The cover photo was taken by J. Marcus Painter several years ago during his daughter’s dance competition at the Paramount Theatre in Denver. Painter used a Canon PowerShot S50 point-and-shoot digital camera, with settings at 1/8 second at f4.5. Painter used the “night shot” mode, a feature available on most point-and-shoot digital cameras that automatically selects a longer exposure and a bigger aperture to pick up the ambient light, and then fires a flash during that exposure to freeze the subject in sharper focus. Painter turned off the flash to let the slower exposure pick up the right amount of ambient light and to get the flow of the dancers’ motion. Marc Painter is the manager of the Real Estate Practice Group at Holland & Hart LLP. He is a partner in the firm’s Boulder office, where his practice emphasizes real estate, business, and finance.

March 2010 Issue || Cover Photo Gallery