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TCL > March 2004 Issue > The Colorado Bar Foundation

March 2004       Vol. 33, No. 3       Page  27

The Colorado Bar Foundation

The Colorado Bar Foundation, established in 1953 by members of the Colorado Bar Association ("CBA"), functions exclusively for educational and charitable purposes and is an organization qualifying under § 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Foundation promotes the advancement of jurisprudence and the administration of justice in Colorado through grants to help educate the general public, and to provide assistance to legal institutions and legal services programs in Colorado.

All CBA members are also members of the Foundation. The Foundation is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees elected by the Board of Governors of the CBA. The current members of the Board of Trustees are: Deborah R. Adams, Colorado Springs, chairperson; A. Lenore Martinez, Denver, vice chairperson; Michael E. McLachlan, Durango, treasurer; H. Barton Mendenhall, Rocky Ford, Bar Fellows president; John W. Dunn, Vail, COLTAF liaison; John S. Holt, Denver; Rebecca Koppes Conway, Greeley; Richard J. Scheurer, Lakewood; and Robert A. Schuetze, Boulder; and ex-officio members Charles C. Turner, CBA Executive Director, and Dana J. Collier Smith, Foundation staff director and CBA Assistant Executive Director.

Financial support for the Foundation comes from several sources. Voluntary contributions are solicited from CBA members along with the annual dues. These voluntary contributions constitute approximately 10 percent of the annual income into the corpus of the Foundation. Memorial contributions for deceased lawyers, friends, and family are welcome. Bequests are made to the Foundation in wills and as special gifts. The primary source of endowment funding, however, is derived from the Colorado Bar Fellows.

The Colorado Bar Fellows came into existence in 1977 through the efforts of Maurice Reuler. With a program patterned after the American Bar Fellows, new members are selected each year and honored at the annual dinner. Bar Fellows are members in good standing in the CBA who have been recommended by their colleagues. These lawyers have been selected because of their outstanding contributions to their communities.

New members pledge $1,500 toward the Bar Foundation’s endowment, to be paid in ten equal annual installments. All contributions are tax deductible. On completion of their financial commitment, a member becomes a Fellow Emeritus. Although these members are exempt from making a mandatory annual contribution, most continue to contribute to the activities of the Foundation.

The Foundation has supported a variety of worthwhile projects, institutions, and endeavors. However, given the limited funding available for grants and the growing availability of other funding sources for the direct delivery of legal services, the Foundation has chosen to reemphasize the education and research aspects of its charter.

Ultimately, the Foundation maintains flexibility to support activities within the stated purposes of its charter. Thus, all applicants falling within the broad definitions of the charter are free to apply.

The following organizations are the most recent recipients of the Foundation funds: Center for Education in Law and Democracy, Colorado Bar Association Law Education Committee (mock trial competition), Colorado Center on Law & Policy, Colorado Close-Up, Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, Colorado Judicial Institute, Colorado Lawyers for the Arts, Colorado Legal Services, Colorado Springs Teen Court, The Counseling Center, Court Care for the Pikes Peak Region, Denver Rotary/University of Denver College of Law/CBA, Durango Teen Court, Justice Information Center, League of Women Voters of Colorado, Legal Center for People with Disabilities and Older People, Mesa County Bar Association (mock trial), North American Indian Services, Project Safeguard, Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center, University of Colorado School of Law Indian Law Clinic, and University of Denver College of Law Public Interest Clerkship.

For more information concerning the Foundation, contact Dana J. Collier Smith at (303) 824-5318 or (800) 332-6736.


(As of 1/21/04)

