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December 5, 2006

Colorado Alliance For Cruelty Prevention
Meeting Minutes

Present: Joan Casey, Norm Renter, Becky Richey, Phil Tedeschi, Briley Brown, Nicole Schimming, Denise Mikita, Elaine Wood, Karen Spaulding, Lisa Parks, John Cogley, Becky Stern, and Cheryl Law.

Phil Tedeschi offered an excellent presentation on Treatment and the Animal Cruelty Offender. His challenge was to define what we really know about animal cruelty, a broad topic with lots of variables to consider. 

He offered several empirical factors that may contribute to Animal Abuse/Link Violence. For example, callousness or an absence of empathy, abuse victims may decide not to care or grow up learning not to care, whereas, persons with developmental disorders may have unique difficulties understanding and/or processing feelings. 

Phil mentioned 3 different Diagnostic Typologies that are useful for treatment:

1) Criminogenic – criminal accountability; traumatized but not highly reactive.
2) Traumagenic – highly traumatized but low risk if properly treated.
3) Psychogenic – mental illness and treatment with structured routines.

In addition, he suggested using comprehensive evaluations to define the trauma and family structure and discover boundary issues and the person’s struggle for personal power and control. Also, to be better informed diagnostically on how the abuser is put together so that without compromising his or her accountability, one may be able to present to the court a more individual program and more weighted approach toward rehabilitating the offender. He stressed the challenge to focus on the development of a person’s assets and define protective factors such as, social support and positive non-abusive interaction examples with animals.

Phil ended by offering to meet with animal investigators and introduce a P-scan assessment and evaluation.

NEXT MEETING:  FOURTH Tuesday, January 23, 2007, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm, CBA Terrace Conference Room.