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June 20, 2007


I. Attendees:
Mike Krause, Independence Institute
Sean McAllister, solo practitioner [by phone]
Sandy Mullins, E.D. Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
Judge Ken Plotz, Senior District Judge
Britta Stunkard, Legal Intern for Brian Vicente
Chuck Turner, Executive Direct of Colorado Bar Association
Brian Vicente, Committee organizer
Susanne Katchmar [by phone]
Dennis Blewitt, solo practitioner 

II. Overview of the upcoming CLE event

III. Format of CLE event
1. Intro by Ken Plotz
2. Keynote speaker: Roger Goodman
      • General Topic:  What Washington did with its sentencing commissions
3. Smith - overview of prison population, parole, community corrections
4. Q & A
5. Break
6. Panel Discussion

IV. Suggestions: what do you want to see?
o Turner:  Make sure to get the numbers to that the trends will be obvious
o Turner:  Cover all aspects of the problem
o Dennis: Talk to criminologist from CU

V. Suggestions: any other suggestions for speakers?
o Dennis:  John McCain, Ken Dire, 6 speakers max (agreement about #)
o Krauss:  Sheriff Makeeta(?) from El Paso county to talk about impact of state policy,  overpopulation 
o Categories of people:  DA's, Criminal defense attorney, corrections, politicians, law  enforcement, advocates 

VI. Suggestions: who should be there?
o Gov. Reiter?  Policy person for corrections? 
o Will it politicize it too much to directly invite Reiter? 
o Get people from sentencing commission 
o James Scarborough  
o Probation representatives -- Ken Thompson? 
o Religious leaders (Lonn Heymann on the issue) 
o Cathy Linquist(?)  Denver medical society, some members might be interested 
o All the legislators should be invited (Sandy) 
o Hickenlooper's office (tie in with homelessness) 
• Regina Hurter?  
• Drug task force rep.? (Adam Brickner) 
o Public defenders (Susanne will invite)   
o Criminal Defense Bar 
o Police Union (2 exist)  

VII. Suggestions for the Title of the CLE:
o B.V.: something jazzy? 
o Krauss: meltdown? Future of sentencing? 
o Turner : "Sentencing commission" should be mentioned 
o Preference for:  "An Open Discussion about the Sentencing Commission" 
o Mullins: maybe don't  mention the commission b/c Goodman isn't directly addressing  that issue
VIII. Reception Ideas: 
o Reception immediately following the event -- lunch at DU 
o 30 people at lunch 
o 1 working reception as a small group and 1 reception for everyone immediately  following event w/ beverages 
o Breakfast reception on Thurs.-- small 
o Key players of DP taskforce meeting with Roger:  ideas  [separate and private]
IX. Publicity Ideas:
o Mullins:  Boulder Weekly -- write up on the event -- PRESS

X. Adjourned at 5:55 pm