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January 23, 2007

Colorado Alliance For Cruelty Prevention
Meeting Minutes

Present: Joan Casey, Martha Smith, Mary Toornman, Lisa Parks, Becky Richey, Diane Balkin, Lisa Parks, Barbara Riedell, Bill Riedell, Kay Dahlinger, John Cohen, Becky Stern, Nicole Schimming, Norm Renter, Nicole Morris (Intern), Kathleen Schoen, Cheryl Law

o Victorville—Kay Dahlinger and Becky Sturn
o Humane Educators – Kathleen Schoen
o CO Dept of Human Services (mandatory trainings in February and March) - Kay Dahlinger
o Eagle Valley (in planning stage)- Diane Balkin
o Denver Police Academy (on going)– Diane Balkin
o Colorado Retired Peace Officers – Kay Dahlinger & Becky Sturn

o Watched short documentary called “The Shadow of the Mountains.” Showed the issues facing much of rural Colorado today such as, a high rate of domestic violence that most likely indicates animal abuse. Provided a great background for addressing the issue.

o The Omnibus Cruelty to Animal Legislation, sponsored by Debbie Stafford sponsored, is being introduced 1/31/07. Contains provision to include animals in protection orders.

Other Business:
o Pet Over-population Tax Check-off Fund is back on the 2006 tax forms.

Next Meeting: 
o Tuesday, February 20, 2007, 12:00 – 1:30 pm, 3rd Floor Small Classroom