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November 2007

DILP MINUTES November 6, 2007

Attendees: Cindy Hyman, Kathleen Nalty, Elsa Martinez Tenriero, Sydnnia Lacayo-Wulff, Jack Patten (phone), Linda Kreem, Jason Prussman, Timothy Schimberg (phone) Vance Knapp (phone) Sally Maresh (phone), Erica Driver, Kimberley Cronin (DU Law School)

Minutes: October Minutes reviewed and approved/The spelling of Mr. McCallin’s name will be changed on the last page.

Dean’s Diversity Council-Kathleen Nalty

? The Dean’s Council and the Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence are two separate entities.

? The Dean’s Council will advise the Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence.

? The Core Strategy Group has morphed into the Board of Directors of the Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence.

? The main focus of the Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence is to bring the concept of inclusiveness to the Denver legal community. 

? The Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence is partnering with the Denver Foundation to bring an Inclusiveness Conference to DU Law School on March 19, 2008.

? Patton Boggs LLP will sponsor the Inclusiveness Conference.

? The Campaign is working on a save the date email and postcard that will be sent out soon.

? The Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence is seeking donations in the amount of $250 from DILP and other groups to support the Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence.

? Within the next two weeks the Campaign hopes to have an e-newsletter called “The Path” available which will include a calendar of events, articles and more.

? Eventually there will be a website for the Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence.

? A motion to contribute $250 was made and seconded to support the Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence

Colorado State High School Diversity Conference-Kathleen Nalty

? The Conference will be held in February of 2008 at Cherry Creek High School.  In the past it has drawn over 1000 students with 80 high schools participating.

? In the past, DILP has sent teams of attorneys to put on workshops encouraging students to think about a career in law.

? Jack Patten will organize teams of attorneys for the 2008 Conference.

? The Conference is in need of donations because Title 5 funds have been cut.

? It is suggested that DILP consider making a $250 donation at the bronze sponsorship level to support the Conference.

? Button sponsorship is available at that level.  There will be different diversity sayings on the buttons.  It’s also possible that DILP could get an ad placed in the Conference materials as well.  DILP could sponsor $250 or up to $500.

? DILP didn’t use as much of the budget as was planned for the Diversity Summit.  DILP will be asked by the Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence to sponsor the March Inclusiveness Conference.

? DILP won’t need to budget sponsorship money for the Lavender Law Conference this year.

? Other bar associations may want to sponsor the Colorado State High School Diversity Conference.

? It is important to send diverse attorneys to the Conference.  Vance Knapp may help out with the Conference.

? A motion to contribute $500 was made and seconded to support the Colorado State High School Diversity Conference.

Task Force on common law marriage-Cindy Hyman

? The Report & Recommendations handout was passed around.  The Task Force has decided not to take a position on whether common law marriage should be abolished and DILP has decided not to take a position as well.


Rocky Mountain Legal Diversity Conference Update-Cindy Hyman

? All of the major Diversity Conference bills have been paid.  There may be a few outstanding small bills that need to be paid.  Cindy Hyman will check on this and hopes to have a firm number by the December meeting.

? Eric Bono is working on collecting just under $10,000 in Conference sponsorship money.  Eric, Damian and other Sponsorship Committee members, Diego Hunt, Leah Ursery and Andy McCallin deserve a lot of credit for their efforts in gathering sponsorship money.

? Cindy thinks that there will be close to $55,000 in scholarship money to be shared by CU and DU law schools which will be given to the law schools for scholarships next fall. 
Ideas for Activities/Agenda for This Year

? Kathleen Nalty suggests that DILP might take on pipeline issues since there is a need to focus on the pipeline and a gap currently exists around pipeline issues.  Elsa suggests that it is necessary to focus on college students, high school students and elementary students. 

? DILP has partnered with DPS on the “We the People” program.  It’s possible that partnerships can be made with each of the schools and teachers.  Perhaps law firms can adopt a school to work with.

? Many of the Pipeline Group members are active members of DILP.  There is concern about overlap.  A partnership with CU was suggested.
? The Diversity Demographic Survey was discussed.  Some attorneys don’t want to respond to requests for diversity information.  Talking to Chief Justice Mullarkey might help with the issue.  DILP wants her to know that there is support within the Denver legal community for having this type of information requested.  Cindy Hyman will start the legwork on the issue.  Elsa Martinez Tenriero will help out as well.

? The Dean’s Diversity Council will meet in January at DU to discuss the Diversity Survey results.

? Kathleen Nalty and Patti Powell will attend the GLBT Bar meeting to talk about the Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence.

? Everyone should be thinking of ideas for activities for the year.

? An Awards Committee is needed.  There will be two awards at $250 per award.  DILP should get onto the radar screen of the ABA.  The awards DILP can apply for will be discussed at the next meeting.

? Jack Patten will put together a half-page survey to send to DILP and the specialty bars to find out what kinds of activities work and what kind don’t work so that DILP can encourage attorney involvement at 3 or 4 different events with high attendance rates as opposed to 10 to 12 events with low attendance rates. 

? DU reported having several diverse 1L students in need of diverse mentors.  DILP should not continue to be a “middleman” between the law school and the mentors.  Kimberley believes that the Career Development Center can be more involved with helping diverse 1L students find diverse mentors in the future.  Kimberley will follow-up on connecting diverse 1L students with attorneys from the specialty bars willing to serve as mentors.

New Business:

 ? The next DILP meeting is December 4, 2007.