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December 2006

DILP Minutes
December 5, 2006

Attendees:  Cindy Hyman, Damian Arguello, Kathleen Nalty, Eric Bono, Jean Pavek, Andy McCallin, Aimee Wagstaff, Melinda Delmonico, Diego Hunt, Rebecca Askew, Jack Patton, Jen Ungar.   By phone:  Jennifer Weddle, Meschach Rhoades, Sonya Montgomery, Kathryn Heet, Elsa Martinez-Tanreiro.

The November 2006 minutes were reviewed and approved.

Deans’ Diversity Council
• Kathleen Nalty updated DILP on the Deans’ Diversity Council Dinner held at DU on November 8th.  Approximately 60 people attended, including corporate counsel, judges, law firm managing partners, and government officials as well as chairs for the National Diversity Conference.  Over 2/3 of the attendees signed up to be on Working Groups that will be meeting and discussing discreet issues such as mentoring, recruiting and pipeline.  The Core Strategy Group is meeting for the first time this afternoon to set the agenda for the Deans’ Diversity Council and to organize the working groups.
• Kathleen asked the DILP Committee to consider a proposal to pay a $2000 consulting fee to Joe McMahon, a private practitioner and mediator, who has provided critical professional assistance in the formation of the Deans’ Diversity Council and its long-term plan.  Joe initially offered to help, on a pro-bono basis, for up to six hours.  He has put in at least 20 hours on this project and it is expected that he will chair the Core Strategy Group meetings, which will necessitate even more time.  His non-profit billing rate is $200 per hour.  The funds would come from the seed money being provided to the National Diversity Conference by the RMDLCF.  Jennifer Weddle suggested that the issue be added to the DBA Board of Directors meeting agenda (December 14th) since the DBA has some funds to pay consultants.  DILP voted that if the DBA doesn’t approve the payment of the consulting fees to Joe, then DILP would pay Joe a one-time fee of $2000 from the seed money.

Diversity Conference
• Some discussion was had about the title.  Initial thoughts included “Diversity on the Frontier:  Raising the Bar.”
• The impact of the Conference will be more regional but efforts will be made to market it on a national basis.
• Budget:  A draft budget was reviewed and discussed.  Revenue is projected at $90,000; expenses are projected at $69,300.  The Publicity Committee mentioned that it may need more than $2500, which would increase the budget.  Pricing for the conference was discussed.  The average CLE price for a one-day conference -- $200 – seemed a bit low compared to other diversity conferences.  It was agreed that the price should be higher but there could be tiered pricing for groups or sponsors.  Kenzo Kawanabe has made an informal request of MCCA for a grant of $10,000.
• Location & Logistics Committee:  Cindy Hyman updated members on the progress of this committee.  CLE and an attorney at DGS have been reviewing the contract with Invesco.  It is expected that the contract will be signed soon.  The Pledge reception on Thursday night will be held on the track and field with an alternative inside location for inclement weather. 
• Programming:  Jennifer Weddle gave the update.  This committee had an extensive meeting where ideas for plenary sessions and break-outs were discussed.  Jennifer spoke about those ideas in detail.  The committee wants to lock in the speakers by year’s end.
• Sponsorship:  Damian gave the update on this committee’s work.  They toured Invesco Field and have ideas about how to structure the sponsorships.  The principal sponsor will be asked to pay $10,000 for primary sponsorship of both the conference and the job fair.  There will be several other layers of sponsorship and opportunities.  They are exploring grants as well.
• Awards:  Jen and Patty are working on a timeline and finding a logo for the Publicity Committee to use in the brochures.  They’ve contacted DU and CU Art Depts. and are working to locate local artists.  Jack Patten offered to find out the name of the artist who donated art for the NLLSA in Denver three years ago.  The Committee is also working on the registration forms as well as coordinating with a representative from Qwest, which might sponsor the awards.
• Host/Entertainment Committee:  Aimee reported that this committee will meet within the next two weeks.
• Publicity Committee:  Jen reported that this committee was meeting after the DILP meeting.
• Scholarship/Silent Auction:  Meschach reported that this committee will be meeting soon.

There was no new business.

The next DILP meeting has been rescheduled from January 2nd to January 9th at the CBA at noon.