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March 2004       Vol. 33, No. 3       Page  113
From the Courts
Court Business

Court Business

Colorado Supreme Court Rules Committee

Corrective Order to Rule Change 2003(19)
The Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure
Chapter 2. Pleadings and Motions

The Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure
Chapter 2

(a)–(iii) [No Change]

(C) Document Disclosure. Documents and other evidentiary materials disclosed pursuant to C.R.C.P. 26(a)(1) and 16.1(k)(1)(B) shall be made immediately available for inspection and copying to the extent not privileged or protected from disclosure.

(2)–(9) [No Change]


No Other Changes.

This Corrective Order is Adopted on January 6, 2004, nunc pro tunc November 6, 2003, effective January 1, 2004.

By the Court:

Mary J. Mullarkey
Chief Justice, Colorado Supreme Court




Colorado Judicial Department
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Directives

Notice of Availability

A full set of the Chief Justice Directives may be purchased from the Colorado Judicial Department for $15, which includes copying, handling, and postage costs. Checks should be made payable to Colorado Judicial Department and should be mailed to: Court Services Division, Office of the State Court Administrator, 1301 Pennsylvania St., #300, Denver, CO 80203. Individual Chief Justice Directives will be assessed a $5 charge, pursuant to Chief Justice Directive 96-01, concerning standard research fees. Chief Justice Directives also are available from the Colorado Supreme Court homepage at: http://www.colorado. gov/dpa/doah/.

Publication in The Colorado Lawyer

Chief Justice Directives will be published on a space available basis in this "Court Business" section of The Colorado Lawyer. Some attachments may be omitted. To obtain a copy of attachments, contact the Court Services Division, Office of the State Court Administrator, 1301 Pennyslvania St., #300, Denver, CO 80203.




Chief Justice Directive 85-22
Supreme Court of Colorado
Office of the Chief Justice
Rate of Interest on Judgments that are Appealed

Pursuant to the cited references, the Colorado Secretary of State has certified the following rates of interest on judgments that are appealed:

Effective Date  Rate Date Certified
January 1, 1994 5% January 4, 1994
January 1, 1995  7% January 3, 1995
January 1, 1996 7% January 2, 1996
January 1, 1997 7% January 3, 1997
January 1, 1998 7% January 1, 1998
January 1, 1999 7% January 4, 1999
January 1, 2000 7% January 1, 2000
January 1, 2001 8% January 1, 2001
January 1, 2002 3% January 1, 2002
January 1, 2003 3% January 1, 2003
January 1, 2004 4% January 1, 2004

DONE the 12th day of January 2004

Approved by the Chief Justice:

Mary J. Mullarkey


Section 5-12-106(2)(a), 2 C.R.S (2003) and 13-21-101(3), 5 C.R.S. (2003)




Chief Justice Directive 04-01
Supreme Court of Colorado
Office of the Chief Justice
Filing of Disclosure Materials

WHEREAS, Rules 26(a)(4) and Rule 26.2(a)(4) of Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure require the filing of disclosure materials with the trial court unless otherwise directed by the Case Management order or by the court; and Rule 11 of the Water Court Rules adopts this same requirement by reference;

AND WHEREAS, the limited benefit to the court in receiving said disclosure materials is substantially outweighed by several factors: (1) the decrease of clerical staff to handle this additional paperwork; (2) the adverse impact to the clerk’s offices to provide adequate storage space for said materials; (3) the increase to the size of the files, making it more difficult for judges and clerks to work with the files and to locate important documents in the files; and (4) the added cost to litigants and counsel in making copies of the disclosure materials and mailing the same to the court;

AND WHEREAS, the better procedure is to require the filing of said disclosure materials only when the court finds it necessary to have said materials retained in the file to address an issue before the court.

NOW THEREFORE, the undersigned, as Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court, ODRERS as a general policy of this Court, until these rules have come before the Supreme Court for change through the rule change process, parties shall not file disclosure materials in any action (civil, domestic, water, or otherwise) in any district unless so directed by the judge or magistrate presiding in a given case. All parties must, however, comply with the other provisions of the disclosure rules and provide to each other in a timely fashion those things required to be disclosed in all case types.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that the Clerks of all State Courts and the Clerk of the Water Courts for all Water Divisions shall see that copies of this Order are distributed to those attorneys who normally practice in said courts, and the district judges and magistrates are authorized to give notice of this administrative order to the litigants and counsel who are involved in litigation before them in this state.

Dated at Denver, Colorado this 9th day of February 2004.

Mary J. Mullarkey
Chief Justice

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