Arthur A. Abplanalp, Jr., Vail *
Anthony T. Accetta, Denver *
Deborah R. Adams, Colorado Springs *
Derry B. Adams, Colorado Springs
Bennett S. Aisenberg, Denver *
Thomas N. Alfrey, Denver
Ann Allott, Littleton
Gordon L. Allott, Jr., Littleton
Donald W. Alperstein, Denver *
Federico C. Alvarez, Denver
R. Sterling Ambler, Denver *
Geoffrey P. Anderson, Englewood
Julie E. Anderson, Denver
Betty C. Arkell, Denver *
Angela R. Arkin, Castle Rock
Harry L. Arkin, Denver
Baxter W. Arnold, Sterling
Walter B. Ash, Denver *
Jonathan D. Asher, Denver *
H. Gregory Austin, Denver *
Lewis T. Babcock, Denver
William Babich, Denver
Gerald L. Bader, Jr., Denver
Donald K. Bain, Denver
John T. Baker, Denver
Kenneth A. Baker, Salida *
Barbara S. Banks, Denver *
Richard J. Banta, Englewood
Scott S. Barker, Denver
Patrick E. Barney, Steamboat Springs
Frederick J. Baumann, Denver *
Robin L. Beattie, Denver
Kathryn McCord Beck, Golden
Seth J. Benezra, Lakewood
Amy L. Benson, Denver
Robert E. Benson, Denver
Field C. Benton, Denver *
Susan Bernhardt, Denver
Jack W. Berryhill, Denver
Donald A. Bertram, Denver
William A. Bianco, Denver
J. Fern Black, Denver *
Stanley A. Black, Boulder *
Gary B. Blum, Denver
Joseph I. Bodine, Greeley
Larry L. Bohning, Denver
Albert M. Bonin, Denver *
Victor F. Boog, Lakewood
Peter W. Booth, Colorado Springs
Douglas E. Bragg, Denver *
Edgar H. Brandenburg, Brush
Robert W. Brandes, Jr., Fort Collins
L. Richard Bratton, Gunnison *
Christopher R. Brauchli, Boulder *
Albert Brenman, Denver *
G. Scott Briggs, San Jose, CA *
Steve C. Briggs, Denver *

Geraldine A. Brimmer, Denver
Rebecca S. Bromley, Colorado Springs *
Michael R. Bromley, Colorado Springs
Baird B. Brown, Grand Junction
Elizabeth E. Brown, Denver
Thomas G. Brown, Denver *
Norman Brownstein, Denver *
Harold H. Bruff, Boulder
Megan F. Brynhildsen, Denver
James Buchanan, Boulder *
Susan Fox Buchanan, Lakewood *
Alan H. Bucholtz, Denver *
George R. Buck, Jr., Cortez *
Bruce T. Buell, Colorado Springs *
Glen A. Burbridge, Denver *

