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TCL > May 2005 Issue > 2005 Colorado Bar Association High School Mock Trials Program: Photo Highlights, Kudos, and Thanks

May 2005       Vol. 34, No. 5       Page  25

2005 Colorado Bar Association High School Mock Trials Program: Photo Highlights, Kudos, and Thanks

For the first time in this program’s history, the same high school has won the state championship for four consecutive years. Glenwood Springs High School won the Colorado High School Mock Trial Championship title in a very close championship round against Kent Denver. In May, Glenwood Springs High School will compete against forty-four state champion teams in the National High School Mock Trial Championship tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Colorado High School Mock Trial program celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year. Sixteen new schools were welcomed into the program this anniversary year.

Ninety-five teams participated in seven regional tournaments for the right to advance to the State Tournament, where twenty-two teams competed for the state title. The State Tournament was held in Boulder County and hosted by the Boulder County Bar Association. This year, more than 1,100 students became familiar with the litigation process, while gaining critical thinking, advocacy, and speaking skills as they prepared for their regional tournaments.

The Colorado High School Mock Trial program could not exist without the support of CBA volunteers. The Colorado Bar Association ("CBA") Public Legal Education ("PLE") Committee thanks all attorneys and teachers who coached these fabulous students. These coaches committed literally hundreds of hours to prepare the students for competition. Thanks also is extended to the local bar associations and their attorney members who coordinated their regional tournaments, as well as the hundreds of attorneys, judges and magistrates, and community volunteers who support the regional and state tournaments as presiding judges and scoring panelists. Without the commitment of the many volunteers, these tournaments could not happen.

The CBA PLE and its Mock Trial Subcommittee extend special congratulations and thanks to all the students, their attorney- and teacher-coaches and parents, and tournament volunteers who make this program possible. We look forward to broadened support next year as we strive to continue to impact young lives in this constructive, challenging, and creative fashion.

To find out how to become involved in this worthwhile educational program as an attorney-coach or a tournament volunteer, please contact Carolyn Ferber at the CBA, (303) 824-5323 or


Glenwood Springs High School—
2005 Colorado High School Mock Trial Champion Team
Congratulations to Team and Coaches!

Glenwood Springs High School Mock Trial Team, surrounded by coaches and CBA PLE Co-chairs (clockwise from bottom center): Wes Burke, Dennis Walters, David Hallford, Paul Metzger, Matt Kaufman, Ruben Hernandez, and Vic Zerbi; PLE co-chairs Julie Anderson and R. Craig Hess; and Colorado Supreme Court Justice Alex J. Martinez.


Congratulations to the Colorado High School Mock Trial Teams
That Participated in the 2005 CBA State Mock Trial Program!

Here are the ninety-five Colorado high school teams that participated in the seven regional tournaments, followed by the name of the teams that advanced to the state competitions. The asterisk [*] beside a team denotes a school participating in the program for the first time in the 2005 competitions. Photographs of the teams advancing to the state competitions begin on the next page.

First Judicial District Regional Tournament:

Arvada High School (2 teams), Arvada West High School (2 teams), Bear Creek High School, Chatfield High School, Clear Creek High School (2 teams), Dakota Ridge High School, Evergreen High School (2 teams), Lakewood High School (2 teams), Metro Academy at Lookout Mountain,* Ralston Valley High School (2 teams), Standley Lake High School (2 teams), and Summit County High School (2 teams)

Advancing to State: Clear Creek Team A, Evergreen Team A, Ralston Valley Team A, Standley Lake Team A, and Lakewood Team A


Adams/Broomfield/Boulder Regional Tournament:

Bollman Tech Education Center,* Boulder High School, Broomfield High School (3 teams), Holy Family High School, Justice High School, Monarch High School (2 teams), Northglenn High School (2 teams), and Peak to Peak Charter School (3 teams)

Advancing to State: Boulder, Holy Family, and Monarch Team A


Arapahoe County Regional Tournament:

Aurora Central High School (2 teams), Cherry Creek High School (3 teams), Kent Denver (2 teams), Regis Jesuit High School (4 teams), Rock Canyon High School,* Skyview High School, and St. Mary’s Academy*

Advancing to State: St. Mary’s Academy, Kent Denver Team A, and Cherry Creek Team A

Denver Regional Tournament:

Career Education Center, Denver Academy, George Washington High School,* La Academia School,* John F. Kennedy High School, Manual Arts & Cultural Studies High School (2 teams), and North High School*

Advancing to State: Kennedy and Washington


Southern Colorado Regional Tournament:

Air Academy High School, Cheyenne Mountain High School (2 teams), Coronado High School (2 teams), Custer County High School,* Doherty High School (2 teams), Falcon High School (2 teams), Lewis-Palmer High School,* Manitou Springs High School, Palmer High School, Sand Creek High School (3 teams), Sierra High School, and Wasson High School*

Advancing to State: Doherty Teams A & B, Cheyenne Mountain, and Sand Creek Team A


Weld/Larimer Regional Tournament:

Fort Collins High School, Green Mountain High School,* Haxtun High School, Platte Valley High School,* Poudre High School,* Ridgeview Classical School,* Rocky Mountain High School,* and Windsor High School

