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TCL Article Submission Checklist

Submission Requirements

~ Manuscript—MS Word document, not converted from PDF
~ Author information—name; e-mail address; phone number; firm/employer; title; practice area
~ Author photograph—hard copy or digital photo; digital photos must be high resolution; TIFF preferred, JPG acceptable if directly from camera
~ Signed License Agreement

Deadlines and Editorial Process

~ The article is being submitted to TCL staff two months before scheduled publication.
~ The author is willing to comply with TCL production policies, deadlines, and production schedule. 

The author understands that the article will be edited to comply with TCL style.

Article Format

The article contains:

~ Title: eleven words or fewer, clearly stating the subject matter of article
~ Abstract: short (25–40 words) summary of article that does not duplicate article text
~ Introduction: provides general introduction to the subject and brief overview of the article’s contents
~ Conclusion: brief (one- to two-paragraph) summary of article that does not introduce new material or duplicate article text ~ Headings and subheadings: no more than three levels; heads should not exceed six words; not in outline form ~ Paragraphs that contain at least two sentences and do not exceed 100 words

Article Content

~ The article has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate coordinating editor.
~ The article has been proofread and is free of substantive, grammatical, and formatting errors.
~ The article is current, practical, and informative, and does not contain extraneous information.
~ The information can be understood by attorneys from other practice areas.
~ The information is presented in an organized fashion.
~ The information presented is not based on the author’s experience.
~ The article’s tone is neutral. The article does not contain opinion, editorializing, advocacy, judgment of current law, suggestions for changing the law, or promotion of any product or service.
~ The article contains no first or second person, clichés, rhetorical questions, jargon, or legalese.
~ The article contains adequate citations.

~ The citations are formatted as endnotes with Arabic (not Roman) numerals.
~ The citations are in TCL or Bluebook format (case and publication titles in italics—no underlining or small caps). ~ Citations have been checked and are correct and current.
~ Links are provided for sources that are available on the Internet.
~ If a source is not easily accessible, “on file with author” is included in the note.

Note: Articles not in compliance with these requirements may be returned to the author for revision; rescheduled for future publication; rejected; or (time allowing) extensively edited by TCL editorial staff.