Donald H. Burkhardt, Denver *
Fotios M. Burtzos, Colorado Springs
Robert G. Busch, Lakewood
Mari C. Bush, Boulder
David Butler, Denver *
James E. Bye, Denver *
Laura Bynum Jenkins, Colorado
David P. Cain, Denver
Douglas M. Cain, Denver *
Maureen A. Cain, Denver *
Clifford J. Calhoun, Boulder
Thomas J. Callahan, Wray *
A. Bruce Campbell, Denver *
Brian T. Campbell, Denver *
Donald E. Campbell, Colorado Springs *
Leonard M. Campbell, Denver *
E. Michael Canges, Denver
Joel W. Cantrick, Denver
Gerald A. Caplan, Boulder *
Marian L. Carlson, Denver
Diane Carlton, Lone Tree
Stacy A. Carpenter, Denver
Willis V. Carpenter, Denver *
James F. Carr, Denver
Jim R. Carrigan, Denver *
Sheila P. Carrigan, Boulder
Charles L. Casteel, Denver *
John S. Castellano, Denver *
Ann J. Castle, Denver
Kenneth W. Caughey, Denver *
Sharon E. Caulfield, Boulder
Inga H. Causey, Avon
Gary J. Ceriani, Denver
James H. Chalat, Denver
Barbara G. Chamberlain, Denver
Bruce D. Chapman, Vail *
Karen L. Chapman, Denver
Leonard M. Chesler, Denver
Jay Junekun Choi, Englewood *
Steven C. Choquette, Denver
James R. Christoph, Boulder *
Cynthia L. Ciancio, Northglenn
Richard K. Clark, Denver *
Roger E. Clark, Loveland *
Gary M. Clexton, Denver
Patricia A. Coan, Denver
Christine A. Coates, Boulder *
Melvin A. Coffee, Englewood
Nancy L. Cohen, Denver *
James M. Colosky, Grand Junction
Frederic K. Conover II, Denver *
Donald L. Cook, Denver
Michael J. Cook, Denver
Robert M. Cooper, Broomfield
Miles C. Cortez, Jr., Denver *
John W. Coughlin, Denver
Cynthia F. Covell, Denver
Bethiah B. Crane, Durango
John A. Criswell, Denver *
Christopher C. Cross, Littleton
Thomas R. Cross, Colorado Springs *
Nancy R. Crow, Denver
George B. Curtis, Denver
Arthur C. Daily, Aspen
Barbara S. Dalvano, Colorado Springs
Wiley Y. Daniel, Denver
Carolyn E. Daniels, Denver *
Marc C. Darling, Denver
Edward A. Dauer, Denver *
Janice B. Davidson, Denver
F. Ray DeGood, Loveland *
W. Robert Delaney, Glenwood Springs *
Herbert A. Delap, Denver
Thomas J. DeMarino, Denver *
William P. DeMoulin, Lakewood *
Laurence W. DeMuth, Jr., Englewood *
William DeSouchet, Jr., Alamosa *
Peter C. Dietze, Boulder
F. J. "Rick" Dindinger II, Englewood
Joseph B. Dischinger, Denver
Jack E. Donley, Colorado Springs
Robert C. Dorr, Denver *
William F. Dressel, Fort Collins *
David J. Driscoll, Louisville
Jean E. Dubofsky, Boulder *
Paul Dunkelman, Frisco
John W. Dunn, Vail *
G. Lane Earnest, Boulder *
Richard L. Eason, Denver
John A. Eckstein, Denver
Allison H. Eid, Golden
Troy A. Eid, Denver
Dana L. Eismeier, Englewood
Carl A. Eklund, Denver *
Scott J. Eldredge, Englewood
Nancy B. Elkind, Denver
Laura B. Embleton, Denver
David W. Enoch, Colorado Springs *
Edmund L. Epstein, Denver *
David L. Erickson, Denver
William H. Erickson, Denver *
Stephen K. ErkenBrack, Denver
Steven W. Farber, Denver
Hubert A. Farbes, Jr., Denver *
J. Michael Farley, Denver *
Ernest F. Fazekas II, Castle Rock
Yolanda M. Fennick, Colorado Springs
Bruce F. Fest, Boulder
Phillip S. Figa, Engelwood *
Gene E. Fischer, Fort Collins *
Eric A. Fisher, Frisco
Susan Smith Fisher, Littleton *
L. B. Flanders, Longmont *
James C. Flanigan, Denver *
W. Harold (Sonny) Flowers, Jr., Boulder
James B. Folkestad, Castle Rock
Scott R. Foncannon, Boyds, MD
Frances C. Fontana, Denver
Douglas D. Foote, Lafayette
David W. Foster, Denver
Arthur M. Frazin, Denver
Rebecca L. Franciscus, Denver
Todd A. Fredrickson, Denver
Robert H.S. French, Breckenridge *
Henry C. Frey, Greeley *
John P. Frey, Fort Collins *
Ann B. Frick, Denver *
Alan C. Friedberg, Denver *
Sheldon E. Friedman, Denver *
Leonard I. Frieling, Boulder
Robert P. Fullerton, Denver *
David W. Furgason, Denver
H. Patrick Furman, Boulder *
Larry R. Gaddis, Colorado
Herbert H. Galchinsky, Denver
Sean R. Gallagher, Denver
Charles F. Garcia, Denver
Walter W. Garnsey, Jr., Denver *
Richard S. Gast, Fort Collins
Kenneth W. Geddes, Colorado Springs *
John D. Gehlhausen, Lamar
Howard B. Gelt, Denver
Theodore Z. Gelt, Denver
Elvin L. Gentry, Colorado Springs
Russell L. George, Rifle *
Walter L. Gerash, Denver *
Miles M. Gersh, Denver *
Matthew R. Giacomini, Englewood
Cyndy L. Giauque, Windsor
Alan J. Gilbert, Denver
Terence A. Gilmore, Fort Collins
Loren R. Ginsburg, Denver
Gregory R. Giometti, Denver
Marcy G. Glenn, Denver
Charles Goldberg, Denver *
Leonard M. Goldstein, Denver *
Peter A. Goldstein, Colorado Springs
Peter B. Goldstein, Denver *
Philip L. Gordon, Denver
Andrew C. Gorgey, Colorado Springs
Dennis A. Graham, Denver

Susan M. Grant, Monument
William R. Gray, Boulder *
Tennyson W. Grebenar, Denver *
Lawrence R. Green, Glenwood Springs
Richard D. Greene, Sedalia *
Thomas D. Gresham, Colorado Springs *
Harry Griff, Grand Junction
Dan G. Griffin, Grand Junction *
Omer Griffin, Denver *
E. David Griffith, Colorado Springs
Suzanne Griffiths, Lone Tree
Garth C. Grissom, Denver *
Mary Jo Gross, Denver
John W. Groves, Grand Junction *
John W. Grund, Denver *
Peter C. Guthery, Denver *
Sheila M. Gutterman, Denver *
Samuel P. Guyton, Denver *

