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January 2007

DILP Minutes 
January 9, 2007

Attendees:  Cindy Hyman, Damian Arguello, Kathleen Nalty, Eric Bono, Jean Pavek, Andy McCallin, Aimee Wagstaff (by phone), Jack Patten (by phone), Jen Ungar, Stephanie Boyett-Colgan, Patty Powell, Judd Choate, Sydnnia Lacayo-Wulff, Kathryn Heet, Elsa Martinez-Tanreiro (by phone), Kenzo Kawanabe (by phone), Mike Shea (by phone), Cindy Shearon (by phone).

State High School Diversity Conference:
• Mike Shea has created a flyer for the conference that describes both of Rothgerber’s diversity scholarship programs (for college students at CSU and the Nosler Award for law students).  This flyer will be sent to Janet Sammons for inclusion in the packets prepared for the program coordinators who will post them back at their schools.
• Cindy passed out the mock-up of the advertisement that will be included in the conference brochure for DILP.
• Kathleen explained the educational program that was developed for presentation at the conference on 2/3/07 to encourage high school students to consider a career in law.

December Minutes
• Reviewed and approved with minor changes.

Deans’ Diversity Council
• Kathleen updated members on the progress of the Core Strategy Working Group, which is working on a Vision Statement and Terms of Reference for the other Working Groups.
• The Core Strategy Group recently reorganized the original Working Groups into the following:  Pipeline, Recruiting, and Retention.  These groups will study a variety of issues as they impact each individual area.
• Kathleen is recruiting members for the Working Groups.
• Eric reported that the Council will meet at CU on Monday, April 23rd.  This date was selected to take advantage of a possible NALP Conference speaker.

Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Summit
Location/Logistics Committee (Cindy Hyman): 
• The contract with Invesco has been signed.
• The CBA has agreed to handle the registration, website and help with other publicity; Erica Driver will be the primary contact.
• There really is little difference between a charitable contribution and a business deduction so DILP isn’t going to be concerned about going through the Foundation.
• Cindy created a website for the Conference on the DILP website that will be added to later.
Programming/Speakers (Kenzo Kawanabe):
• Half of the proposed speakers have confirmed their participation.
• Kenzo anticipates finalizing at least 80% of the program within the next few weeks so that Publicity can begin to design the brochure and website.
Sponsorship/Grant-writing (Eric Bono and Damian Arguello):
• The sponsorship packet was sent to Qwest; other packets will be sent out soon to other potential sponsors.  Qwest has agreed to a primary sponsorship of the entire event but some details still need to be worked out.  Stephanie Boyett-Colgan and Kathryn Heet had some questions regarding details of the agreement and the event. 
• This committee will be coordinating with the Publicity Committee on the website and brochure.
Awards (Patty Powell):
• Patty is working on two possible sources for the artwork and intends to finalize this month.
Publicity (Jen Ungar):
• Jen, Melinda and Rebecca have met several times and are dividing responsibilities among three groups that they’ve outlined for publicity:  Website/Brochure, Media/Articles, and Grassroots (reaching out to neighboring bars, etc.)
• Jen is working on the website and meeting with Erica to coordinate.
• There was some discussion of the timing of the publicity and the number of print brochures.
Host/Entertainment (Aimee Wagstaff and Cindy Shearon):
• This committee will meet soon.
Scholarship/Silent Auction:
• No report.

Nebraska State Bar Minority & Justice Task Force Report

Judd Choate, who is currently clerking for Justice Martinez, gave a presentation on the statistics gathered six years ago when the Nebraska Supreme Court decided to conduct a survey of the entire bar.  The results were very interesting and he recommends that DILP consider conducting a similar survey in Colorado at some point.  As a former statistician, he is familiar with two organizations in Colorado that could conduct a survey and issue a report within two months for under $10,000 – the Colorado Institute of Public Policy at CSU and the Center for Systems Integration (CSI) in Denver.

New Business
• Mike Shea informed members about the story on page 10 of the current issue of the Colorado Lawyer.  He asked whether DILP wanted him to write another profile of someone in private practice; perhaps Kenzo Kawanabe.  Kenzo gracefully indicated there were others who should profiled first.
• Patty reported on a conversation with Stacy Campbell regarding the need to get better information on whether Call to Action corporate counsel are actually following through on their threats to fire law firms.