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TCL > December 1998 Issue > The "New Look" of the Legislature

December 1998       Vol. 27, No. 12       Page  31
Report from the Department of Legislative Relations

The "New Look" of the Legislature
by Michael Valdez

The results of the November 3 election are in and the political complexion in Colorado will undergo a makeover for 1999.

In the race for Governor, Bill Owens edged out Gail Schoettler in a race that was not decided until the recount was completed. Owens will become the first Republican to occupy the Governor’s office in twenty-eight years. For the upcoming 62nd session of the General Assembly, Republicans will maintain their majority in both the Senate and House of Representatives. Republicans will continue their control in the Senate with the exact margin they had for the 1998 session—20 to 15; while in the House, the Democracts picked up a seat and reduced the narrow Republican majority to 40 to 25.

In other statewide races, voters not only fooled the experts by going to the voting booth in large numbers, they also made several local and statewide candidates and their supporters wait until late into the night for clear results. In a Democratic breakthrough, Ken Salazar edged out Republican John Suthers for Attorney General to become the only newly elected Democrat to nail down a statewide office. In the race for Secretary of State, Victoria "Vikki" Buckley beat Ric Bainter to begin her second term in that position; she will be term-limited following this term. Finally, Senator Mike Coffman held off challenger Jim Polsfut for state treasurer in another photo finish race.

The Legislative Relations Department article in the January issue of The Colorado Lawyer will feature lawyers in the legislature. It also will list the Senate and House leadership positions as well as committee assignments and important telephone numbers for the Governor’s office, the General Assembly, Secretary of State, and Attorney General.

What follows is a list of the newly elected members of the General Assembly that will convene on January 6, 1999.

Sixty-Second General Assembly


District 1 — (Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, Weld, Yuma)
      Marilyn Musgrave (R)

District 2 — (Baca, Bent, Cheyenne, Crowley, El Paso, Kiowa, Kit Carson, Lincoln, Otero, Prowers)
      Mark D. Hillman (R)

District 3 — (Pueblo)
      William "Bill" Thiebaut, Jr. (D)

District 5 — (Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Custer, Huerfano, Las Animas, Mineral, Pueblo, Rio Grande, Saguache)
      Gigi Dennis (R)

District 6 — (Archuleta, Delta, Dolores, La Plata, Montezuma, Montrose, Ouray, San Juan, San Miguel)
      Jim Dyer (D)

District 7 — (Mesa)
      Ronald J. Teck (R)

District 9 — (El Paso)
      Douglas L. Lamborn (R)

District 11 — (El Paso)
      Mary Ellen Epps (R)

District 13 — (Boulder, Clear Creek, Gilpin, Jefferson, Summit)
      Tony Grampsas (R)

District 15 — (Larimer)
      Stan Matsunaka (D)

District 16 — (Weld)
      Dave Owen (R)

District 20 — (Jefferson)
      Edwin G. (Ed) Perlmutter (D)

District 22 — (Jefferson)
      Norma Anderson (R)

District 24 — (Adams)
      Alice J. Nichol (D)

District 30 — (Arapahoe, Douglas,
Elbert, Jefferson)
      John Evans (R)

District 32 — (Denver)
      Pat Pascoe (D)

District 34 — (Denver)
      Robert "Rob" M. Hernandez (D)

House of Representatives

District 1 — (Denver)
      Fran Coleman (D)

District 2 — (Denver)
      Gloria Leyba (D)

District 3 — (Arapahoe, Denver)
      Jennifer Veiga (D)

District 4 — (Denver)
      Frana Araujo Mace (D)

District 5 — (Denver)
      Nolbert D. Chavez (D)

District 6 — (Arapahoe, Denver)
      Dan Grossman (D)

District 7 — (Adams, Denver)
      Ben Clarke (D)

District 8 — (Denver)
      Penfield Tate, III (D)

District 9 — (Arapahoe, Denver)
      Ken Gordon (D)

District 10 — (Arapahoe, Denver)
      Dorothy Gotlieb (R)

