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TCL > July 2001 Issue > Friday, September 21, 2001

July 2001       Vol. 30, No. 7       Page  65

Friday, September 21, 2001

Friday, September 21, 2001

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American College of Trust and Estate Counsel
"Colorado Uniform Principal & Income Act" - James R. Wade, Denver
Annual breakfast meeting.


Christian Legal Society
"Love, Fear and Honor: The Duty of the Christian Lawyer" - Troy A. Eid, Denver

Mr Eid will discuss some of the challenges Christian attorneys face when involved in the political process. Christians have a duty to obey lawfully established government, and even to follow laws that may be contrary to Scripture. But do Christians also have a duty to change the law by getting involved in the political process? When should we sit on the sidelines, and when should we enter the fray? And if Christians do enter the political arena, what does the Bible say about how they should act in seeking legal change?


Institute Committee


Coffee Break

Sponsored by Judicial Arbiter Group, Inc.


Communication Law Forum Committee
"Communication Law Update 2001"

Michael L. Glaser, Denver, will speak on wireless regulation and the entry of wireless services into real estate development.

Carol Mattey, FCC Division Chief, Common Carrier Bureau, Washington, DC, will address recent MDU regulations and FCC enforcement actions against Southwest Bell and other dominant carriers.

Raymond Gifford, Chairman, Colorado Public Utilities Commission, Denver, will address state regulatory licensing issues in Colorado.

Sharon Black, CU Professor, Boulder, will speak on recent technology development and regulatory problems that converging services present.

Gary Tucker, Denver, moderator


Criminal Law Section
"The Privilege Against Self-Incrimination"

A distinguished panel of judges, practitioners and academics will discuss the privilege against self-incrimination. The program will begin with two lighthearted presentations, one on recent Supreme Court cases and one on comparative law aspects of the privilege. Two law professors will discuss the often misunderstood history of the privilege. The practitioners and federal judge will discuss recent developments, including an introduction to the problem presented in United States v. Hubbell: when does the privilege attach to the production of documents? A panel discussion focusing on Hubbell will conclude the program.

8:30 - 8:45 Introductions - Morris B. Hoffman, Denver

Judge Hoffman has presided over the Denver Statutory Grand Jury for eight of his eleven years on the Denver District Court bench. He has written widely on many aspects of law, especially trial practice.

8:45 - 9:15 "The Privilege in Other Systems" - William T. Pizzi, Boulder

Prof. Pizzi is Professor of Law and Byron White Fellow at the University of Colorado School of Law. He has written extensively in the area of criminal law and procedure, with an emphasis on comparative criminal law.

9:15 - 10:15 "The History of the Privilege" - Albert W. Alschuler, Chicago; Richard A. Nagareda, Nashville

Prof. Alschuler is the Wilson-Dickinson Professor of Law at the University of Chicago School of Law after having taught at the University of Colorado School of Law from 1973 to 1984. He is a pre-eminent teacher and criminal law scholar, and has written widely in the areas of criminal law and procedure. Prof. Nagareda is a Professor of Law at the Vanderbilt University Law School, and has concentrated his scholarship in the areas of torts and the constitutional aspects of the law of evidence.

10:15 - 10:30 Break

10:30 - 11:15 "Recent Developments" - Harold A. Haddon, Denver; John L. Kane, Jr., Denver; Phillip A. Parrott, Denver

Mr. Haddon is both a former public defender and a former state grand jury special prosecutor. He has extensive experience in grand jury work, including representing clients in the Whitewater grand jury investigation. Judge Kane is a Senior United States District Court Judge for the District of Colorado and has written widely on topics as diverse as drug policy, the First Amendment, the unbundling of legal services, and the history of the Territorial and federal benches in Colorado. Mr. Parrott is Chief Deputy District Attorney in Denver, and is in charge of the Complex Crime Division. His work includes practicing regularly before the statewide and Denver grand juries.

11:15 - 12:00 Panel Discussion on Hubbell


Labor & Employment Law Forum Committee

8:30 - 10:30 "Downsizing Concerns" - Gregory A. Eurich, Denver; Todd J. McNamara, Denver; K. Preston Oade, Denver; Robert J. Truhlar, Littleton

The panel will discuss a range of issues arising from corporate downsizing of employees, including severance packages, release agreements, pension implications and typical claims made in such situations.

10:30 - 12:00 "Intellectual Property Law for the Employment Lawyer" - Daniel E. Friesen, Denver; Natalie Hanlon-Leh, Denver; Gayle L. Strong, Denver

The presentation will consist of a lecture covering basic intellectual property concepts which frequently arise in the employment context, and a discussion of application of those principles in typical employment scenarios, including hiring, firing and monitoring of employees.


Law Practice Management Department
"The Internet - Making the Most of It"

8:30 - 9:15 "E-Mail - Improving your 'Outlook' on Life" - Larry Smith, Denver; Natalie Thornwell, Atlanta

We are all deluged by e-mails. Find out how you can use Outlook to automatically direct incoming e-mails to folders. We will talk about how to "flag" e-mails for follow-up. How can you get rid of spam using filters? Find out how to assign "tasks" to your staff to maintain "to do" lists and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

9:30 - 10:30 "Protecting Your Internet Connection (Are You Secure? Are You Sure?)" - Jeff Flax, Denver

One of our greatest threats comes from the vulnerability of our Internet connection. With "always on" connections, do you run the risk of allowing others to peer into your computer? What is a firewall and do you need one? Learn what threats are real and how you and your clients can protect your firms from these security breaches. We will also talk about effective and inexpensive solutions.

