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October 2007

DILP Minutes-October 2, 2007

Attendees: Cindy Hyman, Damian Arguello, Kathleen Nalty, Elsa Martinez Tenreiro, Patti Powell, Andy McCallin, Sydnnia Lucayo-Wulff, Deborah Kelly, Jack Patten, Erica Driver, Kathryn Heet (via telephone) and Kimberley Cronin

Minutes: September minutes reviewed and approved

Mentor/Mentee Program: (Cindy Hyman)
?  Eric needs the list of CHBA students
? Additional students need to be matched at DU
? Kimberley Cronin will email diverse students at DU to identify those who would like to have mentors

Deans’ Diversity Council: (Kathleen Nalty)
? Holme Roberts & Owen LLP’s new advertisement for diversity is in Law Week Colorado (September 3, 2007 issue) and looks great
? Deans’ Diversity Counsel meets again on October 3, 2007 and is in the final stages of approval for the non-profit which will be called the Campaign for Inclusive Excellence
? Patti Powell will assist the non-profit and will be the Director of Community Outreach
? The Denver Foundation invested $200,000 to develop a program called Inclusiveness at Work that has been in operation for a couple of years
? The Denver Foundation will partner with the Deans’ Diversity Council and they hope to make the Inclusiveness at Work program a national program
? Kathleen talked with Morris Price about partnering with the Deans’ Diversity Council
? 22 members of the Deans’ Diversity Council met at the Rocky Mountain Legal Diversity Summit for a session featuring Bill Proudman
? Feedback was positive
? Colin Barnacle of Jackson Lewis LLP would like to get involved
? Jack Patten will send him an email indicating his involvement is welcomed and copy Kathleen
? Davis Graham and Stubbs LLC will provide office space and resources for the new non-profit

Task Force of Common Law Marriage: (Damian Arguello)
? The task force is still gathering information and positions from task force groups (Sam Cary, CHBA, Family Law Practice Section, Trust & Estates Section, Real Estate Section and others)
? Debates have been lively concerning what position to take on whether common law marriage should be abolished
? Initially is looked as though CHBA would recommend that common law marriage not be abolished on the grounds that it would affect Latina women adversely
? Sam Cary Bar and Immigration Bar seemed to initially oppose the amendment on the grounds that it affects people least able to represent themselves which is a strong indicator of where the task force should be
? CHBA needs more objective evidence to determine what the true impact of the amendment would be
? DILP is not sure what its recommendation will be
? Bill may be introduced before any studies can be done
? CBA generally doesn’t take a position where there is controversy
? Elsa Martinez Tenreiro suggests opposing the bill in the meantime because those without means rely on common law
? Sydnnia Lucayo-Wulff believes it is necessary to take a position before the decision is made for you
? Damian will communicate the concerns discussed today to the Task Force

Diversity Conference Reports: (recap)

 ? There is a summary about the Conference in Colorado Law Week
 ? Over all comments were great (handout re:comments)
? There were at least 200 registrants/260 name tags (some for Deans’ Diversity Counsel members who wanted to attend/some did/most didn’t)
 ? Didn’t get enough senior level white men
 ? A lot of women attended
? The non-profit will work on increasing awareness among senior level white men
? Would like to get Bill Proudman back to town
? Core Strategy group meets on October 3, 2007
? Cindy Hyman has forms for CLE credit that will be mailed on October 3, 2007
? There isn’t an attendee list available that can be shared, however, next time there may be a release in the registration materials, if possible, to allow for the sharing of attendee information with other attendees
? Davis Graham & Stubbs LLC received the first ever Qwest Diversity Leadership award
? Christine Arguello received the first ever Qwest Diversity Trailblazer Individual of the Year award
? Congratulations go out to Kathleen Nalty for her efforts with the Conference and on other diversity fronts
? Patti Powell and Jen Unger are congratulated for a job well done with the awards themselves; the awards look great
? Kevin Loughrey attended the conference; he was respectful and asked pointed questions that the panel was prepared to answer and responded to well
? Kathryn Heet pointed out that while open dialog is promoted Mr. Loughrey was derided; she suggests keeping things on a higher level
? Thoughts on Kathryn’s comments were that there are generational issues related to diversity which society is gradually getting past, integration and training should be promoted; promoting inclusiveness in professional and personal arenas is desireable
? A thank you is in order for the sponsors, Qwest and others, and to the DILP Committee and Volunteers for making the Conference such a wonderful event
? There should be about $30,000 in scholarship money for DU and CU to share, if not more; Cindy will meet with Janet and will report back to DILP at the next meeting
? Scholarships won’t be given out until things are finalized
? Thanks to Andy McCallum who is on the Sponsorship Committee and Eric Bono for a job well done
? Kathleen will give a short presentation to the DBA
? It was suggested that DILP consider changing its name to the Inclusiveness Committee

New Business
 ? Happy Birthday Patti Powell!
? Patti recommends a book called “Blue Chip Black, Race Class & Status in the New Black Middle Class” by Karyn R. Lacy, Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan