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July 2007

DILP Minutes – July 10, 2007

Attendees:  Cindy Hyman, Kathleen Nalty, Andy McCallin, Damian Arguello, Sydnia Lacayo-Wulff, Meshach Rhodes (phone), Sally Maresh, Erica Driver, Aimee Wagstaff, Gayle Keahey.

• June Minutes reviewed and approved.

Mentor/Mentee Program
• Snell & Wilmer will sponsor the annual Mentor/Mentee reception again this fall.  The reception may be held earlier – mid-October instead of early November.  Additional efforts to publicize the event were discussed, including the possible inclusion of a flyer in the diversity conference materials.  There will also be a notice in the Colorado Lawyer or CBA newsletter.
• The logistics of the mentor/mentee program were discussed.  Cindy and Damian will contact the Specialty Bar representatives to work out some details.
• The Pipeline Committee of the Deans’ Diversity Council will be asking Dean Getches at CU to consider providing a mentor program similar to that offered at DU.

Deans’ Diversity Council
• Kathleen updated members on the progress of Diversity Survey Committee.  The survey was sent to over 5000 attorneys.  The response rates were good enough to provide valuable analysis and results.  The survey committee meets with the consultants on July 30th.  We expect to have a final report in mid-August.  The results will be presented at the diversity conference in September.
• The Core Strategy Group of the Deans’ Diversity Council is moving toward establishing a non-profit to ensure the sustainability of the Council and its efforts to improve diversity in the Denver legal community.

Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Summit
Location/Logistics Committee (Cindy Hyman): 
• CLE credit for neighboring states will be applied for as people from those states register.  The Colorado CLE credit will be applied for once we receive needed documents from the speakers.
• The in-kind printer can print almost all of the documents/materials that we need for the conference.
• We will be “comp-ing” registrants as follows:  1) sponsors whose sponsorship packages give them free registrations and those sponsors at the $5K-10K levels will be allowed to add attendees at the “early bird” rate, 2) 5 law students each from DU and CU to help on the day of the conference, and 3) conference co-chairs.  Kathleen will draft a letter to be signed by the law deans to the DDC encouraging attendance.

Programming/Speakers (Kenzo Kawanabe & Jennifer Weddle):
• Kenzo has sent instructions to his committee members asking for their assistance in contacting the speakers and coordinating the gathering of the conference materials.
• Speakers will be asked to execute a release form.

Sponsorship/Grant-writing (Damian Arguello & Eric Bono):
• To date, commitments of over $90,000 have been made, with about $47,500 actually paid. 
• The Gay & Lesbian Fund has given the conference a grant of $5,000.
• The Qwest contract has been signed with all issues resolved.
• Letters are going out this week to those who have sponsored but not yet paid thanking them and requesting payment.

Awards (Jen Ungar and Patty Powell):
• The selection committee consists of Judge Daniel, Annita Menoghan, Chuck Turner, and Paul Chan.  Patty will have this group meet in early August to make decisions.
• Patty and Jen are pricing the awards.

Publicity (Jen Ungar, Kathleen Nalty, Melinda Delmonico and Rebecca Askew):
• Kathleen shared the ad in the Wyoming Lawyer and spoke generally about the print ad campaign.
• Cindy will ask Jen to follow up with NALP.
• Erica will get another notice put in the CBA email newsletter that mentions the early bird fee.
• The MCCA grant was mentioned in the Denver Business Journal.

Scholarship/Silent Auction (Meshach Rhodes):
• Meshach has sent out 250 letters to businesses seeking contributions.  She has received a few items.
• Meschach will take care of the bid sheets and we may have agenda cards printed up to hand out to attendees as they arrive that inform them of the timing of events and the items in the auction.
• Meschach will make larger posters for the bigger auction items.

Wednesday Reception (Aimee Wagstaff):
• There will be a small reception at the Teatro on Wednesday evening for the speakers and out-of-town registrants.  We will also allow sponsors donating $5K or more to send two guests to the reception.
• Aimee, Cindy, Kathleen and Grace are meeting with the Teatro soon to make arrangements.
• Speakers will receive their gifts and checks at the reception. 
• Speaker gifts may include a padfolio, a mug or a Colorado rock or fossil.

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