CBA Staff Directory

CBA main number: 303-860-1115
Toll-free in Colorado: 800-332-6736
Main fax number: 303-894-0821
CLE main number: 303-860-0608 


Patrick Flaherty, Executive Director CBA
Executive Director
Patrick Flaherty

Amy Redfern
Deputy Executive Director and COO

Amy Redfern

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Jessica Lindzy Executive Assistant and Governance Liaison 303-824-5343


Communications & Membership

Heather Folker Director 303-824-5350
Vanessa Babarsky Membership Marketing Manager 303-824-5345
Brendan Baker Editor/Writer, Communication Specialist 303-824-5336
Sue Bertram Manager, Law Practice Management 303-824-5372

Alexa Drago Digital Content Manager and Advertising Sales 303-824-5313
Tammy Ely Membership Services Coordinator 303-824-5376
Jodi Jennings Legal Editor, Colorado Lawyer 303-824-5326
Susie Klein Managing Editor, Colorado Lawyer 303-907-1828
Shelby Knafel Social Media Coordinator 303-824-5303
Virginia McClerkin Membership Assistant 303-824-5333
Shanna Montoya Online Community Manager 303-824-5320
Kate Schuster Creative Manager and Graphic Designer, Colorado Lawyer 303-824-5312
Clair Smith Graphic Designer, The Docket 303-824-5360



Lori Krupske Director 303-824-5331
Max Gaytan Accounting and Membership Clerk 303-824-5324
Sheyanne Muse
Accounting Assistant


Information Technology

Mel Reveles Director 303-824-5349
Danny Calhoun Website Content Specialist/
Desktop Support
Margaret Haywood Technical Communications Analyst 303-860-1115
Melissa Lucas Senior Network/Database Administration 303-824-5361
Catherine McHughs Program Manager/Web Development 303-824-5342


Legislative Relations

Jeremy Schupbach Director 303-824-5309


Local Bar Relations & Access to Justice

Kathleen Schoen Director 303-824-5305
Lindsey O'Brien Program Coordinator, Local Bar Relations and Access to Justice 303-824-5310


Public Legal Education

Carolyn Gravit Director 303-824-5323

Yazzmine Chrisp

Administrative Assistant 303-824-5394



Peggy D’Auray-Leetzow Receptionist 303-860-1115


Sections and Committees

Melissa Nicoletti Director 303-824-5321
Amy Sreenen Manager 303-824-5371
Elizabeth Akalin Program Coordinator 303-824-5329
Jess Ham Program Coordinator 303-824-5311
Maya Lewis Program Coordinator 303-824-5327
Juliann Tricarico Program Coordinator 303-824-5340

Colorado Bar Association CLE

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Everything Else you Wanted to Know

  • Attorney Registration — Information from the Colorado Supreme Court
  • Board of Governors — Melissa Nicoletti
  • Casemaker — Sue Bertram
  • CLE Accreditation — Colorado Supreme Court, 303-928-7771
  • CLE Seminars/Homestudy — Julie Revers, 303-860-0608
  • C-Brief (CBA member e-newsletter) — Shelby Knafel
  • Colorado Bar Foundation — Elizabeth Akalin
  • Court Tours — Carolyn Gravit
  • Room Reservations — Melissa Nicoletti
  • Drug, Alcohol, Emotional Problems — COLAP, 303-986-3345
  • Dues Assistance — Vanessa Babarsky
  • Family Violence Prevention — Kath Schoen
  • Lawline 9 — Carolyn Gravit
  • Law-related Education Programs/Materials — Carolyn Gravit
  • Legal Fee Arbitration — Lindsey O'Brien
  • Member Benefits — Sue Bertram
  • Media Relations — Heather Folker
  • Mock Trials — Carolyn Gravit
  • Placement Service — Mev Parsons or Amy Sreenen, 303-894-0014
  • Pro Se Legal Clinics — Carolyn Gravit
  • Speaking to Civic Groups — Carolyn Gravit
  • Swearing-In Ceremony — Heather Folker
  • Volunteering — Carolyn Gravit
  • Waterman Fund — Lori Kruspke
  • YLD activities — Heather Folker

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800-332-6736 (in Colorado)