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Colorado Supreme Court Opinions || March 5, 2012

Colorado Supreme Court -- March 5, 2012
2012 CO 16. No. 10SC15. Scoggins v. People.

Supreme Court of the State of Colorado
101 West Colfax Avenue, Suite 800 • Denver, Colorado80202

2012 CO 16

Supreme Court Case No. 10SC15
Certiorari to the Colorado Court of Appeals
Court of Appeals Case No. 06CA2230

Richard Allen Scoggins,
The People of the State of Colorado.

Judgment Affirmed Without Opinion
March 5, 2012

Attorneys for Petitioner:
Douglas K. Wilson, Public Defender
Ellen Kay Eggleston, Deputy Public Defender

Denver, Colorado

Attorneys for Respondent:
John W. Suthers, Attorney General
Clemmie Parker Engle, Assistant Attorney General

Denver, Colorado


JUSTICE MÁRQUEZdoes not participate.


¶1  Justice Hobbs, Justice Rice, and Justice Eid are of the opinion that the judgment of the court of appeals, People v. Scoggins, 240 P.3d 331, 334 (Colo. App. 2009), should be affirmed, whereas Chief Justice Bender, Justice Coats, and Justice Boatright are of the opinion that it should be reversed.

¶2   Because the court is equally divided, the decision of the court of appeals is affirmed by operation of law. See C.A.R. 35(e).


JUSTICE MÁRQUEZ does not participate.

These opinions are not final. They may be modified, changed or withdrawn in accordance with Rules 40 and 49 of the Colorado Appellate Rules. Changes to or modifications of these opinions resulting from any action taken by the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court are not incorporated here.

Colorado Supreme Court Opinions || March 5, 2012