Kerry S. Hada, Englewood
Harold A. Haddon, Denver *
George R. Haffke, Fort Morgan
Kathryn Haight, Denver
Susan G. Haines, Denver
Daniel C. Hale, Boulder *
Carol M. Haller, Denver
John Lawrence Hamil, Denver *
Dwight A. Hamilton, Denver *
David R. Hammond, Denver
Lynn A. Hammond, Loveland *
Mary Mead Hammond, Denver
Michelle T. Hannigan, Denver
Christopher L. Hardaway, Danby, VT
Stephen J. Harhai, Denver *
Alfred C. Harrell, Jr., Denver *
Dale R. Harris, Denver *
Susan R. Harris, Denver *
David B. Harrison, Boulder
Richard H. Hart, Vail *
Dennis W. Hartley, Colorado Springs
Earl August Hauck, Denver
Constance Hauver, Denver *
Katy Hays, Glenwood Springs
John F. Head, Denver
David W. Heckenbach, Lone Tree
Chris D. Hefty, Loveland
Robert G. Heiserman, Denver
David A. Helmer, Frisco
Richard Helmick, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii *
Thomas C. Henley, Colorado Springs *
Richard F. Hennessey, Denver *
Edward M. Heppenstall, Denver
John G. Herbert, Denver *
Thomas J. Herd, Colorado Springs
Alden V. Hill, Fort Collins *
James W. Hill, Denver
Robert F. Hill, Denver
Daniel C. Himelspach, Denver
Donald W. Hoagland, Denver *
Mary T. Hoagland, Denver *
Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr., Denver
Joseph G. Hodges, Jr., Denver *
Daniel S. Hoffman, Denver *
Morris B. Hoffman, Denver
Lisa Hogan, Denver
Richard P. Holme, Denver *
Judith H. Holmes, Denver
Robert A. Holmes, Denver
John S. Holt, Denver *
Marcia C. Holt, Denver *
George M. Hopfenbeck, Jr.,
Jay Horowitz, Denver *
Gregory K. Hoskin, Grand Junction *
Barnard O. Houtchens, Greeley *
Kim R. Houtchens, Greeley *
Peter C. Houtsma, Denver
H. Lawrence Hoyt, Boulder
R. Val Hoyt, Englewood *
Kenneth D. Hubbard, Denver *
James W. Hubbell, Denver *
Lynne M. Hufnagel, Denver
William L. Hunnicutt, Denver
Kyle H. Hybl, Colorado Springs
William J. Hybl, Colorado Springs *
S. Kirk Ingebretsen, Denver
Barney Iuppa, Colorado Springs
Kathleen T. Ives, Denver
Brenda L. Jackson, Cañon City
Gary M. Jackson, Denver *
R. Brooke Jackson, Golden
Robbi J. Jackson, Lakewood
Paul A. Jacobs, Denver
Kenneth A. Jaray, Colorado Springs
Joseph C. Jaudon, Jr., Denver
David M. Johnson, Colorado Springs
Elaine T. Johnson, Louisville
Robert W. Johnson, Colorado Springs *
Winthrop D. Johnson, Boulder *
Kendor P. Jones, Denver
Claudia J. Jordan, Denver
Lynn S. Jordan, Denver
Randall D. Jorgensen, Pueblo
John A. Jostad, Fort Collins
Craig D. Joyce, Denver
David R. Juarez, Brighton
Edwin S. Kahn, Denver *
Gregory B. Kanan, Denver *
Thomas L. Kanan, Denver
Thomas Kelly Kane, Colorado Springs *
Robert J. Kapelke, Denver *
Marc J. Kaplan, Denver
Cheryl M. Karstaedt, Boulder
Steven M. Kaufmann, Denver
Kenzo S. Kawanabe, Denver
John T. Kearns, Englewood
William L. Keating, Denver
Robert R. Keatinge, Denver
George C. Keely, Denver *
John J. Keilbach, Pueblo
Glen E. Keller, Jr., Denver *
John S. Kellogg, Denver *
John F. Kelly, Denver *
Mary J. Kelly, Denver *
Terrance R. Kelly, Denver *
Phillip A. Kendall, Colorado Springs
Patrick F. Kenney, Denver
