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Bill Routing Procedures

When bills are made available from the legislature, they are reviewed for policy or legal impact on the CBA. The bills are then sorted and mailed, faxed, or e-mailed that same day to the affected sections and committees.

In order to most effectively participate in the legislative process, the sections and committees must be prepared to respond to a bill as soon as possible. A safe guideline is to return the routing slip to the CBA with a position noted no later than 5 days after the day it is received by the section or committee. If the section or committee does not respond, the office assumes that the section or committee is neutral on the bill.

After a section or committee requests a CBA position, the bill is scheduled for discussion at the next Legislative Policy Committee meeting. The LPC generally meets weekly at the CBA offices to review these requests. Representatives of the section or committee are required to attend the meetings to inform the LPC as to the pros and cons of the proposed position and any opposition, either known or potential. The LPC will then review the proposed position and take a position. After the LPC authorizes a position, the director of legislative relations will then coordinate testimony and lobbying with the section chair and/or legislative liaison.

Sections or committees are not permitted to speak on behalf of the section or the CBA without prior LPC authorization to do so.