Lenny Frieling’s “lazy man’s photo” of a mother red-shafted flicker was taken through a freshly cleaned window from an approximate distance of fifteen feet (while sitting in a lounge chair). Flickers like suet, as well as the finch feeders and bugs from the sunburst honey locust tree; rarely, they eat seed from the ground. Frieling used a Leica V-Lux 3 camera (hand held)—ISO 640, 108 mm f5.2, 1/160—making adjustments to cropping, sharpness, definition, contrast, de-noise, and exposure, and using iPhoto for the processing. A thirty-eight-year criminal defense attorney based in Boulder County and handling mainly drug and driving defense, Frieling has been extremely active in drug law amelioration, focusing on marijuana legalization and marijuana driving law in Colorado and nationally.

September 2014 Issue || Cover Photo Gallery