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May 30, 2006

Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention

May 30, 2006

Present: Kate Arganese, Kathleen Schoen, Martha Smith, Aubrey Lavizzo, Denise Mikita, Bill Reidell, Becky Stern, Kay Dahlinger, John Cohen, Leo DeVigil, Jayme Nielson, Jan Mickish, Corey Price, Norm Renter.

I. Trainings
• April 24, 2006, Becky Stern trained the Wheatridge Explorers Group.
• April 29, 2006, Diane Balkin, Denver Deputy District Attorney, trained the Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians.
• In late April, Phil Tedeschi, University of Denver, and Corey Price, Denver Dumb Friends League, completed two trainings: Colorado Association for the Education of Young Children and the Jefferson County Children’s Alliance.
• Diane Balkin and Kay Dahlinger, Aurora Probation Officer, will train a California animal shelter on June 8, 2006.
• June 28, 2006, Martha Smith, Kath Schoen, and Jan Mickish will present to the Colorado Department of Human Services in Ft. Morgan.
• July 13, 2006, the Aurora LINK will present to the Arapahoe County Victims Advocates center.
• In February 2007, Corey will train the Association of Humane Educators.

II. Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs Presentation
Denise Mikita and Martha Smith discussed the CLSD: it was formed to promote understanding of the human and animal behaviors that impact community safety and to reframe the civic conversation about dangerous dogs.  Martha informed CACP members that the CLSD is seeking to offer assistance to municipalities seeking to establish and enforce more effective dangerous dog laws, increase public awareness about the nature of dogs and what makes a good owner, and to encourage citizens to recognize and report dangerous/aggressive dogs.

III. CACP’s next meeting will be June 20, 2006 at Noon.  The meeting will take place at the CBA offices (1900 Grant Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO, 80203).