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Finance Department Information for Sections & Committees

From the Department of Finance

1. Committees that need funds only for mailing notices and conference calls have a budget of zero as these expenses now come out of the General Committee Budget for all the committees.
2. Committees that have ongoing projects have been assigned budget based on last year.  For new projects that come up during the year, you can request funds from the Committee Contingency Budget. These requests will be reviewed quickly so that you can start on your projects.  Requests for less that a $1000 go to the Executive Director and those larger will go to the Executive Council.  New projects that do not require additional funds must be approved by the Deputy Executive Director.
3. Committee funds are not to be used to provide free CLE programs.  All CLE programs should be self-supporting by charging an appropriate fee .
4. Committee funds are not to be used to provide free lunches to committee members.  Staff can assist in ordering lunches and those attending will be required to pay for their lunch.
5. Committee funds are not to be used to make donations to charitable activities or other organizations.  Activities designed to be fund raisers can only give the charity the net after all expenses.
6. Staff is available to send out meeting notices and to assist in meeting setup and general coordination.  Staff is not available to take minutes of the meetings, generate information for the website or handle other administrative tasks that can be divided up between committee members.  If you put the people on your committee to work, your committee will have increased attendance and the committee will accomplish more during the year.
7. Sections have dues as their sole source of revenue and are not granted money in the budget process.  The executive group or council of each section is responsible for their budget.  Staff will provide sections with monthly financials and is available to assist in budgeting if the section requests help.  Positive and negative balances carry forward to the next fiscal year.



The CBA collects the revenues for the sections and maintains the section bank account. In order to receive a reimbursement from the account, a section officer needs to complete the section expense reimbursement form (available on top right of this page) and send the form to the Director of Sections/Committees at the CBA office.