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Disaster Preparedness

Being Prepared—with CD (2008) (Table of Contents)
Lloyd D. Cohen and Debra Hart Cohen
Being Prepared is the essential workbook and guide for protecting your law practice against casualty or other unexpected event. If you haven’t started thinking about, or formulating, and action plan to properly protect your law firm, your clients, and your family in the event of temporary disability, incapacity, or other unexpected event, this book will jump start the process! It is a “how-to” workbook designed to lead you through a series of active and immediate steps aimed at establishing your protection plan. Use this book to safety-net your financial and professional liability.

BONUS: This book is accompanied by a companion CD-Rom, which contains a wealth of material with easy-to-use checklists, questionnaires, forms, sample agreements, blog site, and website links to state-specific resources. It provides an effective way to communicate vital information to family, friends, colleagues and clients. Use both the workbook and CD-Rom to get your protection plan started today! Then continue to use it to quickly and effectively organize your entire practice.

Business Continuity Strategies (2006) (Table of Contents)
Kenneth N. Myers
Disasters can happen. Contingency plans are necessary. But how detailed and expensive do your contingency and continuity plans really need to be? Employing a thoroughly practical approach, Business Continuity Strategies: Protecting Against Unplanned Disasters, Third Edition provides a proven methodology for implementing a realistic and cost-efficient business contingency program. Kenneth Myers—an internationally recognized contingency planning specialist—shows corporate leaders how to prepare a logical “what if” plan that would enable an organization to retain market share, service customers, and maintain cash flow if a disaster occurs.

Business Interruption/Disaster Recovery Part 1 (2008)
Association of Legal Administrators

Business Interruption/Disaster Recovery Part 2 (2008)
Association of Legal Administrators

Beth Chiaiese

This Webinar focuses on issues that involve protecting and recovering a firm's records in the event of a disaster. The speakers will discuss where files are and should be stored and some best practices for storing records and files.

Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Planning for Law Firms (2007) (Table of Contents) 
Edward Poll

This book offers guidelines on how lawyers and law firms can prepare to minimize the debilitating impact that disasters of all kinds can have on their law practices and the clients they represent. The issue isn't if a disaster will occur, but rather when a disaster occurs, what should we do in order to recover quickly and effectively. Topics covered include defining "disaster," then creating a plan that deals with the various types of disasters that might befall us including fire, earthquake, burst water pipes and, yes, even planes crashing into our buildings. This new book also deals with insurance, financial planning, data recovery, and most importantly, personnel (our "human capital") planning.

Disaster Survival Planning (1991) (Table of Contents)
Judy Kay Bell
If complete, useable emergency plans are what you want, you are holding the best resource you will ever find. Spend a minute browsing through the Table of Contents. This book provides step-by-step instructions on everything you need to do to create your own plans! It also tells you how to get your top managers involved right from the beginning.

The Essential Formbook Volume 4 (2004) with CD (Table of Contents)
Gary A. Munneke and Anthony E. Davis
This book is not intended to create new benchmarks against which lawyers will be judged, but rather to help lawyers meet existing standards more efficiently. Standards for law practice have been defined in every state and jurisdiction, and they are continuously established in malpractice suits, ethics opinions, and the myriad cases involving the law of lawyering. In this fourth volume of our work, we address two areas of vital concern to all lawyers: anticipating the risk of catastrophic practice disruption caused by external events, and the risk of liability caused by the conduct of lawyers and staff in the course of the practice. Prior volumes have addressed the topics of client intake, fee agreements, law practice partner/owner relationships, fees and billing, human resources, calendar and rile management, and financial analysis.

<Front Desk Security & Safety (2004) (Table of Contents)
Betty A. Kildown, CBCP, FBCI
Whether you work in the lobby of a high-rise building, man the entry point of a small office, guard a storage facility, or greet customers in a store, you are the first line of defense, responsible for the safety and well-being of the people in your building. Front Desk Security &Safety includes step-by-step plans for natural disasters, terror threats, service disruptions, medical emergencies, fire, workplace violence, and other emergency situations, as well as emergency checklists and protocols you can post at your desk and refer to at the first sign of trouble. The book covers how to conduct safety training and emergency response drills, and includes a special "What to Do When..." section. In addition, Front Desk Security & Safety contains a basic project plan for developing an emergency management program, focusing on four key areas: Mitigation/Prevention: Applying proactive steps to minimize vulnerabilities; Preparedness: Having the proper procedures and materials in place; Response: Protecting employees and working with external safety authorities; and Recovery: Keeping the business running despite sometimes substantial limitations.
Now that your role in safeguarding your building and the people in it is greater than ever before, you need to be prepared for any situation. Front Desk Security & Safety helps you take on this serious challenge, and control the uncertain.