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How can we help you?

Please feel free to use us in any of these ways (or be creative).

1. Call if there's a PR problem in your area; we'll meet with you to brainstorm some solutions.

2. Call to set up workshops; we'll talk about writing press releases, starting a newsletter, interview techniques, ways to get good publicity, etc.

3. Call if you believe the media in your area are acting unethically (we work closely with the Colorado Press Association and sometimes can negotiate).

4. Call if you know a particular area of law in which the public needs more education, and we'll put it in the Legal Lines Column.

5. Call if there's an area of the law we should cover in a brochure.

6. If you anticipate being on television or radio and want to practice first, we can arrange some training with our equipment.

7. Call if you want a luncheon speaker to talk about public relations, media relations, etc.

8. Call if you want help with your newsletter.