Stanley C. Kent, Colorado Springs *
Albert H. Kern, Aspen *
W.C. Kettlekamp, Jr., Pueblo *
Francis P. King, Denver *
Kevin J. Kinnear, Boulder
Beth A. Klein, Erie
Roger A. Klein, Greeley
David C. Knowlton, Denver *
John M. Kobayashi, Denver *
Christopher J. Koenigs, Denver
John Kokish, Castle Rock
Bruce A. Kolbezen, Colorado Springs
Francis A. Koncilja, Denver *
Dolores B. Kopel, Denver *
Gerald H. Kopel, Denver *
Rebecca Koppes Conway, Greeley *
Rebecca L. Kourlis, Denver *
Cathy S. Krendl, Denver *
Marcia S. Krieger, Denver
Richard H. Krohn, Grand
Clifton B. Kruse, Jr., Colorado Springs *
Kevin J. Kuhn, Greenwood Village
Barbara Weil Laff, Denver
Kenneth M. Laff, Denver
Michele R. Lamontagne, Denver
Christopher Lane, Denver
James B. Lapin, Denver
Juli E. Lapin, Greenwood Village
Keith D. Lapuyade, Englewood
Katherine Shand Larkin, Denver
John M. Lassalette, Aspen
Richard W. Laugesen, Denver *
John M. Law, Denver *
Leslie M. Lawson, Denver *
Christopher M. Leh, Boulder
James R. Leh, Sterling *
Hover T. Lentz, Denver *
Mark F. Leonard, Denver
William J. Leone, Denver
John P. Leopold, Centennial
Mark R. Levy, Denver
David Lichtenstein, Denver
Herrick K. Lidstone, Jr., Englewood
Evan S. Lipstein, Lakewood
Richard M. Lirtzman, Boulder
Christopher B. Little, Englewood
David C. Little, Englewood
Randall M. Livingston, Denver
Alan M. Loeb, Denver
Frederick W. Long, Denver
Carlos F. Lucero, Denver *
F. Michael Ludwig, Denver
Jay E. Lutz, Denver *
Kenneth H. Lyman, Denver
James M. Lyons, Denver *
Wm. David Lytle, Pueblo
Christopher Macaulay, Denver
Donald P. MacDonald, Denver *
M. E. "Sandy" MacDougall,
Colorado Springs *
Robert J. Mack, Colorado Springs
Dennis Maes, Pueblo *
Mary A. Malatesta, Denver
Robert L. Malman, Denver
Phillip F. Malouff, Jr., La Junta
Ernest F. Marquez, Salida
Jose D. L. Marquez, Denver *
E. Gregory Martin, Boulder *
Ronald M. Martin, Colorado Springs
A. Lenore Martinez, Denver
William J. Martinez, Denver
Clyde O. Martz, Denver *
Michael G. Massey, Denver *
David L. Masters, Montrose
Mark D. Masters, Denver
Charles E. Matheson, Denver *
Karen J. Mathis, Denver *
Fay M. Matsukage, Denver *
William F. Mattoon, Pueblo *
Diane H. Mauriello, Vail
Steven E. McBride, Englewood
Elizabeth H. McCann, Denver
David L. McCarl, Denver
Michael S. McCarthy, Denver
Hugh J. McClearn, Denver *
William C. McClearn, Denver *
John H. McClow, Gunnison
Gerald P. McDermott, Denver *
John A. McDermott, Cañon City *
Dawn M. McKnight, Denver
Michael E. McLachlan, Durango *
Richard G. McManus, Jr., Denver *
Joan H. McWilliams, Denver
H. Barton Mendenhall, Rocky Ford *
Pepe J. Mendez, Denver *
Bruce A. Menk, Denver
Annita M. Menogan, Denver
J. Conrad Metcalf, Boulder
Frederick G. Meyer, Denver *
Joseph E. Meyer III, Denver
William G. Meyer, Denver *
Jane Michaels, Denver *
Raymond P. Micklewright, Denver
Leo F. Milan, Jr., Denver
Laird T. Milburn, Grand Junction
Kevin D. Millard, Denver
Gale T. Miller, Denver
J. Kent Miller, Denver
Michael P. Miller, Littleton
Nancy D. Miller, Denver *
Robert N. Miller, Greeley *

