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November 2006

DILP Minutes
November 7, 2006

Attendees:  Jennifer Weddle (by phone), Cindy Shearon (by phone), Meschach Rhoades (by phone), Cindy Hyman, Kathleen Nalty, Damian Arguello, Imelda Mulholland, Andy McCallin, Elsa Martinez Tenreiro, Jennifer Ungar, Michael Shea, Vance Knapp, Sydnnia Wulf, Jack Patten, III, Alexandra Rodu, and Eric Bono.

The October 2006 minutes were reviewed and approved.

Mentor/Mentee Program
• The annual reception was November 1st at the Chop House Restaurant.  Cindy Hyman reported that about 80 people attended.  Several attorneys and judges came and many students but there were more CU students than DU students.  Kathleen pointed out that many DU students have evening classes and that students might be generally burned out on diversity receptions since there were already several this year.  Kathleen will propose that the reception be held on a Friday next year.
• Damian is working closely with the DU 1L mentor program and described it in detail.  Eric reported that the CU Mentor program is still in the planning stages and may or may not be limited to 1Ls.

Diversity Conference
• Kathleen updated DILP on the conference overall, discussing the various sub-committees and conference chair responsibilities. 
• Cindy updated the committee on the trip to Invesco Field to look at the facilities as a possible venue for the conference as well as the job fair next year.  The event would begin on the evening of Wednesday, September 19th with a reception and silent auction.  The next day, the conference would be held in the Club Level facilities.  There are many options for sponsorships, given the 3 channels available on the TVs and the field scoreboard.  Eric and Damian are chairing the fundraising committee and will explore those options.
• Kathleen updated everyone on the Deans’ Diversity Council, which meets for the first time tomorrow night.  The discussions tomorrow will generate ideas for the conference.
• Jennifer Weddle updated everyone on the Programming/Speakers committee.  The committee will meet on November 17th to initially plan the speakers and workshops using the ideas generated from the Deans’ Diversity Council meeting as well as a list she has put together from several previous diversity conferences.
• Jack Patten offered to contact Professor Roberto Corrada at DU for additional conference workshop ideas.

The meeting adjourned at 12:50 but some members stayed to watch the DVD of Cornell Boggs speaking about the Call to Action, which will be played tomorrow night at the Deans’ Diversity Council meeting.