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Membership Applications

Attorney Membership Application

An active CBA membership category is defined as a lawyer who is licensed and in good standing to practice law in Colorado and who has fulfilled the membership dues payment for CBA membership. If you are on inactive status with the Colorado Supreme Court, please use the Attorney Member application also. There is an Inactive category for attorneys who are on inactive status. *If rejoining the CBA, pro-ration subject to approval. Click here to find out how the CBA is your partner in law.

Section Membership

Already a member of the CBA but looking to sign up for Sections? Go to the CBA Sections Homepage to find out more or email or the section liaison. To sign up for a section, fill out the Section Membership Application.

Associate Membership Application

An associate member is a non-lawyer whose primary occupation is directly involved in assisting attorneys on a regular basis in the delivery of legal services. Associate members shall be limited to paralegals, legal assistants, law office administrators, legal secretaries, court personnel, and bar association staff. All associate members will be required to have an attorney member sponsor their annual renewal and certify the non-lawyer is directly involved in assisting attorneys on a regular basis in the delivery of legal services. Click here for more information.

Patron Member Application

A Patron of the CBA is defined as a non-lawyer who, or an organization that, provides ancillary goods or services to attorneys or the legal profession. Patrons include but are not limited to Mediators, Certified Public Accountants, Private Investigators, Court Reporters, Educators, Consultants, Vendors, Companies, and Corporate Associations. Patron members of the Colorado Bar Association are also permitted to join sections with the approval of the respective sitting chairperson. If you are a patron member and wish to join a section, please submit the  Patron Application for Sections to start this process.

Student Membership Application

A student member is any student of an accredited law school. Student members shall enjoy such of the rights and privileges of active members as may be specified by the Board of Governors, except that they shall not have the right to hold office or to vote. Click here for more information on the benefits of student membership.

**Membership in the Colorado Bar Association is not conditioned on health status of any individual, including an employee of an employer or a dependent of an employee. Furthermore, health insurance coverage offered through the Colorado Bar Association is available to all members regardless of any health status-related factor. Health insurance coverage is only available to member of the Colorado Bar Association.