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May 2007

DILP Minutes
May 1, 2007

Attendees:  Cindy Hyman, Kathleen Nalty, Eric Bono (phone), Andy McCallin, Kathryn Heet (phone), Elsa Martinez-Tanreiro, Debra Kelly (phone), Jennifer Weddle (phone), Gary Gottesfeld, Damian Arguello, Erica Driver, Sydnia Lacayo-Wulff.

• March and April Minutes reviewed and approved.

Mentor/Mentee Program
• Kathleen brought copies of the letter to students and the registration form from last year to discuss needed revisions.  Kathleen will make changes to the documents, obtain the Specialty Bar Presidents’ signatures and have the documents ready to go for the June DILP meeting.

Deans’ Diversity Council
• Kathleen updated members on the progress of the Council; describing the last meeting on April 23rd at CU Law School and sharing the minutes from that meeting.  Many of the members of the Council signed the Vision Statement that night.  The three Working Groups (Pipeline, Recruiting and Retention) gave reports on their progress.  Karen DuWaldt from Qwest spoke about their new diversity efforts and the Call to Action.
• Andy updated DILP on the progress of the Diversity Survey Committee.  The Colorado Supreme Court has agreed to allow use of the database of registered attorneys in Colorado.  The survey is almost complete but needs to be cut down a little.  It will be launched in mid-May if all goes well.  The Specialty Bars have been very helpful in coordinating with the survey consulting firm.  Andy suggested that the Specialty Bar Presidents send out a pre-notification email before the survey is sent, urging members to participate.
• The full report is expected to be completed in August.

Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Summit
Location/Logistics Committee (Cindy Hyman): 
• In exchange for canceling the Wednesday night reception, Qwest has asked for 3 additional free registrations, which everyone felt was fine.  We still may have Hospitality Suites at the two hotels on Wednesday night; Eric will check with Stephanie to find out what Qwest wants to do about that.  Cindy will inquire about the cost.

Programming/Speakers (Kenzo Kawanabe & Jennifer Weddle):
• Most speakers have been confirmed.  The committee is still waiting to hear from Lani Guinier about her availability.  The contingency plan includes having the two law deans speak instead.  Jennifer should hear within two weeks.
• Kenzo told Cindy that he expects to have conference calls with all panelists sometime next month.  Cindy and/or Jennifer will let Kenzo know that during those conversations, he needs to discuss program materials and bios with the speakers.  A tentative deadline of mid-July was discussed for receipt of those materials so that Cindy would have ample time to get then to the in-kind printing services.  The speakers’ IT needs should also be addressed.

Sponsorship/Grant-writing (Eric Bono):
• Kutak Rock has committed to sponsoring at the $5000 level.  Eric still plans to apply for a Bar Foundation grant and they’re waiting to hear from MCCA.  To date, commitments of $41K have come in.
• The Qwest contract, particularly the indemnification clause, is nearly finalized.  Greg Martin and the CBA have been instrumental in resolving that issue.
• There are few sponsorship opportunities between $1000 and $5000.  Committee members discussed but decided not to go with the option of creating a new $2500 level.

Awards (Jen Ungar and Patty Powell):
• Cindy shared the Awards flyer that details the awards and process for nomination.  The deadline for nominations is June 1st.  DILP members will brainstorm additional potential awardees at the June meeting.
• The selection committee consists of Judge Daniel, Chief Justice Mullarkey, and Paul Chan.  Elsa will act as a sub if any of these three cannot serve.

Publicity (Jen Ungar, Kathleen Nalty, Melinda Delmonico and Rebecca Askew):
• Kathleen shared the printed brochure.  5000 were printed and are being distributed.
• The websites are up but need some changes.  The CBA has provided a new web address for the DILP site –
• Davis Graham & Stubbs agreed to help with the website and with the print ads that Kathleen had drafted.
• The print ad campaign is underway.  Kristina James is contacting a variety of publications and groups that can place ads.  The committee voted to allow up to $1000 for print ads for now.

New Business
• Kathleen shared materials from the State High School Diversity Conference.