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August 15, 2006

Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention


Present:  Joan Casey, Lisa Parks, Corey Price, Bill Riedell, Kay Dahlinger, Cheryl Law, John Cohen, Norm Renter, Kathleen Schoen, and Janet Mickish (phone).

I. Criminal Justice Project

A. Janet reported that she met with Phil Tedeschi about working with the University Of Denver School Of Social Work, Animal Assisted Certificate Program.  Discussions will continue.

II. Safe Haven

A. Janet reported that she met with Bob Rohde (Dumb Friends League), staff at American Humane, and Friends of Man about developing a program to provide shelter for pets of victims of family violence.  The committee discussed the breadth of the program (including victims who have not reported to law enforcement or fled to shelter), and the complexities of the law surrounding such a program.  Kathleen offered to partner with whatever entity goes forward with this project by exploring hiring a workstudy law student to help research the legal issues.

III. Ready-Vet-Go

A. Corey reported that Dr. Aubrey Lavizzo’s program at the Children’s Museum is moving forward.  He has veterinarian technicians teaching pre-adoptive pet classes to young children.  The children receive a certificate that they can present to an animal adoption agency.

IV. Training

A. Barstow, CA: Oct. 6, Kay and Kathleen
B. Victorville, CA: December, Kay and Becky Stern
C. Aurora Neighborhood Association: Sept. 7, Kay
D. Grand Valley Kennel Club, Grand Junction: September, Kay
E. Savio House: September 13, Corey

The Committee wants to revise the training presentations to include not only history and awareness of the LINK, but also how specific professionals can intervene/prevent such abuse/violence.  Kathleen will present some options at the next meeting.

V. Plum Creek Kennel Club

A. The Plum Creek Kennel Club donated a kennel to Gateway Battered Women’s Shelter.  Kay’s dog club is donating food and other supplies for the kennel.  (Gateway is converting a separate room to house pets of victims and their children.)

VI. Protection Orders

A. Kay reported that the Aurora courts and prosecutors office will include animals in protection orders when they deem it appropriate. 

B. Kathleen mentioned that she and Janet wrote an article for The Colorado Lawyer that proposed provisions to protect animals and add them to protection orders when the abuse of the animal is a method of coercion, intimidation, retaliation, etc.

VII. Next meeting will take place Tuesday, September 26, 2006, 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. at the CBA office:  1900 Grant Street, Suite 300 (3rd Floor Small Conference Rm), Denver, Colorado 80203