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May 16, 2007

CBA Criminal Sentencing Project Meeting Minutes from May 17, 2007.


Brian Vicente, Committee Organizer
Chuck Turner
Charlie Garcia
Judge Ken Plotz
Prof. Robert Hardaway
Ken Tomilson

-Introduction by Vicente on progress of project. 
-Discussion of status of CO Sentencing Commission
-The meeting was largely spent planning details for the upcoming CLE event with Washington State Rep. Roger Goodman.  Event is an attempt to set direction for Colorado Criminal Justice and Juvenile Commission.  Event planned for July 27.
-Goodman is former director of Washington state Sentencing Commission.  CO can learn from WA successes, problems
-Audience of event is very important, legislators and Ritter’s staff are needed.  Ideally we want to get member of the Commission in audience. 
-Ideas for attendees and speakers include, Ken Gordon, Terrance Carroll, ADAD representative
-Tomilson- would like to see event marketed beyond lawyers.
-Plotz- we need to approach all potential member of committee to encourage participation
-Plotz offers to serve as M.C.
-Turner will take care of CLE details, room reservation, etc.
-advertising to be done through CBA, DBA list-serves.  CCDB can help.