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January 2003       Vol. 32, No. 1       Page  6
Bar News

Bar News Highlights
by Lindsay Packard


Bar News Highlight . . .

The "Highlight" portion of Bar News presents, among other things, vignettes about lawyer activities outside the practice of law and/or member contributions to the community. If you have an interesting avocation, story, or tall tale to relate, or if you would like to recommend someone to be "highlighted," please contact Lindsay Packard at: News and photos of Bar events, awards, and activities continue to be in great demand, so keep them coming as well!

A Living Tribute to P. Mark Held

The following is a living tribute to Assistant Attorney General P. Mark Held. At the time of this writing, Mark and his wife, attorney Elizabeth E. Pinckard, are participating with Hospice of Metro Denver as he battles cancer. Fellow attorneys, co-workers, and friends have offered the following recollections and thoughts in a celebration of Mark’s life and his contributions to the legal profession.




"My dad is waiting on me . . . because sometimes a guy just needs a hand."

—Displaying his characteristic sense of humor, Mark was overheard making this comment at his recent thirty-sixth birthday party, which he celebrated with one less arm.

". . . Mark has always demonstrated the highest level of commitment to service in the public sector. Mark has a love for his work and great enthusiasm for protecting the interests of the Colorado public through his clients. These qualities spark his co-workers with a renewed sense of public service. . . .

Dick Forman, First Assistant Attorney General

"Life has its times and seasons, and for some things, there are no advance warnings, no time to prepare, no classes or lessons to direct you what to do next. To go through what Mark and Liz are going through now, in the way they are doing it, takes extraordinary character. We honor their spirit and courage in these most difficult of times."

From all of us at Steiner, Darling & Hutchinson LLP

"Mark not only lives life well, but he lives life to the fullest. He brings warmth and compassion into every life he touches. His witty sense of humor and his unwavering friendship are qualities to be envied. Mark and his wife Liz are such genuine people, and we value their friendship tremendously. . . ."

—Heather Eversley Jones, Esq. and Michael Jones,
Office of the Colorado Attorney General

"My favorite thing about ‘Mark the attorney’ is that he has an amazing recall for citations and Rule numbers. A few of us affectionately call him ‘Law-Geek’ at the office, as he is a great resource. . . . My two favorite things about Mark the human being are: His amazing ability to be a non-judgmental listener and friend; and . . . he knows how to be a great friend. . . ."

—Jean Woodford Walters, Assistant Attorney
General and co-worker of Mark

"These two individuals demonstrate those qualities so valuable in an attorney: a sense of humor, perseverance despite extraordinarily difficult conditions, and dignity."

—The Minoru Yasui Inn of Court, in a tribute to two members, P. Mark Held, Esq. and Elizabeth E. Pinckard, Esq.

"If you’ve ever gone skiing with Liz and Mark, then you’ve seen the essence of what makes them both so special. You know their love, laughter, and generosity of heart. . . ."

—Clay Fong, Esq.

"I met Mark my first week of law school at CU. . . . We shared environmental activism, political views, enthusiasm for the game of soccer, and a love of life. . . . Mark has always been a source of good humor, inspiration, and strength for me. Whenever thoughts of ending my legal career cross my mind, Mark is a reminder to me that there is a place in this profession for truly good people. . . . I am very thankful for . . . the chance to share time with Mark Held. Thank you for your friendship, Mark."

—Vincent J. Pascarella, Esq.

"Mark represented the administrative board before which I appear so I have had many opportunities to work with Mark. . . . I have admired his tenacity and desire to find practical solutions to legal matters. However, it is not as an attorney that Mark has touched me the most—it is as a human being. He is centered, grounded, and kind. Mark is a joy to all of those who know him. . . . Mark, I thank you for your friendship."

—Cheryl Linden, Esq.

"I know Mark and Liz through soccer, and they both have fantastic warmth about them. Mark is the guy I always looked to for help on or off the field. He kept me sane and protected me in the backfield, and was always there with a positive note, joke, or attitude adjustment. Despite trying circumstances, he radiates humor, generosity, and strong positive energy. I promise to follow his example and continue his infectious knack for kind words, great humor, and good beer! Thanks Mark, for always being the bright spot (and always covering my backside)."

—Chris McGhee, friend and fellow soccer enthusiast

"This page reflects how all of us—family, friends, and colleagues—celebrate our relationships with Mark and Liz. Their quality of character is such that they see beyond their challenging personal circumstances to continually inspire us with their generosity of spirits. Mark and Liz truly enrich the lives of all of us who know and love them."

—Connolly Sherwood

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