Walker D. Miller, Denver *
Robert A. Millman, Colorado Springs *
Denise K. Mills, Denver
Ned A. Minor, Denver
Richard E. Mishkin, Denver
Donald S. Molen, Denver
Lesleigh W. Monahan, Lakewood
Peggy Montaño, Denver
W. Robert Montgomery, Lakewood
James T. Moran, Aspen *
Grady Bryan Morgan, Denver *
Joel A. Moritz, Denver
Cecil E. Morris, Jr., Denver
Kim Morss, Denver *
Marie A. Moses, Littleton
Raphael J. Moses, Boulder *
John E. Moye, Denver *
Norman R. Mueller, Denver
Mary J. Mullarkey, Denver *
D. Rico Munn, Denver
Stephen M. Munsinger, Denver
L. Richard Musat, Denver
Laura J. Nagle, Denver
Kathleen Negri, Denver
Richard C. Nehls, Boulder
William D. Neighbors, Denver *
Laurence E. Nemirow, Denver
Gordon W. Netzorg, Denver *
G. Keith Newbold, Durango *
Peter H. Ney, Denver
Jon S. Nicholls, Denver
Michael J. Norton, Englewood
Leonard M. Oates, Aspen
Kathleen A. Odle, Denver
Thomas R. O’Donnell, Denver
Arthur E. Otten, Jr., Denver
Tad Overturf, La Junta
James C. Owen, Denver *
William A. Paddock, Denver
J. Marcus Painter, Boulder
John M. Palmeri, Denver
Lorraine E. Parker, Denver
D. Monte Pascoe, Denver *
J. Steven Patrick, Gunnison
Neeti Pawar, Denver
Neil Peck, Denver
William M. Peek, Denver *
Steven T. Pelican, Colorado Springs *
Brian Pendleton, Denver *
Edwin G. Perlmutter, Denver
James J. Peters, Englewood
Brooke A. Peterson, Aspen
Connie L. Peterson, Denver *
Courtland H. Peterson, Boulder *
Daniel B. Petre, Glenwood Springs
John S. Pfeiffer, Denver *
Elizabeth A. Phelan, Denver
Florence J. Phillips, Springboro, OH *
Mary M. Phillips, Denver *
Charles D. Pierce, Denver *
Frank Plaut, Lakewood *
Gary L. Polidori, Lakewood
Dennis B. Polk, Golden
Glenn Porzak, Boulder
Patricia K. Post, Lakewood
Lori J. Potter, Denver
Daniel P. Powell, Alamosa
David D. Powell, Jr., Denver
Diana L. Powell, Lone Tree
Gerald D. Pratt, Centennial
Susan G. Pray, Denver
Bruce D. Pringle, Denver *
Anthony Prinster, Grand Junction *
John A. Purvis, Boulder *
Beverly J. Quail, Denver
Gerald M. Quiat, Denver *
Lewis M. Quigg, Pueblo *
Joseph R. Quinn, Denver *
Thomas J. Ragonetti, Denver
Ann T. Raisch, Boulder *
Jerry W. Raisch, Boulder *
Manuel Ramos, Denver *
Henry R. Reeve, Denver
Jerry A. Retherford, Colorado Springs
Maurice Reuler, Denver *
Nancy E. Rice, Denver
Kirk Rider, Grand Junction *
Matthew J. Rita, Denver
James M. Robb, Grand Junction *
Patricia W. Robb, Rye *
Thomas L. Roberts, Denver
Frank L. Robinson, Denver
Shannon A. Robinson, Denver
Frederic B. Rodgers, Central City *
Sheryl A. Rogers, Durango
Alexander R. Rothrock, Englewood
Luis D. Rovira, Denver *
Arthur P. Roy, Denver *
Edwin G. Ruland, Denver *
Michael A. Sabian, Denver *
Kenneth L. Salazar, Denver
Barbara Salomon, Denver *
Susan E. Sanders, Denver
Raymond N. Satter, Denver *
John M. Sayre, Denver *
Loren B. Schall, Fort Collins
Richard J. Scheurer, Lakewood
Glenn H. Schlabs, Colorado Springs
O. Edward Schlatter, Denver *
William F. Schoeberlein, Denver
Robert A. Schuetze, Boulder *
Helena Schultz, Brush *
Kimberly B. Schutt, Fort Collins
Gregory K. Scott, Golden
Daniel J. Sears, Lakewood
Lance M. Sears, Colorado Springs
Thomas R. Sharp, Steamboat Springs *
David B. Shaw, Pueblo *
Lynne Sholler, Durango
Helen C. Shreves, Denver
Linda L. Siderius, Denver
Charles L. Sisk, Boulder *
Darlene Sisneros, Denver
