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March 2007

DILP Minutes
March 6, 2007

Attendees:  Cindy Hyman, Damian Arguello, Kathleen Nalty, Eric Bono (phone), Andy McCallin, Kathryn Heet, Meschach Rhoades (phone), Jean Pavek (phone), Jack Patten (phone), Aimee Wagstaff (phone), Elsa Martinez-Tanreiro, Melinda Delmonico, Erica Driver.

• February Minutes reviewed and approved.

Co-Chair Elects for 2007-2008
• Damian noted that we should have new co-chair elects who would take over as DILP Co-Chairs in the summer of 2008 after Cindy and Damian step down from their two-year term.  Any members interested should contact Damian and Cindy.

Diversity Statistics
• Cindy noted that neither the CBA nor the Supreme Court keep statistics on diversity.  It was agreed that the issue should be brought to the CBA Board of Governors to ask if the CBA could start tracking that information after the next registration period.  Erica will ask Chuck Turner about how to address this issue.
• Elsa noted that perhaps DILP could be involved in an upcoming survey of the AG’s Office.

Deans’ Diversity Council
• Kathleen updated members on the progress of the Core Strategy Working Group, which has completed a Vision Statement and Terms of Reference for the other Working Groups.
• The three Working Groups (Pipeline, Recruiting and Retention) have each met a couple of times and are making amazing progress on the two tasks they need to accomplish before the next Deans’ Diversity Council meeting at CU on April 23rd.  First, they are examining how Inclusive Excellence would look in their specific area and writing a report.  The three groups are also submitting questions for the diversity survey that is planned.
• The full Council will meet at CU on Monday, April 23rd.  Eric reported that he is sending out a “save the date” postcard and is still looking for speakers.
• Andy updated DILP on the progress of the Pipeline Working Group.  Kathleen will email Cathy Greer to see if this group needs additional members.
• Kathleen described the planned diversity survey, which is needed to provide data for the conference and for the Working Groups.  Kathleen will ask the Pledge to Diversity Legal Group to fund the survey.
• Kathleen passed out a comprehensive narrative explaining the DDC, as well as the conference and the RMDLCF.
• Kathleen suggested that the CBA Board of Governors be approached about creating a position at the Bar to manage the DDC and other diversity initiatives.

Colorado Pledge to Diversity 1L Summer Clerkship Program:
• Cindy Hyman updated DILP on the progress of this program.  There are 36 applicants going into the Match meeting tonight and possibly as many as 26 positions since Qwest will be taking 4 students and two law firms have indicated they may take two each.
• The Pledge Program recently learned they’ve been awarded the NALP Award of Distinction for the summer clerkship program.

Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Summit
Location/Logistics Committee (Cindy Hyman): 
• Erica is working on the online registration and fees have been decided.
• A deposit is due for INVESCO Field at the end of the month so there is some urgency to finalize the Qwest contract.

Programming/Speakers (Kenzo Kawanabe & Jennifer Weddle):
• Many but not all speakers have been confirmed.  A list of the programs and speakers was shared at the meeting but the Chairs want it to remain confidential for now because of possible programming changes.  Cornell Boggs cannot speak; Melinda suggested Annita Menoghan as a substitute.

Sponsorship/Grant-writing (Eric Bono and Damian Arguello):
• There is an issue about indemnification in the Qwest contract that will be addressed by the CBA Board of Governors this Thursday.  If the Bar can’t indemnify, then Eric will ask Qwest to buy a rider on their policy.
• Eric has found an in-kind printer – DTI Global – and he is working out details with them.  Cindy and the Logistics Committee will handle the binders for the conference.
• Eric and Damian will meet with Anna Marie Martinez at INVESCO soon to find out if the details of the sponsorship packages can be met.
• Eric said he would be asking the CBA YLD members for assistance with the sponsorship committee.

• The artwork, which cost $500, is done.

Publicity (Jen Ungar):
• The brochure is almost done and looks great.  This committee is just waiting for some more information about the speakers before going to final.
• Cindy reported that NALP is amenable to including an ad in the NALP Bulletin.

Host/Entertainment (Aimee Wagstaff and Cindy Shearon):
• This committee will meet soon.

Scholarship/Silent Auction (Meschach Rhoades and Byeongsook Suh):
• Meschach reported that she has contacted 50 companies for donations and 20 have already indicated an interest in donating.

New Business
• Damian updated members on DU Law School’s efforts to double the number of mentors available to 1Ls through the research and writing classes next year.