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July 18, 2006

Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention
July 18, 2006


Present: Barb Riedell, Bill Riedell, Jan Mickish, Becky Stern, Diane Balkin, Karen Spaulding (Training Manager), Elaine Wood (Manager of Shelter), Corey Price, John, Cohen, Kathleen Schoen and Cheryl Law.

I. Trainings

A. Fort Morgan – Martha, Jan, and Kathleen trained 40 people in Fort Morgan. Most of the participants worked for social services. Two animal control officers attended and were very interested in developing a humane education program. Kath gave these officers Corey’s contact information. The Alliance decided to explore creating material and training with a focus on social service workers.

B. American Humane – Karen and Elaine reported that American Humane is:

1) Incorporating animal sexual assault into supervisory training

2) Conducting an Anicare Training – 9/18/07 with Ken Shapiro

3) Creating a third division on the human/animal bond headed by Phil Tedischi.

C. Professional Humane Trainers conference will be held in Denver on 2/8–9/07. Corey said CACP could participate on a panel on developing a LINK project. Becky Stern volunteered herself and Kay Dahlinger.

D. Corey reported:

1) Savio House Training – 9/13/2006 – 2-4 p.m.

2) Youth Crime Watch conference will be held in Denver on 3/21-24/07– She brought in a flyer if someone wants to submit a proposal to present. Proposal deadline is August 1, 2006.

      3) Marlin Nealy, Veterinarian – VRCC and Stuart Witkis, Friends of Man approached Bob Rhode, Executive Director of Dumb Friends League about funding for "Safe Haven" for domestic violence victims. Kath will contact Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence, SafeHouse and Gateway to attend next meeting to discuss.


    E. Victorville – Becky and Kay going in December to conduct an additional training.

    F. Healing Species—Corey brought information on this humane education program.

II. Police Officer Standards Training (POST) (police, sheriffs, fire)

Curriculum—Alliance discussed developing a training program specifically for POST. Diane reported that the sex crimes investigators are very interested in such information.

The Alliance discussed that it may be more effective to try to incorporate the issue into training at the police academy. DrCog, Red Rocks, Arapahoe all provide training.

III. Treatment-The Alliance discussed that at this time Anicare is the only model.


IV. Speaker’s Bureau

A. Karen, Elaine & John all volunteered to be trainers.

B. Additional speakers/trainers are needed.

Next Meeting will take place August 15, 2006 at 12:00 p.m. at the CBA office: 1900 Grant Street, Suite 300, Denver, Colorado, 80203