leo DeVigil, John Cohen, Becky Stern, Nancy Sheffield, Kay Dahlinger, and Mary Toornman.

VII. Other Business

A. Kay Dahlinger informed the Committee that Nancy Sheffield nominated the Aurora LINK for two awards:  one from the International City Managers Association and one from Denver Regional Council of Governments.  DRCOG recently informed them that the LINK was selected as the second place winner in the 2006 Local Government Innovations Awards Program category of Community Outreach/Public Education.  The award will be presented to them on April 26, 2006.
B. Becky Stern discussed the Longmont Animal Care and Welfare association.  This association is a great example of cross-reporting on animal welfare cases between police, fire, and themselves.  Also, they do several informative presentations across the state.  The Committee decided to contact the association to see if they are interested in possible collaboration.

VIII. Next Meeting Date is April 25, 2006.  The meeting will begin at 12 p.m. and is located at the CBA offices (1900 Grant Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO, 80203).