William F. Skewes, Evergreen
Frederick B. Skillern, Greenwood Village
Marjorie N. Sloan, Denver
Robert S. Slosky, Denver *
Burton A. Smead, Jr., Camden, ME *
David P. Smith, Durango
Gregory James Smith, Denver
Michael A. Smith, Denver *
Robert M. Smith, Fort Collins
J. D. Snodgrass, Grand Junction *
MaryBeth Sobel, Denver
Claire E. Sollars, Steamboat Springs
Harvey E. Solomon, Denver *
Allen Sparkman, Boulder
Reuben K. Sparks, Jr., Colorado Springs
Richard J. Spelts, Littleton
David H. Stacy, Denver
Elizabeth A. Starrs, Denver *
Walter A. Steele, Denver *
Robert L. Steenrod, Jr., Denver *
Jan N. Steiert, Denver
Beat U. Steiner, Denver *
Joyce S. Steinhardt, Englewood *
Alan L. Sternberg, Denver *
C. Jean Stewart, Denver *
Samuel J. Stoorman, Denver
Thomas L. Strickland, Denver
Mary Hurley Stuart, Denver
John-David Sullivan, Fort Collins *
Kent E. Sutherland, Denver *
John W. Suthers, Denver *
Victoria C. Swanson, Colorado Springs
Constance C. Talmage, Denver
Katherine Tamblyn, Denver *
James K. Tarpey, Denver
Penfield W. Tate III, Denver
Daniel M. Taubman, Denver *
Joseph H. Thibodeau, Denver
Roger P. Thomasch, Denver *
Joel S. Thompson, Glenwood Springs *
C. Gregory Tiemeier, Denver
Edward P. Timmins, Denver
Margaret L. Toal, Denver
Andrew M. Toft, Denver
Dorothy H. Tomasetti, Littleton *
Warren L. Tomlinson, Denver *
Jerry B. Tompkins, Grand Junction
Ralph G. Torres, Denver
Catherine A. Traugott, Denver
Tucker K. Trautman, Denver *
Lawrence W. Treece, Denver
Robert S. Treece, Denver
William A. Trine, Boulder
Doris Truhlar, Littleton
Robert J. Truhlar, Littleton
Craig L. Truman, Denver
Charles C. Turner, Denver *
Dale P. Tursi, Denver *
Timothy M. Tymkovich, Denver
Kimberley H. Tyson, Denver
Arthur C. Underwood, Aurora
Evelyn M. Underwood, Del Norte
Anthony van Westrum, Denver
John M. Vaught, Denver
David Vela, Denver *
D. Sean Velarde, Englewood
Marvin R. Ventrell, Denver
Robert M. Vinton, Denver
Frank W. Visciano, Denver *
JoAnn Vogt, Denver
Anthony F. Vollack, Denver
James R. Wade, Denver *
Julia T. Waggener, Denver
Craig E. Wagner, Englewood
Julie M. Walker, Englewood
J. Gregory Walta, Denver *
William E. Walters III, Denver
Lester L. Ward, Denver *
John L. Watson, Denver
James R. Wear, Vail
Joseph G. Webb, Denver
Zita L. Weinshienk, Denver *
Jo Ann Weinstein, Denver *
Gina B. Weitzenkorn, Denver *
Carol M. Welch, Denver *
Dennis N. Whitmer, Denver
Timothy E. Whitsitt, Carbondale
Anthony W. Williams, Grand Junction *
Lisa D. Williams, Denver
Marla J. Williams, Denver
Michael A. Williams, Denver *
S. Tambor Williams, Greeley
Julie M. Williamson, Denver
Peter D. Willis, Denver
Kimberly R. Willoughby, Denver
Lee R. Wills, Colorado Springs *
Wm. Andrew Wills II, Colorado Springs
Fred M. Winner, Denver *
Dee P. Wisor, Denver
Cole A. Wist, Denver
Maureen Reidy Witt, Denver
John Wittemyer, Boulder *
Stow L. Witwer, Jr., Greeley *
Julianne Woldridge, Colorado Springs
Albert B. Wolf, Denver
Winston W. Wolvington, Golden *
David L. Wood, Fort Collins *
L. Thomas Woodford, Golden *
J. Wallace Wortham, Jr., Denver
Brooke Wunnicke, Denver *
Robert B. Yegge, Denver *
Mandy F. Yick, Denver
E. Tuck Young, Pueblo *
Stephanie H. Yukawa, Colorado Springs
Victor M. Zerbi, Glenwood Springs
Edward L. Zorn, Fort Morgan
Eugene P. Zuspann II, Denver
* Fellows Emeriti


