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Membership Lists and Labels

The Membership Department produces mailing labels and memberships upon request for various parties, including local bar associations, CLE providers, membership benefit providers and unaffiliated vendors. Local bar associations received membership rosters periodically throughout the year, and may request such a list at any time.

Many local bar associations choose to purchase mailing labels from the CBA in order to mail out their monthly notices or newsletters. There is a nominal fee for these labels to cover the cost of producing the labels. Local bar associations should contact the CBA Membership Services Department or fill out the Local Bar Association Membership Questionnaire (see below) for more information.

The procedure that the CBA follows when selling mailing labels to unaffiliated vendors is set forth in the document below. Names and addresses of all members are sold to outside parties unless a member has specifically stated that he or she does not wish to have his or her name sold. Members may choose to remove their names from such lists at any time by contacting the Membership Services Department.

Please click here to download the Mailing Label Contract.

Mailing Label Information
Thank you for your interest in purchasing Colorado Bar Association (CBA) mailing labels. CBA membership labels are available for the purpose of mailing materials of interest to attorneys and legal professionals. Before any labels are sold, the CBA must receive a copy of all materials that will be sent to our members. We are not able to process any orders without this information.

Selection Options
You have the option of buying the entire CBA membership list, or one or more subsections of the entire list based on practice area or zip code. On the following page you will find a pricing schedule and counts for the CBA list and practice areas. Please be aware that the actual number of labels that you receive may differ slightly from that which is listed, as we are continually revising our database. The "Last revised" date on the next page indicates the most recent date that those numbers have been updated. If you plan to order more lists in the future, please be sure to request updated counts from us on a regular basis.

The pricing structure for the labels can be broken down in several different ways. There are fixed prices for the whole CBA membership list and for the practice areas, while zip code selection prices are on a per label basis, with a minimum order. For each fixed price and per label cost, there are two different rates, based on the type of organization that wishes to purchase labels. The commercial rate applies to all for-profit companies and organizations. The non-profit rate applies to organizations with state or federal non-profit designations, and they need to submit a copy of their IRS or state determination letter with each label order.

Prepayment is required for all requests for the full CBA mailing list or lists of any of the practice areas. Orders on disk have an additional charge of $25.00. Unless the purchasing organization is outside of Colorado or sales tax exempt, 7.2% sales tax must be added to all label orders. If your organization is sales tax exempt, please include your tax-exempt number or a copy of the sales tax exemption letter with your order. Zip code selections must be accompanied by a $150.00 deposit plus 7.2% sales tax if applicable. You will be billed for any label charges above and beyond the amount of the deposit.

Formatting & Delivery
We can create mailing labels in 3 formats: adhesive labels, in an Excel file, or in an ASCII text file on disk. Labels in all formats can be done in either alphabetical or zip code order. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for us to process your label request. We will make every effort to do so within this time period. Labels are generally sent to you by mail, but they can also be picked up at the CBA office, or sent via Federal Express if you provide us with an account number. Electronic label files can be sent via e-mail as well.

I hope this information has been of assistance to you. Please contact our office at or (303) 824-5376 or (800) 332-6736 (in Colorado) if you require further information. Again, thank you.

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