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May 2007       Vol. 36, No. 5       Page  33
In and Around the Bar
2007 High School Mock Trial Program

Photo Highlights, Facts, and Thanks

2007 Colorado Bar Association High School Mock Trial Program:
Local High School Students Have Their Day in Court

Evergreen High School
Captures 2007 State Title

The 2007 High School Mock Trial Tournament was held March 2–3 at the Adams County Justice Center. High school students tried a civil case involving a collision between a pickup truck and a train at a crossing in rural Adams County, in which the 17-year-old driver of the truck was killed. Twenty teams from across Colorado vied for the 2007 state championship title and the opportunity to compete at the National High School Mock Trial Championship in Dallas, Texas in May.

Members of the Evergreen High School team respond to the announcement that they won the State Title.

Championship Round

Evergreen High School competed against George Washington High School in an intense championship round. This was the first year a Denver Public School participated in the final championship round. Colorado Supreme Court Justice Alex J. Martinez presided over the championship round. Members of the championship scoring panel were: Adams/Broomfield Chief Judge Harlan Bockman; Adams/Broomfield County Judge Michael Cox; Industrial Claim Appeals Judge David Cain; Presiding Municipal Court Judge for Commerce City David Juarez; and Colorado Hispanic Bar Association President Awilda Marquez.

On to Nationals

Evergreen High School is the only school from Colorado to have ever won nationals. The school won the state title in 1988, 1989, 1990 (nationals champions), and in 1992. As a result of its 2007 victory, Evergreen High School now will compete for the national title against forty-four teams from across the United States and U.S. Territories.


The CBA continued the tradition of awarding a CBA Mock Trial Team Professionalism Award, as well as Outstanding Attorney and Witness Awards. These awards recognize outstanding teams and team-member accomplishments. The 2007 mock trial teams voted to present Regis Jesuit’s team with the Team Professionalism Award.

Several students were recognized for their outstanding performances as attorneys and witnesses. Presiding judges and scoring panelists from each round cast their votes for best performers as attorneys and witnesses. These outstanding attorneys and witnesses were honored with certificates in front of their peers, teachers, coaches, and parents.

Ninety-Three Teams/Nine Regional Tournaments

The CBA High School Mock Trial Program marked its twenty-second anniversary in 2007. The CBA hosted ninety-three teams in nine regional tournaments across Colorado: Adams/Broomfield; Arapahoe County; Boulder County; Denver; First Judicial District (JD) North; First JD South; Northern Colorado; Southern Colorado; and Western Slope. This was the first year that schools from Pueblo, Colorado participated in the program. With the help of Pueblo County Bar Association President Todd Kettelkamp and other Pueblo community members, Pueblo brought four new teams to the 2007 program.

Twenty teams earned a spot to compete in the state tournament. As they prepared for their regional tournaments, more than 1,000 students learned about the litigation process and gained critical thinking, advocacy, strategic planning, and speaking skills. The names of the teams participating in the regional tournaments are listed in the following pages.

Thanks, Volunteers!

The Colorado High School Mock Trial program could not exist without the support of CBA volunteers. The CBA, the Public Legal Education Committee, and the Mock Trial Subcommittee sincerely thank all of the attorneys and teachers who coached these fabulous students. They committed hundreds of hours toward preparing students for the regional and state tournaments. The CBA also thanks the local bar associations and their attorney members who coordinated regional tournaments, as well as the hundreds of attorneys, judges, magistrates, and community volunteers who support the regional and state tournaments as presiding judges and scoring panelists. Without their commitment, these tournaments could not happen. A heartfelt thank you also goes to the dedicated students, parents, and teachers who participate in and promote and support this program.

Join the Effort in 2008

We invite you to participate in the 2008 CBA High School Mock Trial Program. Join our efforts to positively impact young lives. To find out how to become involved in this worthwhile educational program as an attorney-coach or a tournament volunteer, please contact Carolyn P. Gravit at the CBA at (303) 824-5323, (800) 332-6736, or

 Congratulations to All High School Mock Trial Teams
That Participated in the 2007 CBA State Mock Trial Program!