2003 Grants - $47,200

Boulder County AIDS Project – $1,000

Grant will support costs associated with representation by volunteer attorneys of clients living with HIV. Founded in 1985, this is a collaborative project of pro bono attorneys and law students.

Center for Education in Law and Democracy – $3,000

A statewide conference, Educating for Citizenship, will provide 300 Colorado teachers with the most current law-related content strategies, and connections to lawyers, judges, and other resource people.

CBA Law Education Committee/Mock Trial Competition – $3,500

Defraying expenses incurred by the state champion Colorado State Mock Trial Team to attend the 2004 National High School Mock Trial Championship representing Colorado and the CBA.

Colorado Center on Law & Policy – $1,000

Support for Legal Night at the Center — a monthly legal information and referral program for low-income, primarily Spanish-speaking persons served through El Centro Bienestar.

Colorado CloseUp – $2,700

Scholarships to allow indigent students to learn about democratic government, the role and operation of law, the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and to acquire the skills and dispositions necessary for effective civic participation. The grant would also be used to recruit new schools for Colorado CloseUp.

Colorado Criminal Defense Bar – $2,000

The Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Parole Project, which provides free counsel to indigent state inmates who are facing technical parole revocation.

Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition – $2,000

Supports efforts to respond to the Medicaid crisis, including direct legal assistance, plaintiff support, administrative law representation, training, and connection with other organizations for impact litigation.

Colorado Judicial Institute – $5,000

To further public understanding of the Colorado judicial system, to preserve and enhance the independence of the Colorado courts, and to ensure the courts meet the needs of the people.

Colorado Lawyers for the Arts – $1,000

To support CoLA’s volunteer legal assistance, education, and mediation programs designed to support Colorado’s expanding artist community.

Colorado Legal Services – $2,000

This project is part of a nationwide, collaborative effort between Colorado Legal Services, other legal services providers, and the National Health Law Program to develop critically needed, state-specific health care information for use by low-income Coloradans seeking solutions to health-related legal issues.

Colorado Springs Teen Court, Inc. – $750

Provides an alternative sentencing program for first-time juvenile offenders of misdemeanor crimes.

The Counseling Center, Inc. – $2,000

To support a safe and neutral exchange site where high-conflict divorced or separated parents, grandparents, and other people in Boulder and Broomfield counties with custodial rights can transfer and/or visit their children without violence and hostility.

Court Care for the Pikes Peak Region, Inc.
(Junior League of Colo. Spgs.) – $1,500

Provide free childcare to children whose parents, guardians, or caregivers must appear in court or conduct court-related business in the area served by the Fourth Judicial District.

Denver Rotary/DU College of Law/CBA – $500

A study fellowship for the purpose of familiarizing a graduate Russian law student from Moscow State University to the rule of law in a democracy and the administration of justice in a system predicated on an independent, objective, and effective judiciary.

Durango Teen Court – $750

To assist with operating expenses of the program, which is a community-based intervention and prevention program that provides a positive, forward-thinking alternative to school expulsion and traditional court proceedings for juvenile offenders.

Justice Information Center – $1,500

Funding to develop, print, and distribute a multi-language brochure to non-English speaking women facing legal immigration issues as a result of their leaving a violent domestic relationship.

League of Women Voters of Colorado – $1,000

Funding for the publication of a revised edition of "Colorado: The State We’re In," a book dedicated to an overview of the state of Colorado, both the political history and the political processes of Colorado.

Legal Center for People with Disabilities and Older People – $2,500

This grant will help individuals with HIV or AIDS gain access to services and protection from abuse, neglect, and discrimination related to their disability.

Mesa County Bar Association – $500

Assisting with expenses for Western Slope high school teams to participate in the 2004 Colorado State Mock Trial Competition.

North American Indian Legal Services – $1,000

To provide attorney services and guardian ad litem services to indigent Indian youth in juvenile court cases and provide one CLE course on issues relative to Colorado’s Indian Child Welfare Act law in dependency and neglect cases.

Project Safeguard – $5,000

To continue to provide services in the Seventeenth JD for low-income women underserved in this area. The goal is to expand the existing and successful Safety and Survival Orientation Clinics, Pro Se Legal Clinics, and Statewide Advocacy, Community Education and Training Services in Adams and Broomfield Counties.

Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic – $500

For the recording of text books for use by law students who are blind or print-disabled.

Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center – $2,500

To educate and train the legal community, social services, treatment providers, and the community at large on the urgent needs of children at risk.

University of Colorado School of Law,
Indian Law Clinic – $2,500

To coordinate an assessment of the legal needs of Colorado’s Native American population and prepare a report of existing legal resources and unmet needs.

University of Denver College of Law,
Public Law Clerkship – $2,500

The Public Interest Clerkship provides opportunities for students during their summer break to engage in paid legal work on behalf of non-profit organizations.

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