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60 Sites in 60 Minutes - 100th Annual Colorado Bar Association Convention - 1998

60 Sites in 60 Minutes
From the 100th Annual Colorado Bar Association Convention

Sites presented by:
Reba J. Nance    Mark Kolber    Phil Cherner

Reba J. Nance's Bookmarks

General law

Admission & Financial Aid - Indiana Law School

FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources

Heiros Gamos -- news and reviews of law-related Internet sites

Legal Information Institute



FREE LEGAL ADVICE and law information. For an attorney or lawyer to advise you, visit Attorney Pages, Our Lawyer Directory.

ABA Open Discussion Groups

Law lists information

Federal information

FedWebLoc - Executive Branch

Bureau of Justice Statistics Home page

U.S. Federal Courts Finder


FedLaw - Congress

The Federal Web Locator

Colorado information

State of Colorado Homepage

Colorado Bar Association - Hotlinks 

Legal research services


LOIS, Inc. Law Office Information Systems Professional Legal Library


Searching the Web

Search Engine Watch: News, Tips and More About Search Engines

All-in-One Search Page

AltaVista: Main Page



CNN Interactive

CIS's Searchable Databases on the Internet

BBC World Service brought to you by Television Channel: Court TV Live on the Web


ISP Info

The Cyber Media Show with Kim Bayne: about Internet use, marketing strategies and tactics

Welcome to PC World Online

Webliography: A Guide to Internet Resources

PC World Today: 56-Kbps Modems Still Flaky,1510,6441,00.html

PointCast Network


Fun stuff

Acronym Finder

Airline, Car, Hotel, Reservations - Travelocity

Welcome to Celebrity Slugfest(TM)

Bill Bashing

Pig Latin Converter...or something

The 80s Server -- Valley URL


Mark Kolber's Bookmarks

General Law Sources and Searches

Uniform Law Commissioners Drafts - If you're into commercial law, this site has all the latest information about new UCC articles (such as 2B on licensing) and changes (such as the new draft Article 9) The Internet Ethics Site - For up-to-date ethics information in all states, this is THE site.

The Bluebook - A Uniform System of Citation Free live EDGAR data and more - SEC filings available for all public companies

FindLaw Business - Free Edgar - Quotes - another source available through Findlaw

Federal Law

Federal Court Opinions

THOMAS- Legislative Information on the Internet

Federal Government Agencies

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve

Federal Trade Commission Home Page

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

FFIEC Home Page - Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council - the "umbrella organization" for the federal agencies which regulate the banking industry.

US Small Business Adminsitration (SBA)

U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Home Page

US Copyright Office

United States Patent and Trademark Office

State Law

State Constitutions, Statutes, and Codes - Cornell

FindLaw- State Resources

Motor Vehicle Offices - This site will point you to all of the state motor vehicle departments that are online

Y2K - Year 2000 Issues

The Year 2000 Information Center / Millennium Bug - A good starting point

FFIEC Y2K Page - Although directed toward the banking industry, this is a great Y2K site with links to articles, checklists, press releases and even RealAudio telecasts of speeches and Congressional testimony


Looking for a job? Try

The Job Page

Attorney Jobs

HG Legal Employment Classified: Part I, Search for Legal Positions Available

Microsoft Technical Support--Advanced Support Options

The Dilbert Zone - Nuff said

Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations - A searchable version of the famous source from Columbia University


Phil Cherner's Bookmarks

Computer Stuff

WordPerfect (Corel) FTP Site



PC World

National News

The New York Times

Newspaper Association of America

Local Info

Denver Weather Radar

The Denver Post

The Rocky Mountain News

Channel 9 Camera's

Colorado Newspaper Links

State of Colorado


The Library of Congress

U.S. Census Bureau




Library of Congress

Web Cam Central


Washburn University Law School

Oyez (U.S. Supreme Court arguments)

Colorado Criminal Defense Bar


Colorado Real Estate Online