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May 2008

Diversity in the Legal Profession Committee
May 6, 2008

Those attending included:  Kathleen Nalty, Damian Arguello, Jack Patten (by phone), Cindy Hyman, Charley Garcia, Elsa Martinez-Tenreiro, and Derek Blass (by phone).

Approval of the April Minutes
The spelling of Meshach’s and Charley’s names was corrected in the April minutes, and the minutes were approved with those corrections.

CLEO Events
Six events are currently scheduled: 
1. 6/18 @ 5:15, DU hosting BBQ with sponsorship by CHBA, APABA, Sam Cary, and DILP ($150 ea., we need six DILP members to attend (Charley, Eric Bono, and Elsa committed so far))
2. 6/20 @ noon, DGS hosting lunch/presentations/workshops
3. 6/24 @ 4:00 Faegre hosting reception
4. 6/27 morning @ Federal courthouse presentation by Magistrate Judge Craig Shaffer, then lunch and afternoon tour with Judge Wiley Daniel (sponsored by Qwest, Patton Boggs, and Wheeler Trigg)
5. 7/1 time TBD, DALRA reception
6. 7/18 State Court presentations at Denver District Court, by Justice Greg Hobbs, DDC Chief Judge Larry Naves, Charley Garcia, and Mitch Morrissey, followed by lunch at Denver Post with panel of young attorneys from Pledge (looking for attendance by Colorado Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges, possibly Justices Bender and Martinez, and Judges Roman and Hawthorne).

Dean’s Diversity Council (DDC)
The next meeting will be in October at CU and the content is being planned now.  The Pipeline working group meets today following the DILP meeting.

Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence (CCIE)
CCIE is in the midst of planning education CLE to get inclusiveness program going.  Kamlet Shepherd, Pryor Johnson, Holland & Hart, and Qwest are piloting it.  The program has gotten good publicity in the CBA and DBA publications, and a five-page article in the Denver Business Journal.  The ABA Law Practice Management section will have a big article in the June issue. 

A board was formed with three committees:  (1) Education; (2) Marketing; and (3) Fundraising.  Anyone who is interested is encouraged to join a committee.  The first board meeting was planned for Wednesday May 14 at HRO to discuss two events.  One is a two-hour CLE @ Holland & Hart on July 28 with Bill Proudman (“White Men as Full Diversity Partners”); Brownstein already hired Proudman to come talk to them in July, so can piggyback to save costs.  DILP voted to provide marketing sponsorship, but not financial.  The second event is planned for the end of June at Holland & Hart, where Jewlya Lynn will present a DVD with the 2007 diversity survey results with students acting the parts of attorneys who made comments.

CCIE is also trying to reorganize diversity efforts in Denver to eliminate redundancy and streamline and plans a conference with the Pledge to Diversity and the DDC Recruiting working group this fall to facilitate this, date TBD.  Kathleen is working with Dean Heizer on this. 

Qwest Diversity Awards
Cindy has recruited Justice Mullarkey, Ileana Aguinis from MCCA Colorado, Paul Chan from DU, Christy Arguello (last year’s Trailblazer winner), and a representative from DGS (last year’s Leadership winner), to serve on the award committee.  They are developing a form to obtain information on nominees.  Cindy, Meshach, or Jack will head up.  We will choose a date in July as the deadline for submitting nominees.  The committee also agreed that we should identify potential nominees so we can seek out the information for the award committee. Potential nominees for the Trailblazer award would include:  Dean Heizer, Judge Wiley Daniel.  Potential nominees for the Leadership award would include Qwest. 

The law schools are assuming responsibility for matching diverse 1L students with diverse mentors, coordinating with the diverse bar associations.  Damian conveyed Mike Massey’s agreement to this arrangement, along with Mike’s comments that it simplifies things from DU’s standpoint.  Cindy will follow up with CU to make sure this is agreeable to them.  Charley Garcia mentioned that there is some overlap, as the DU alumni association is also involved in mentorship efforts and has about 15 mentors lined up, and he would follow up with Mike Massey to coordinate.  DILP’s primary role will be to facilitate initial contact between the law school representatives and the diverse bar association representatives, as well as to publicize the need for mentors.

New Business
There will be no July meeting, and the June meeting will be a party to pass the torch to Jack and Meshach as new chairs.  There was no new business.

Pipeline Projects
The remainder of the meeting was a joint meeting with the Pipeline committee of CCIE and the DDC.