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May 1997       Vol. 26, No. 5       Page  123
From the Courts
Court Business

Court Business

Colorado Supreme Court Rules Committee

Colorado Appellate Rules
C.A.R. 32. Form of Briefs
Amended and Adopted

C.A.R. 32. Form of Briefs is amended as follows:

C.A.R. 32. Form of Briefs AND APPELLATE  PAPERS

(a) Typographical Standards for Briefs and Other Appellate Papers. Briefs and other appellate papers produced through the use of a typewriter shall be in pica type at no more than 10 characters per inch, and the type shall be no smaller than 12 points. All briefs and other appellate papers shall comply with the following standards:
(1) Only 8-1/2 by 11-inch paper shall be used.
(2) Text shall be double-spaced, except that quotations more than two lines long may be indented and single-spaced.
(3) The typeface of text and footnotes shall be no smaller than 12 points. Script and condensed typefaces are not permitted. No attempt should be made to reduce or condense the normal appearance of the typeface.
(4) Margins shall be no less than 1-1/2 inches at the top and 1 inch at the left, right, and bottom, excluding page numbering, which shall be required.
(5) There shall be no more than 26 lines of text, including footnotes and quotations, per page.
(b) Binding and Duplication. Briefs and other appellate papers shall be produced by any duplicating or copying process which produces a clear black image on white paper. Carbon copies may not be submitted without permission of the court, except by parties allowed to proceed in forma pauperis. Consecutive sheets shall be attached at the top left margin.
(c) Basic Document Information. Each brief or other appellate paper shall contain basic document information on the first page of the document, arranged in the following order: Court name; Case number; Name of Lower Court and Case Number; Document title, which shall include the party submitting brief or paper; Case caption (in conformity with C.A.R. 3 and 3.1).
The document title and case caption should be separated by solid or dashed lines. All appellate briefs and papers shall contain the names and addresses of counsel representing the party on whose behalf the document is filed. In all briefs, such names, addresses, telephone numbers, and any telecopier numbers of counsel shall be included on the first page, or cover page.
(d) Improper Form of Briefs and Other Papers. In the event the clerk determines that a brief or other paper does not comply with the Colorado Appellate Rules or is not sufficiently legible, the clerk shall accept the document for filing but may require that a conforming document be filed.
Amended and Adopted by the Court, En Banc, March 13, 1997, effective July 1, 1997.

By the Court:

Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr.
Justice, Colorado Supreme Court

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