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TCL > March 2002 Issue > Summaries of Opinions

March 2002       Vol. 31, No. 3       Page  117
From the Courts
Colorado Disciplinary Cases

Summaries of Opinions

Summaries of Decisions Issued by the Presiding Disciplinary Judge

(Through January 4, 2002)


People v. Carucci, 01PDJ071, 1/4/02. Attorney Regulation.

The Presiding Disciplinary Judge and Hearing Board reinstated Roderic A. Carucci to the practice of law effective January 4, 2002. p.119.


Summaries of Decisions Regarding Conditional Admissions of Misconduct

Issued by the Presiding Disciplinary Judge

(Through December 2001)

[The Presiding Disciplinary Judge’s approval of Conditional Admissions of Misconduct does not result in a written opinion but only a brief order, which does not constitute precedent. Conditional Admissions of Misconduct are public record and are available for review at the Office of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge, 600 17th St., Suite 510-South, Denver, CO 80202; (303) 825-2797. They are also available on Lexis-Nexis® at by clicking on States Legal U.S./Colorado/Cases and Court Rules/By Court/Colorado Supreme Court Disciplinary Opinions.]


People v. Jukola, No. 01PDJ105, 12/26/01. Attorney Regulation.

The Presiding Disciplinary Judge approved the parties’ Conditional Admission of Misconduct and publicly censured Respondent Kris E. Jukola for failing to pay a court reporter whom respondent had hired despite the court reporter’s obtaining a judgment against respondent. Respondent was ordered to pay the costs of the disciplinary proceeding.

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