( ) denotes number of teams registered; teams not listed in ranked order

First Judicial District North Regional Tournament
Ralston Valley High School (2); Arvada West High School (1);
Arvada High School (1); Lakewood High School (2)
Advancing to State: Lakewood High School A

First Judicial District South Regional Tournament
Evergreen High School (2); Clear Creek High School (2); Dakota Ridge High School (1);
Chatfield High School (1); Lookout Academy (1);Conifer High School (1)
Advancing to State: Evergreen High School (2)

Adams/Broomfield Regional Tournament
Bennett High School (1); Broomfield High School (5); Northglenn High School (1);
Bollman Tech Ed Center (1); Holy Family High School (1)
Advancing to State: Broomfield High School A, Holy Family High School

Arapahoe County Regional Tournament
Kent Denver (2); Regis Jesuit High School (3);
Cherry Creek High School (2); Aurora Central High School (3);
St. Mary’s Academy (2); Rock Canyon High School (2)
Advancing to State: Kent Denver A,
Regis Jesuit High School A, Aurora Central High School A

Boulder Regional Tournament

Justice High School (1); Peak to Peak Charter (2); Boulder High School (1);
Niwot High School (1); Monarch High School (3); Fairview High School (1);
Skyline High School (1)
Advancing to State: Monarch High School A, Boulder High School
Denver Regional Tournament
Kennedy High School (1); George Washington High School (1);
La Academia (1); Denver School of Science & Technology (1);
Bear Creek High School (1); Gateway High School (1)
Advancing to State: George Washington High School
Southern/Pueblo Colorado Regional Tournament
Air Academy High School (1); Cheyenne Mountain High School (1);
Wm. Jackson Palmer High School (3); Lewis-Palmer High School (1);
Coronado High School (3); Sand Creek High School (3); Doherty High School (2);
Falcon High School (3); Sierra High School (1); Trinidad High School (1);
Frontier High School (1); South High School (Pueblo) (1); East High School (Pueblo) (1);
Pueblo Central High School (1); Pueblo County High School (1);
Advancing to State: Wm. Jackson Palmer High School A, Lewis-Palmer High School,
Coronado High School A, Air Academy High School,
Doherty High School A, Falcon High School A

Northern Colorado

Ridgeview Classical School (2); Rocky Mountain High School (1);
Fort Collins High School (1); Windsor High School (1)
Advancing to State: Rocky Mountain High School

Western Slope Regional Tournament
Cornerstone Christian School (1); Glenwood Springs High School (3);
Grand Junction High School (1); Durango High School (2)
Advancing to State: Glenwood Springs High School A
Durango High School A

Attention CBA Members: Is there a school in your community that is not on the list?
Consider starting a mock trial team in that local school and
serving as the team’s attorney-coach.
For more information, please contact Carolyn P. Gravit at (303) 824-5323.


Outstanding Witnesses (alpha order): 
Keith Bransman, Brendan Cochran, Heather Guzman, Mariane Johnson, Hattie Outcliffe, Courtney Siegle
Outstanding Attorneys (alpha order):
Christina Dover, Steven Mark,
Jourdan McGinn, Greg Siegel,
Stephanie Wangeman,
Zach Welch, Brenten Weyi

Regis Jesuit High School’s mock trial students and coaches were honored by other tournament teams with the CBA Team Professionalism Award for the second year in a row.



The George Washington High School team, shown here at the Denver Regional Tournament, participated in the final State Championship Round. Colorado Supreme Court Justice Alex Martinez presided over the State Championship Round.

Congratulations to the students of Evergreen High School, who were named 2007 Colorado State Champions. The Evergreen team is pictured with Justice Alex Martinez (center) and teacher-coach Linda Lovin (far left).

Evergreen High School students enjoy their championship trophy.

2007 Mock Trial Facts:

> George Washington High School won all of their trials at the State Tournament and went to the final championship round. This is the first time in history that a Denver Public School has made it to the State Championship Round.

> Aurora Central High School had three teams participate in 2007. One of those teams went to the State Tournament, marking another first for Aurora Public Schools.

> 158 volunteers staffed 40 rounds of mock trial (20 teams in 10 courtrooms for 4 rounds in two days) as scoring panelists, presiding judges, and courtroom monitors.

> 2007 was the first state title for Evergreen since winning four times in five years from 1988 to 1992. The school won the national championship in 1990.

> Record-breaking crowds! On Saturday, more than 100 people were in attendance for the State Tournament.

> The state championship culminated five straight state tournament appearances for Evergreen. The team cracked the top 10 with a seventh place finish in 2006 before taking this year’s title.

> Colorado’s High School Mock  Trial Program is sponsored by the Colorado Bar Association’s Litigation Section, as well as the Colorado Bar Foundation.

 Thanks to everyone who supported the
2007 Colorado High School Mock Trial Program!