Advancing to State: Haxtun and Rocky Mountain


Western Slope Regional Tournament:

Durango High School (3 teams), Eagle Valley High School,* Fruita Monument High School, Glenwood Springs High School (3 teams), Grand Junction High School (2 teams), R-5 High School, and Rifle High School (2 teams)

Advancing to State: Glenwood Teams A & B and Durango Team A


2005 Mock Trial By the Numbers:

108 teams registered

16 new teams
13 teams dropped

(3 of these were new schools)

19 schools borrowed National High School Mock Trial Championship Tapes

24 schools had Mock Trial Performance Workshops

95 teams participated statewide

1100+ students participated
200+ attorneys coached

7 regional tournaments and 1 state tournament held

900+ member volunteers served as scoring panelists and presiding judges

22 teams advanced to State Tournament

4 rounds PLUS championship round

110 volunteers served as scoring panelists and presiding judges

70 people were new volunteers to the mock trial program

40 were past mock trial volunteers


Teams that Advanced to State!

These high school teams advanced to the State Tournament, which was held in Boulder County and hosted by the Boulder County Bar Association.


First Judicial District

Evergreen High School-Team A

Lakewood High School-Team A

Ralston Valley High School-Team A

Standley Lake High School-Team A

Not Pictured: Clear Creek High School-Team A


Boulder High School

Holy Family High School

Not Pictured: Monarch High School-Team A


St. Mary's Academy

Cherry Creek High School-Team A

Not Pictured: Kent Denver-Team A


Kennedy High School

George Washington High School


Southern Colorado

Not Pictured:

Doherty High School-Team A
Doherty High School-Team B

Cheyenne Mountain High School

Sand Creek High School


Western Slope

Glenwood High School-Team A

Glenwood High School-Team B

Not Pictured: Durango High School




A student attorney from Monarch High School (Louisville) addresses the “jury.”

Students from St. Mary’s Academy (Englewood), an all-girls school competing for the first time in the program, are all smiles after a round.

A Doherty High School (Colorado Springs) student delivers his opening statement.

A student witness from Glenwood Springs High School discusses an exhibit.

A Sand Creek High School (Colorado Springs)
attorney coach confers with a student attorney
prior to a round starting.

Students from Ralston Valley High School (Arvada) take a breather between rounds.

A student attorney
examines a witness
from Boulder
High School.



Lonnie Samora and Stuart Jorgensen
focus on the business of scoring a
mock trial round.

Volunteers Jeri Shepard
and Chad Hemmat
listen to a witness examination. 

Judge Gerald Rafferty listens
intently while presiding over
a round.

Volunteer Presiding Judges await their courtroom
assignments before a round. Seated clockwise are
John Stavely, Barney Iuppa, John Bryan,
Arthur P. Roy, and Stephen Ruddick.


Students from Kennedy High School (Denver) anxiously await the BIG announcement of teams advancing to Championship round. Cherry Creek High School (Greenwood Village) students applaud in appreciation to tournament volunteers. Kent Denver team celebrates the news that they are advancing to the Championship round against Glenwood Springs.


Student witnesses for Glenwood Springs, the prosecution, wait patiently for the Championship round to begin.

Glenwood Springs student attorneys, aka the State of Colorado, prepare for their case against Mickey Finn.

A Glenwood Springs prosecuting attorney
conducts a direct examination of witness.
Colorado Supreme Court Justice Alex J.
Martinez presides.

A Glenwood Springs student attorney confers with the Kent Denver team,
defense, prior to “showtime.”

Kent Denver’s “Mickey Finn” confers with her attorneys.


Glenwood Springs High School reacts to the news
of their winning the Championship Round in a close
ballot vote of 4-3.

A Glenwood Springs student proudly holds the 2005 State Mock Trial Trophy.

Proud attorney coach Vic Zerbi (center) poses
for team shots with CBA Public Legal Education
Committee co-chairs Julie Anderson and
R. Craig Hess.

The 2005 Colorado High School Mock Trial Championship Team.


In the Interest of Law-Related Education

Bear Creek High School notified the Colorado Bar Association ("CBA") that it did not have an attorney-coach for its mock trial team. The school "lost" its coach soon after its team was registered.

David Schott Robert Leher
Without a coach, and relying only on the experience and guidance of returning students from last year’s competitions, the team did its best to learn the mock trial case problem, even going so far as to develop their legal strategies. Nevertheless, the students were plagued by even the simple questions on matters such as objections to examination questions. They desperately needed an experienced attorney-coach.

An S-O-S e-mail was sent to those teams that had several coaches in their corner. Two attorneys, David Schott and Robert Leher, stepped forward to help the Bear Creek team. Schott and Leher already were committed to coaching several teams at Regis Jesuit High School and Cherry Creek High School, respectively, in the Arapahoe County Region.

For two weeks, Schott and Leher squeezed time between their own team practices to visit Bear Creek and answer questions posed by the students. They observed their opening statements and closing arguments, and provided instruction and guidance about direct- and cross-examinations prior to Bear Creek’s First Judicial District regional tournament. [Bear Creek High School placed 6th out of 20 teams in the regional tournament—one spot shy of advancing to the state tournament.]