District 11 — (Boulder)
      Todd Saliman (D)

District 12 — (Boulder)
      William G. Swenson (R)

District 13 — (Boulder)
      Tom Plant (D)

District 14 — (Boulder)
      Ron Tupa (D)

District 15 — (El Paso)
      Ron J. May (R)

District 16 — (El Paso)
      William D. Sinclair (R)

District 17 — (El Paso)
      Andy McElhany (R)

District 18 — (El Paso)
      Doug Dean (R)

District 19 — (El Paso)
      Richard D. Decker (R)

District 20 — (Douglas, El Paso)
      Lynn Hefley (R)

District 21 — (El Paso)
      Keith C. King (R)

District 22 — (El Paso)
      Marcy Morrison (R)

District 23 — (Jefferson)
      Penn Pfiffner (R)

District 24 —(Jefferson)
      Maryanne M. Keller (D)

District 25 — (Jefferson)
      John Witwer (R)

District 26 —( Jefferson)
      Scott D. McKay (R)

District 27 —( Jefferson)
      Sue Windels (D)

District 28 — (Jefferson)
      Don Lee (R)

District 29 — (Jefferson)
      Mark Paschall (R)

District 30 —( Jefferson)
      Rob Fairbank (R)

District 31 — (Adams, Boulder, Weld)
      Paul Zimmerman (D)

District 32 — (Adams)
      Valentin J. Vigil (D)

District 33 —( Adams)
      Shawn Mitchell (R)

District 34 —( Adams)
      Lois Tochtrop (D)

District 35 — (Adams)
      Ann F. Ragsdale (D)

District 36 — (Adams)
      Stephanie Takis (D)

District 37 — (Arapahoe)
      Lauri Clapp (R)

District 38 — (Arapahoe, Jefferson)
      Joe Stengel (R)

District 39 — (Arapahoe)
      Nancy Spence (R)

District 40 — (Arapahoe)
      Gary McPherson (R)

District 41 — (Arapahoe)
      Suzanne Williams (D)

District 42 — (Arapahoe)
      Bob Hagedorn (D)

District 43 — (Arapahoe)
      Debbie Allen (R)

District 44 — (Custer, Fremont, Pueblo, Teller)
      Lola Spradley (R)

District 45 — (Pueblo)
      Joyce Lawrence (R)

District 46 — (Pueblo)
      Abel J. Tapia (D)

District 47 — (Baca, Bent, Crowley, Huerfano, Las Animas, Otero, Pueblo)
      Kenneth Kester (R)

District 48 — (Weld)
      William Webster (R)

District 49 — (Larimer, Weld)
      Steve Johnson (R)

District 50 — (Weld)
      Tambor Williams (R)

District 51 — (Larimer)
      William G. Kaufman (R)

District 52 — (Larimer)
      Steve Tool (R)

District 53 — (Larimer)
      Bob Bacon (D)

District 54 — (Delta, Mesa)
      Matt Smith (R)

District 55 — (Mesa)
      Gayle Berry (R)

District 56 — (Eagle, Garfield, Grand, Jackson, Routt)
      Jack Taylor (R)

District 57 — (Garfield, Moffat, Pitkin, Rio Blanco)
      Russell George (R)

District 58 — (Delta, Dolores,
Montezuma, Montrose)
      Kay Alexander (R)

District 59 — (Archuleta, La Plata, Montezuma, San Juan)
      Mark Larson (R)

District 60 — (Alamosa, Conejos,
Costilla, Huerfano)
      Al Gagliardi (D)

District 61 — (Chaffee, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Lake, Mineral, Park, Pitkin, Rio Grande, Saguache)
      Carl Miller (D)

District 62 — (Clear Creek, Gilpin,
Jefferson, Summit)
      Bryan S. Sullivant (R)

District 63 — (Arapahoe, Cheyenne,
Elbert, Kiowa, Kit Carson, Lincoln, Prowers, Yuma)
      Brad Young (R)

District 64 — (Douglas)
      Joe Nunez (R)

District 65 — (Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington)
      Don Ament (R)

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