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December 2007


Atendees: Cindy Hyman, Kathleen Nalty, Elsa Martinez Tenriero (phone) Sydnnia Lacayo-Wulff, Jack Patten (phone) Timothy Schimberg (phone) Kathryn Heet (phone) Damien Arguello, Erica Driver, Kimberley Cronin

Minutes: November minutes were reviewed and approved

Dean’s Diversity Council-Kathleen Nalty

? There will be a meeting at DU on February 4, 2008.
? The group is moving into a critical stage with championing the inclusive excellence cause in Denver.
? The working groups are gearing back up and will be analyzing the results of the survey.
? A letter will go out to the Pledge firms asking them what has been successful in their firms.
? Kathleen has been getting bids for the website which will have a link to DILP.

Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence-Kathleen Nalty

? The Rocky Mountain Legal Diversity Summit Schedule and Sponsorship Form
 were handed out.
? The Summit will be done on a smaller scale next year at DU Law School
 during Spring break (no break out sessions/large groups only).
? Kathleen hopes that Phil Harris will attend.  He is a Partner at Jenner & Block in Chicago who wrote an article about what it is like to practice law as an African-American in a large firm.
? Kathleen also hopes that Tom Mars of Walmart will attend.  Kutak Rock and Patten Boggs are trying to contact Mr. Mars about attending the Summit.  Jack will talk with Stacy to see if Mr. Mars can be contacted.  Sydnnia will also contact someone who might be able to contact Mr. Mars about attending.
? Verna Meyers is an expert on Inclusiveness out of Boston and she will attend and will train those who have already been trained by Mr. Trevito on Inclusiveness.
? The registration fee for the Summit is $199 and will cover costs.  Kathleen would like to keep the fee reasonable.  Erica will post the Sponsorship Form online.
? Kathleen would like DILP to be an Ascent Sponsor for the Summit at the $250 level.  Elsa moved to have DILP sponsor the Summit at that level and Sydnnia seconded. $250 will go to support the Summit from DILP.
? Kathleen and Patti have already met with the GLBT bar to discuss the Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence and will meet with the other specialty bars soon.
? Kathleen and Patti will meet with Qwest on Friday, December 7th.
? The Colorado Rocky Mountain Legal Diversity Career Fair will continue to be
 held in September.
? Kathleen is close to having “The Path” e-newsletter done and it will be out soon. 
 Erica will send it out.

Colorado State High School Diversity Conference-Jack Patten

? Jack met with Kathleen last week and got the necessary materials.
? Things are ready to go and Jack will get something out by the end of December.
? The CHBA Court Day will be held this Friday, December 7, 2007 from 8 a.m.
until 11 p.m. at the courthouse.  It is sponsored by CHBA, the YLD of the CBA, APABA, and the Learning for Life Organization.  Letters were sent out and they received 8 to 9 RSVP’s.  The Judge will speak to the kids.  She has also lined up DA’s and PD’s to speak with the kids.  The kids will be able to view civil and criminal proceedings and a sheriff will give the kids a tour of the holding cells.  Parents of the children will also attend.  The philosophy is that getting the parents on board will help the kids to be more successful.  There are enough volunteers for the event.

CHBA Banquet Sponsorship Request-Damien Arguello

? The Annual CHBA Banquet will be held on January 26, 2008.
? Damien would like DILP to sponsor the dinner.
? Cindy says that the CHBA Banquet is a great event but that the DILP budget is
 not big enough to support the CHBA banquet and similar events other
 specialty bars may have.  Elsa says that the DILP budget should be used for
 educational purposes and doesn’t support sponsoring the CHBA Banquet.
? DILP voted not to sponsor the Banquet.

New Business

? Kimberley has been in touch with Jarvis Wyatt and Vivian Barrios concerning
 mentors for BLSA and APALSA students who have requested diverse mentors. 
 Both Vivian and Jarvis have found 2 mentors from the Sam Cary Bar and
 APABA.  They are looking for others and will get back to Kimberley when they
 have additional mentors.
? Cindy does not yet have firm numbers on the scholarship amounts for DU and
 CU.  The goal is to wait until the end of the year and then get everything
? DILP WILL NOT MEET IN JANUARY.  Meetings will resume in