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Review of Legal Resources: Guidelines for Book and Resource Reviewers



Resource reviews highlight new books, electronic media, or other legal resources to help Colorado Bar Association members effectively practice law or improve their practice. Emphasis is intended to be on resources that have some concrete value to Colorado practitioners and their practice. If, in the reviewer’s opinion, the work has no redeeming value, he or she should contact Managing Editor Leona Martínez at leonamartinez@cobar.orgbefore proceeding further. The decision to publish any review remains at the discretion of the Colorado Bar Association its editors.

The reviewer may keep the book or resource provided for review, unless the publisher requests that it be returned. A proof of the edited review will not be provided to the reviewer before publication, unless the editor finds it advisable.

An executed License Agreement is required of all authors, including reviewers, who publish in the journal. The form is provided to the reviewer by the managing editor. The reviewer may return the executed form when the review is submitted.

Content and Format

Reviews must include the following information about the book or resource: (1) title; (2) author(s) or editor(s); (3) copyright date; (4) publisher—including mailing address, telephone, fax, and e-mail or website; (5) page count (plus appendices, tables/charts, volumes, and CD-ROM, where relevant); and (6) price.

Book reviews should discuss the book or resource in terms of the following: (1) substance of the material; (2) accuracy and completeness of the contents; (3) overall orientation; (4) readability and organization; (5) usefulness to practitioners; (6) cost-effectiveness; and (7) whether it can be recommended as an addition to a law firm’s or practitioner’s library. Although reviewers need not read books word-for-word, reviews should indicate that the reviewer read beyond the book jacket and the table of contents and chapter titles, and that the reviewer understands the breadth of the material.

Reviews are between two and three double-spaced manuscript pages, preferably not to exceed 1,000 words. Word count excludes content information mentioned in first paragraph of this section. Reviews should be prepared in MS Word and submitted as an attachment to an e-mail to leonamartinez@cobar.orgby deadline determined by reviewer and managing editor.

Biographical Statement and Reviewer Information

Reviewers are asked to submit current resume or abbreviated self-description to the managing editor, indicating expertise and areas of interest. This is for in-house use only and is related to the Review of Legal Resources only.

Reviewers should provide byline, including first name, middle initial, and last name; and a two-sentence biographical statement, including professional title; firm affiliation; telephone number; and e-address. Readers are informed they may contact reviewers directly with questions about the material. Please specify if contact information should not appear in print. Mailing address should be provided (for in-house use only—to mail advance copies).


Review deadline is the first business day of the month, two months before publication—for example, April 1 for the June issue. Adjustments to the deadline and accommodations will be made on individual bases.