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April 2007

DILP Minutes
April 4, 2007

Attendees:  Cindy Hyman, Kathleen Nalty, Eric Bono (phone), Andy McCallin, Kathryn Heet (phone), Meschach Rhoades (phone), Jack Patten, Elsa Martinez-Tanreiro (phone), Rebecca Askew (phone), Debra Kelly (phone), Jennifer Weddle (phone), Sonya Montgomery, Kenzo Kawanabe, Patty Powell, Jen Ungar.

• March Minutes reviewed but won’t be approved until the May meeting because we were missing page 2.

Co-Chair Elects for 2007-2008
• Jack Patten and Meschach Rhoades have volunteered to be the Co-Chair Elects starting in July.

Deans’ Diversity Council
• Kathleen updated members on the progress of the Core Strategy Working Group and the three Working Groups (Pipeline, Recruiting and Retention).  The Working Groups have submitted questions for the diversity survey and are examining how Inclusive Excellence would look in their specific area.  They are also designing goals for the DDC.
• The full Council will meet at CU on Monday, April 23rd.  Karen DuWaldt from Qwest will be the main speaker about Qwest new diversity efforts and the Call to Action.
• Andy updated DILP on the progress of the Pipeline Working Group.
• Kathleen described the planned diversity survey, which will be funded by the Pledge to Diversity Legal Group.  The survey committee will write the survey by mid-April and it will be piloted with a few young diverse attorneys and then it will go out in May.

Mentor/Mentee Program

• The liaisons from the Specialty Bars will be invited to the May meeting to begin coordinating the next Mentor/Mentee Program.   The letter, which is signed by the Presidents, goes out to incoming law students on July 1st.  Andy will find out if there’s a breakfast meeting coming up so this can be discussed.
• Jerilyn DeCoteau, Vivian Barrios, and Patty Powell are the liaisons from CIBA, APABA, and Sam Cary.

Colorado Pledge to Diversity 1L Summer Clerkship Program:
• Cindy Hyman updated DILP on the progress of this program.  There are 36 applicants going into the Match meeting.  Qwest decided to take four students this year and DGS and Kutak took two each.  A total of 26 students were matched, which is the highest number ever.
• The Pledge Group is reforming itself.  To meet the membership requirements, firms will be required to participate in the summer program or its equivalent with a scholarship program or devote 40 hours of partner time to tutoring a diverse law student.  There will be a committee that will evaluate other possible menu options for membership.

ABA Partnership Awards

• We were planning to apply but decided to wait until next year because there were some statistics that were needed that hadn’t been collected.  DILP will attend to this after the conference.

Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Summit
Location/Logistics Committee (Cindy Hyman): 
• Cindy needs the bios for the speakers and their handouts.  Kim Neilio will gather those materials.
• Cindy brought up a concern about having two evening receptions and the possibility that the Wednesday night reception would not be well-attended.  There was general consensus that the Wednesday night reception should be cancelled and the silent auction should be held during the Thursday night reception.  As an alternative, it was proposed that there be hospitality suites at the two hotels on Wednesday night to greet incoming conference participants.  Cindy will check on the logistics of that.  Eric will check this change with Qwest.
• Federico Pena was proposed as a speaker for the Thursday night reception.
•  The Wednesday reception committee will assist Alberto Garcia and CHBA YLD with the Thursday night reception.

Programming/Speakers (Kenzo Kawanabe & Jennifer Weddle):
• Most speakers have been confirmed.  A list of the programs and speakers was shared at the meeting.  We’re still waiting for confirmation from Lani Guinier.  If she can’t come, the two law deans will speak about the DDC.
• Kathleen brought up the idea of having Bill Proudmen speak from 3:45-5:00 to the DDC members about white men and diversity.  Kathleen will investigate whether Bill Proudman has done other speaking engagements on this topic.  Eric will draft a letter (to be signed by all conference co-chairs) to the managing partners to hand out at the DDC dinner inviting them to come to the conference and including the sponsorship opportunities.  If Bill pans out, that will be added to the letter as a special opportunity for DDC members.

Sponsorship/Grant-writing (Eric Bono):
• Coors has signed up for a $5000 sponsorship.  Isaacson and Parshon Heizer Paul have committed to $1000 sponsorships.  Arnold & Porter contacted Cindy and said they’d sponsor at the $500 level.
• The sponsorship committee is busy contacting potential donors, including Walmart.

Awards (Jen Ungar and Patty Powell):
• They are meeting soon and will work on the nomination forms.

Publicity (Jen Ungar and Rebecca Askew):
• The brochure is almost done; they’re just waiting on dates and speakers.  The website is nearing completion.  Rebecca will include a pdf brochure that can be changed when needed.
• The brochure will be printed by 4/20 so Cindy can bring them to the NALP conference.

New Business
• No new business.