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February 2007

DILP Minutes
February 6, 2007

Attendees:  Cindy Hyman, Damian Arguello (phone), Kathleen Nalty, Eric Bono, Andy McCallin, Jen Ungar, Judd Choate, Sydnnia Lacayo-Wulff, Kathryn Heet, Kenzo Kawanabe (by phone), Rebecca Askew, Meschach Rhoades (phone), Jennifer Weddle (phone), Gary Gottesfeld, Byeongsook Suh (phone).

• January Minutes reviewed and approved.

Deans’ Diversity Council
• Kathleen updated members on the progress of the Core Strategy Working Group, which has completed a Vision Statement and Terms of Reference for the other Working Groups.
• The Core Strategy Group recently reorganized the original Working Groups into the following:  Pipeline, Recruiting, and Retention.  These groups will study a variety of issues as they impact each individual area.  Those three Working Groups are recruiting members for anyone who is interested and all three groups will be meeting for the first time next week.
• The full Council will meet at CU on Monday, April 23rd.  It is likely that every member of the Council will be asked to sign the Vision Statement at the Council meeting.
• Judd Choate reported that he attended the most recent meeting of the Core Strategy Group and gave an overview of the Nebraska diversity survey.  The Core Strategy Group is exploring the feasibility of a diversity survey in Colorado.  Such a survey would gather attitudinal data and demographic data that would be useful to the Working Groups and for the diversity conference in September.

Colorado Pledge to Diversity 1L Summer Clerkship Program:
• Cindy Hyman updated DILP on the progress of this program.  There are 50 applicants for 21 positions this year.  The first meeting of the Pledge Group is February 7th where they will decide which students move on to the first round interviews, which will be held at the CBA on the 13th.  A reception will be held that evening at Sherman & Howard.  The Pledge Group meets again on February 15th to evaluate the applicants and match successful students with employers for second round interviews.  At this stage, students receive 2-3 interviews and employers interview 3-5 students.

State High School Diversity Conference:
• Kathleen reported that the two workshops on employment law were held last weekend at the State High School Diversity Conference.  The panelists included Jack Patten (Baker), Dean Heizer (Parsons Heizer Paul), Meschach Rhoades (Holland), Carey Gagnon (Brownstein), Kris Mix (Snell), and Anthony Epps (1L at DU Law).  There were about 20 students in each session.  Meschach described the sessions, saying there was great interaction with the students and three students have since contacted her for information.
• Cindy passed out the mock-up of the advertisement that will be included in the conference brochure for DILP.
• Kathleen explained the educational program that was developed for presentation at the conference on 2/3/07 to encourage high school students to consider a career in law.

Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Summit
Location/Logistics Committee (Cindy Hyman): 
• The CBA recently confirmed its commitment to handle the registration, website and help with other publicity; Erica Driver will be the primary contact.
Programming/Speakers (Kenzo Kawanabe & Jennifer Weddle):
• Half of the proposed speakers have confirmed their participation.
• This committee will meet again on 2/14 to finalize the program.

Sponsorship/Grant-writing (Eric Bono and Damian Arguello):
• Qwest has returned the sponsorship agreement, which now has to be reviewed by Damian and Eric.  Qwest attached an exhibit outlining the specifics of their participation. 
• There an issue about indemnification.  Jennifer will ask Chuck Turner and the Board of Governors about this on Thursday.
• Damian intends to ask Invesco Field if all of the particulars can be met.
• Eric reported that they’ve drafted a grant proposal for MCCA and Kenzo and Damian are reviewing it.
• Eric has also identified a possible in-kind printer – Document Technologies – and he is working out details with them.

Awards (Jen Ungar):
• Jen hired an artist last week who should have artwork done by mid-February.
• The awards will be limited to Colorado employers and individuals.

Publicity (Jen Ungar):
• Jen, Melinda and Rebecca have met several times and are dividing responsibilities among three groups that they’ve outlined for publicity:  Website/Brochure, Media/Articles, and Grassroots (reaching out to neighboring bars, etc.)
• Jen is working on the website and the brochure and meeting with Erica to coordinate.  The first draft of the brochure should be done by mid-February but Jen needs workshop titles and blurbs from Programming.

Host/Entertainment (Aimee Wagstaff and Cindy Shearon):
• This committee will meet soon.

Scholarship/Silent Auction (Meschach Rhoades and Byeongsook Suh):
• Meschach reported that they have a list of 100 targeted companies and 30 individuals to approach for donations for the Silent Auction.  She intends to contact them within the next two months.  She will send this list to Cindy Hyman for circulation to entire DILP Committee for any additions to the list. 

New Business
• Erica Driver received a request from the two law schools’ LLSA groups requesting funds for a networking event that will help them fundraise.  DILP decided that it didn’t have the budget to give to this one group at this time; that DILP can help in-kind and with publicity.
• ABA Partnership Awards – Elsa encouraged DILP to apply for this award and Kathryn Heet volunteered to help fill out the application.