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TCL > February 1999 Issue > Colorado Bar Association Notice of Nominations

February 1999       Vol. 28, No. 2       Page  16

Colorado Bar Association Notice of Nominations

The Nominating Committee has submitted its report, making the following nominations for the offices indicated.

    H. Barton Mendenhall, Rocky Ford, Fourth District

    Dale R. Harris, Denver, First District

Senior Vice President:
     Steven E. McBride, Englewood, Second District

Vice Presidents:
    Alfred C. Harrell, Jr., Denver, First District
    Ann B. Mygatt, Boulder, Third District
    Brenda L. Jackson, Canon City, Fourth District
    Diane H. Mauriello, Vail, Fifth District

The Nominating Committee was composed of Frances A. Koncilja, Denver, Chairwoman; Gary M. Jackson, Denver; A. Lenore Martinez, Denver; Lynne M. Sholler, Breckenridge; Robert J. Truhlar, Littleton; Daniel A. Vigil, Boulder; Craig E. Wagner, Englewood; E. Tuck Young, Pueblo; Dante L. Zarlengo, Denver; Bennett S. Aisenberg, Denver.

In accordance with the bylaws, Article 8.3, Sections (4), (5), and (7), "Additional nominations for any elective office (except for the office of President when the Nominating Committee nominates the President-elect for that office in accordance with Section 8.3(2)), may be made by petition. Such petition shall state the name and address of the person nominated and the district in which such person is a member of an affiliated local bar association and has his or her principal office. Such petition shall be signed, in the case of each such nomination, by not less than 100 CBA members in good standing and shall be filed with the Executive Director on or before the following March 15. Any person nominated by petition for a particular office must be a member of an affiliated local bar association and have his or her principal office in the same district as the person nominated for that office by the Nominating Committee. If petitions for additional nominees are not received by March 15, the candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee are deemed elected and shall assume their respective offices as of the following July 1. If more than one person has been duly nominated for any office, the election to that office shall be by mail ballot. On or before the following April 15, the Executive Council shall prepare and cause to be mailed to all active, honorary, life and retired CBA members a ballot setting forth the candidates for the contested offices. The ballot shall be accompanied by a short biographical sketch of each candidate. All returned ballots received at the CBA office by 4 p.m. on or before the following May 15, bearing such proof of validity as may be determined necessary by the Executive Council, shall be counted under the supervision of the Executive Council. The winners of the election shall be those candidates receiving a plurality of the votes cast for each office. The Executive Council shall certify the results of the election to the President and the Executive Director and shall notify all candidates of the results. Such certification and notification shall be completed on or before the following July 1. Where any of the dates specified in this Section 8.3 fall on a Saturday, Sunday or recognized legal holiday, the next business day shall be the applicable date."

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