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This handbook is the result of hard work and dedication by many people. The project was undertaken by the Litigation Council, Litigation Section of the Colorado Bar Association:

Britt C. Anderson, Esq., Co-Chair · Peter A. Goldstein, Esq., Co-Chair · Alden V. Hill, Esq. · Richard W. Laugesen, Esq. · Michael E. McLachlan, Esq. · John A. Purvis, Esq · Jerry B. Tompkins, Esq. · Marcus L. Squarrel, Esq. · Elizabeth A. Starrs, Esq.

The Council and the Project Coordinator would like to acknowledge and extend appreciation to all the individuals who assisted in this handbook:

  • All the district court judges and clerks who took the time necessary to complete the surveys and review the responses.
  • The Honorable Luis D. Rovira, Chief Justice, for his support.
  • The judges who provided feedback into the design of the survey: The Honorable Douglas E. Anderson · The Honorable Roxanne Bailin · The Honorable Peter W. Booth · The Honorable Donald E. Campbell · The Honorable James M. Franklin · The Honorable Richard V. Hall · The Honorable Michael J. Heydt · The Honorable Gilbert A. Martinez · The Honorable David D. Parrish · The Honorable Steven T. Pelican.    
  • Laurie Walters who, in addition to editing, providing general consultation on the format of the questionnaires and the handbook.
  • Darlene Emery who gave her time to take pictures at the 1992 Annual Judicial Conference to provide 34 of the photographs of the judges.
  • And the numerous individuals who provided feedback and ideas during various phases of the project: Derry Beach Adams, Esq., Sears, Anderson & Swanson · Diana Blair, Esq., McKenna & Cuneo · Steve E. Ezell, Esq., Melat, Pressman, Ezell & Higbie · Richard S. Gast, Esq., March & Myatt · Glen Gordon, Esq., Buchanan, Gray, Purvis & Schuetze · Catherine Grainger, Esq., McKenna & Cuneo · Jim Jezek, Colorado Judicial Department · Merrie Kippur, Esq., McKenna & Cuneo · Robert W. LaBree, Esq. · Denise Mills, Esq., Feder, Morris, Tamblyn & Goldstein · Barbara Quade, Esq. Quade, Fontana & Bonin · Lewis M. Quigg, Esq., Shaw & Quigg · Daniel Quinn, Esq., District Attorney's Office, Eighth Judicial District · Nancy M. Rogers, Esq., Burke & Castle · Constance C. Talmage, Esq., Colorado Judicial Department · Katherine Tamblyn, Esq., Feder, Morris, Tamblyn & Goldstein · Michael A. Valdez, Colorado Bar Association · Anne W. Williams, Esq., Public Defender's Office, Eighth Judicial District

Heidi J. Huffman
Project Coordinator