Thanks to the following Bar Associations that sponsored the regional mock trial competitions and the volunteers who coordinated them:

Tom Walsh, 1st JD—Jefferson County North;
KJ Moore and Tom Walsh, 1st JD—Jefferson County South;
Michael Goodbee, Adams/Broomfield Counties;
Angel McCall, Arapahoe County;
Christine Hylbert
, Boulder County;
Carolyn Gravit
, Meghan Seck, Laura Tighe, and Bradford L. Bolton, Denver City/County;
Jack Donley, Jason Downie, and Patricia Kelly, Southern Colorado;
Linda Connors, Northern Colorado;
John Siddeek, Western Slope

Thanks to the following individuals for hosting the
2007 Colorado High School Mock Trial Program:

Hon. Harlan Bockman, Chief Judge, Adams/Broomfield;
Hon. Michael Cox, Adams/Broomfield County Judge;
Michael Goodbee, Adams/Broomfield Assistant District Attorney;
Sharon Holbrook, Adams/Broomfield Bar Association President;
Stacey Moore, Executive Director of the Adams/Broomfield Bar Association; and
Melinda Taylor, District Administrator for the Seventeenth Judicial District ___________________________

These volunteers helped make the 2007
Colorado High School Mock Trial Program a success:

Nicole Abbott
Randy Arp
Dmitry Bam
Arlene Barringer
Michael Beatty
Shannon Becker
Sally Berg
Lyle Boll
John Bolmer
George Boyle
Sid Brooks
Gary Burke
Brian Campbell
Leah Capritta
John Castellano
Carey Elisa Christie
Carrie Ciliberto
Holli Colburn
Mary Conboy
Katherine Condit
David Cosson
Tomee Crespin
Matthew Crouch
Amanda Cruser
Bruce Danford
Holly Decker
Adelita DeHerrera
Nicolas Delagarza
Regina Diaz
Mary Dilworth
Jerre Dixon

Erica Driver
Frank Dubofsky
Molly Duplechian
Christian Earle
Christopher Earnst
Destiny Effertz
Holly Eibling-Ratzell
James Eichberg
Thomas Ensor
Suzanne Fasing
Pat Finley
Judy Firestone
Nancy Fisher
Arthur Frazin
David Frosh
Dave Furman
Teresa Garcia
Jerith Gronski
Jean Gold
Kara Goodwin
Kay Granater
Robert Grant
Dan Hale
Sandra Hall
Lisa Hamilton-Fieldman
Richard Hanes
Alice Harbutte
Mike Harr
Theodore Hartl
Robert Hawthorne
Chad Hemmat

Barbara Henk
Thomas Henson
Craig Hess
Todd Hildebrandt
Brad Hill
Jennifer Hill
Yavonne Hinton
Jody Hobbs
Paul Hodapp
Julie Hoerner
Matt Holmes
William Hood
Stephen Horkess
Peggy Hoyt-Hoch
William Imig
Gail Jacobs
Jennifer Jacobson
Katrina Jones
Stuart Jorgensen
Tim Joyce
David Juarez
Sheryl Kamicar
Allan Kantrowitz
Michael Kaplan
David Klibaner
Ann King
Nancy Kostro
Michelle Lane
Kelly Lapar
Scott Larson
Cheryl Law

Leslie Lawson
Charles Ledbetter
Jay Ledbetter
Amie Lopez
Ryann Love
Jim Manley
Porya Mansorian
Mindy Marks
Richard Marsh
William Martinez
Stephen Masciocchi
Maria Massaro
Kay McCarthy
Marcy McDermott
Richard McManus
Ethan McQuinn
Bruce Menk
Cynthia Mitchell
Heidi Miller
Jim Miller
Edward Moss
Heidi Miller
Peter Myers
Melissa Nicoletti
Brandi Nieto
Erin O’Brien
Wayne Patton
Timothy Pfeifer
David Piper
Jeffrey Pond
Patricia Post

Janet Price
Natalie Quick
Gerald Rafferty
Leslie Reingold
Hillary Rile
Chris Rockers
Frank Schuuchat
William Searfoorce
Melissa Sergent
Marnie Shaffer
Tara Sikora
Dana Collier Smith
Diane Smith
Stephen Smith
Tim Smith
Peter Stapp
Fred Steele
Laura Teter
Allen Thompson
Phillip Thuene
Deme Trujillo
Charles Turner
Kim Tyson
Amber Vandenhout
Mariana Vielma
William Wheeler
Elisa Willard
Rick Willard
Lucas Wirth
Brett Woods
Rose Mary Zapor


The Colorado Bar Association, the Public Legal Education Committee,
and the Mock Trial Subcommittee
recognize and thank Michelle Gersic for her volunteer efforts throughout
the entire 2007 Colorado High School Mock Trial Program.

The Colorado Bar Association thanks the following sponsors of the
2007 Colorado High School Mock Trial Program:

CBA Litigation Section, for its $10,000 contribution; Colorado Bar Foundation, for its $3,500 travel grant for the State Championship trip to the National Championship in May; the CBA Public Legal Education Committee and Mock Trial Subcommittee members, for their program planning efforts: Hon. Julie E. Anderson and Hon. David P. Cain, Co-Chairs;
John Bolmer; Robert Ol Kristufek; Mary Roudebush; Elsa Martinez Tenreiro; Laura Tighe; Teri Vasquez; and Cyril Vidergar.

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