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March 20, 2007

March 20, 2007

Present: Kay Dahlinger, Bill Riedell, Joan Casey, Kathleen Schoen, Cheryl Law, Leo Divangio, Tamika Payne, Lisa Parks, Jim Boller, Becky Stern, Martha Smith, Norm Renter, Karen Spaulding, Becky Richey, Nicole Morris

Kathleen Schoen explained organizational structure to new members Jim Boller, Leo Divangio and Tamika Payne and discussed Link trainings to help develop the project.

Kay Dahlinger, 3 in March: 1) Colorado Dept. of Human Services – ordered 100 DVD’s about the Link, 2) Terrorist Threat Assessment training; 3) Brighton P.D. Victim Advocates.  Trainings in April in Longmont and June in Montrose. 

Kathleen Schoen – National Humane Educators Association – 120 humane educators.

Joan Casey – Grand Junction and about setting up a Link.

Omnibus Cruelty to Animal Legislation, HB07-1235, sponsored by Debbie Stafford sponsored. Passed out of House and into Judiciary.  

Colorado Alliance for Animal Owners Rights, HB1296. Alternate therapist treatment without certification; dismissed veterinarians from doing a diagnosis and referring to therapy.

Pet overpopulation fund passed.

Veterinary Practice Act, HB127. Requesting veterinarians to report animal cruelty and bestiality.  Out of Senate and now a mandate.

Other Business:
Kay Dahlinger suggested a child protection report regarding animal abuse. Martha agreed to work on this.

Excellent discussion about mandatory reporting. Does it empower victims or is it more power and control over the victim. It was suggested to review California Divert program and cross-reporting laws.  San Diego model developed MOU’s and also, Boulder and Longmont.

Jim Boller does training with regard to dog fighting and suggested officers attend 8 hours of Link training.

Norm mentioned: a) law enforcement needs to be more sensitive to the death of an animal and suggested that trainings emphasize how this ties in, b) reach out to juvenile officers who are more passionate and receptive; do trial group then larger group with officers in the field, c) animal control officers could be a gateway to finding other crimes.

Kay Dahlinger mentioned the donation for Link videos was raised to $15 vs. $10.

Next Meeting
Tuesday, April 17, 2007, 12:00 – 1:30 pm.