The efforts of David Schott and Robert Leher demonstrate the foundation upon which the program is built, as well as its goals: dedicated attorneys and teachers who serve as coaches to high school students, instructing them about the American judicial system and court procedures. Their assistance to Bear Creek during a critical time of need sheds a positive light on the entire experience for these young students. Their extraordinary participation exemplifies the program’s philosophy of education, student interaction, and team participation above simple competition and a goal of winning.

The CBA and its Public Legal Education ("PLE") Committee thank David Schott and Robert Leher for going above and beyond the call of duty in the 2005 High School Mock Trial Program. Their commitment and dedication, along with that of every attorney-coach, has helped to make the 2005 tournament a true success for the ninety-five teams that participated.


Kudos all around to everyone who supported the 2005 Colorado High School Mock Trial Tournament!

Our thanks to the following Bar Associations and their volunteers who
coordinated and/or sponsored the regional mock trial tournaments:

Arapahoe County: Christine Chauche, Nancy Hopf, and Angel McCall
Denver County: Elsa Martinez Tenreiro and Carolyn Ferber
Western Slope: John Sideek
1st JD: Tom Walsh
Adams/Broomfield & Boulder Counties: Lori Hughes and Christine Hylbert
Southern Colorado: Jack Donley, Pat Kelly, and Jason Downie
Weld County: David Goddard and Kim Banner

A special thanks to the following for hosting the 2005 Colorado High School Mock Trial Tournament:

Chief Judge Roxanne Bailin; Boulder County Courthouse and its Judicial Bench; Amy Waddle, Court Administrator; Boulder County Bar Association; Sgt. Lavonne Frakes and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department

Kudos and thanks to all of the following attorney, community, committee, and staff volunteers who served as courtroom monitors, presiding judges, scoring panelists, and tournament staff at the State Tournament:

Abel Alvarado
Adrian Van Nice
Alan Bucholtz
Alden Hill
Alex J. Martinez
Amber Mooney
Art Frazin
Arthur Fine
Arthur P. Roy
Arthur Teter
Ashley Ott
Aubrey Ardema
Barbara Biondolillo
Barbara Villani
Barney Luppa
Brandi Lynn Nieto
Bruce Menk
Carol J. Zeisler
Carol Werner
Carolyn Sue Purdie
Carrie L. Ciliberto
Chad Hemmat
Charles Ledbetter
Cheryl Hinton
Chris Essick
Christa Lee Rock

Clarisse Gonzales
Connie Platt
Conrad Lattes
Cyril Vidergar
D.D. Mallard
Damian Arguello
David Archuleta
David Frosh
David Hughes
David J. Molnar
David Kirsch
David P. Cain
Diana L. McKee
Elisabeth Fedde
Elsa Martinez Tenreiro
Erin Velasquez
Ernest Shively
Gary Burke
Gary P. Sandblom
George Boyle
Gerald Rafferty
Ginny Lee
Heather Shulman
Henry J. Rickelman
Igor Raykin

James W. Chandler
Janet Price
Jay Ledbetter
Jeffrey Wu
Jennifer Sullivan
Jens Tobiasson
Jeri Shepherd
Jim Carr
John Bryan
John Stavely
Joseph M.
Julia Martinez
Julie Anderson
Julie Rech
Karen Caston
Kari Brandt
Katherine Bylsma
Kathleen Morgan
Kathryn Aleda
Kenneth Winterton
Kim Banner
Lance Tanaka
Laura Teter
Laura Tighe

Linda Cooke
Linda Rivas
Lisa Hamilton-
Lonnie Samora
Lyle Boll
Lynn Barnette
Mark Berry
Mary Keenan
Mary Roudebush
Matthew A. Holmes
Matthew J. Hogsett
Melissa Nicoletti
Melody Fuller
Michael Krueger
Michael Price
Michael Ruderman
Michelle Gersic
Mike Carrigan
Molly Allen
Nancy Fisher
Norma Sierra
Pam Howell
Pat Gilbert
Paula Polluconi

Peter Dietze
R. Craig Hess
Rebecca Pepin
Robert Gunning
Robert Hawthorne
Robert O. Kristufek
Robert Wolf
Ronald C. Jaynes
Roxanne Bailin
Ryan Brackley
Sara Harris
Sarah Christensen
Sharon Svendson
Steve Jacobson
Steve Laman
Steve Ruddick
Steve Theis
Stuart S. Jorgensen
Susan Curtis
Susan Price
Teri Vasquez
Thomas A. Clark
Tim Hadley
Wayne Patton
William Sylvester

The Colorado Bar Association would like to thank the following:

CBA Litigation Section for its $7,500 sponsorship and membership support of the Colorado Mock Trial Program
Colorado Bar Foundation for its $3,500 travel grant for the Colorado Mock Trial State Champion trip to the National Championship in May
CBA Law Education Committee and its Mock Trial Subcommittee for its efforts in planning of the 2005 Colorado High School Mock Trial Program

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