10:45 - 12:00 "Electronic Discovery - Do You Know What to Look for and How to Find It?" - Jeff Flax, Denver; Todd Miller, Denver

What are courts saying about discovery of e-mails? How can you trace anonymous e-mails back to the sender? How long should you keep e-mails? We have retention policies for hard copies of documents, but what about electronic files?

Program will resume at 2:30 p.m. See afternoon listing for details.


Solo/Small Firm Section
"Building Relationships and Networking for Solos and Small Firm Practitioners" - Robert Weiss, Denver; ­­Donna Pagano, Denver
Building relationships and networking aren't just for big firms. Learn what small firms and sole practitioners are doing to establish and build relationships with clients, and what recent surveys show works best to get to know the right people and managing those relationships effectively. Part of this practical presentation will be a networking skills workshop with Mr. Weiss and Ms. Pagano. Working together, they have taught thousands of lawyers, accountants and business executives nationwide how to build and maintain strong personal referral networks. Mr. Weiss, who is with Denver-based Alyn-Weiss & Associates, Inc., has 20 years experience promoting solos, local, regional and branch offices of national firms. Ms. Pagano is president of Strategic Connections, Inc.

Sponsored by Anderson Edelman Financial Solutions


Trust & Estate Section/Taxation Law Section

"Traps and Opportunities in Colorado State and Local Tax Law" - Neil Tillquist, Denver; Neil Pomerantz, Denver; Kenneth S. Kramer, Denver; R. Alan Poe, Denver, moderator

While federal income tax planning attracts substantial attention in most transactions, Colorado state and local tax issues are often ignored. The Colorado state and local tax laws contain many traps for the unwary as well as planning opportunities. Three state and local tax lawyers will present a panel discussion of the potential state income tax, state and local sales and use tax, and property tax consequences of transactions in Colorado.

"Estate Planning in the Context of Changing Estate Tax Rules" - James R. Wade, Denver

Mr. Wade will comment on estate tax reform or the lack of estate tax reform as of the date of the program. If reform is not yet in place, he will discuss the estate planning uncertainties which we presently encounter with the phased-in exemption already in place and what the future may hold.

"Top Ten Ways to Increase Probate Costs Through Drafting Errors" - Laurie Hunter, Denver

Ms. Hunter will review the ten worst (and most costly because they lead to litigation) problems dealt with over the past several years in estate administration that were the result of drafting problems in wills or trusts.

Sponsored by Alexander Capital Management Group


Business Law Institute, Co-Sponsored with CBA/CLE
See BLI brochure for details. Call CBA/CLE at 303-860-0608 or 888-860-2531 for a registration brochure.


Litigation Institute, Co-Sponsored with CBA/CLE
See LI brochure for details. Call CBA/CLE at 303-860-0608 or 888-860-2531 for a registration brochure.


Coffee Break

Sponsored by Judicial Arbiter Group, Inc.


Yoga Class
This class is based on Hatha Yoga and combines stretching and balances with traditional yoga postures for an unparalleled sense of fitness and well-being. Space is limited so be sure to sign up using the CBA Institute registration form.


Working with the Media
What do those people want, anyway? Find out the inner workings of the Journalist Mind, what you should and shouldn't say to them, and how to be a star -- if you want to. Come out of this workshop with your very own sound bite. Seating is limited; please reserve a spot by calling Diane Hartman, (303) 824-5312 or (800) 332-6736. Two hours and two CLEs.


Marilyn Sherman,
Friday, Sept. 21,
luncheon speaker
Luncheon featuring Marilyn Sherman, San Diego
"Communicating for Results: How to Avoid Conflict Avoidance"

Conflict is much easier to handle once you have the skills to communicate assertively. Ms. Sherman has strategies that will help you successfully handle conflict so that you are not tempted to avoid it. You will learn key phrases to help you maintain your composure, even in the presence of difficult people.


Colorado Lesbian & Gay Bar Association
"Lesbian and Gay Parenting: What About the Children?"

The panelists will discuss the current legal and social circumstances of children of lesbian and gay parents.

"A View from the Public Sector" - Jude Liguori, Denver; E. Robert LaCrosse, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Ms. Liguori, Child Protection Administrator for Denver Human Services, will discuss statistics of children in foster care and the placement (temporary or permanent) with lesbian and gay couples. Should children be placed with lesbian and gay foster families? What are the obstacles to such a placement? Dr. LaCrosse, a licensed psychologist, will discuss the unique issues of children of lesbian and gay parents.

"A View from the Bench" - Frank Dubofsky, Boulder; Frank Plaut, Golden

Two district court judges will describe and discuss the types of lesbian and gay parenting cases being heard and the current statutory framework in which these cases are being decided by Colorado judges. Judge Dubofsky will address the determination of parent and child relationships under the Uniform Parentage Act, CRS §19-4-101, et seq. Judge Plaut will address the allocation of parental responsibilities in "gay divorce" cases being litigated under CRS §14-10-123.

"A View from the Legislature" - Jennifer L. Veiga, Denver; Penfield Tate, Denver

State Representative Veiga and State Senator Tate will present information on relevant legislation introduced, pending or planned and the impact such legislation would have on children of lesbian and gay parents.

"Questions and Answer"


Elder Law Forum Committee
"Navigating the Waters of Governmental Liens and Subrogation Interests" - Byron Hammond, Denver; Robert Sagrillo, Denver; Eric Solem, Englewood; Cindy Christiansen, Denver

Public benefit programs such as Medicare and Medicaid may have subrogation interests or the right to hold liens against property which can affect many elderly and disabled clients. Therefore, practitioners in the elder law field need to understand the issues involved in this area to better advocate for their clients. The panel will discuss the specifics in this area including Medicaid's right to file a lien on your client's home, Medicare's right to sue an attorney to recover its subrogation interest, and Medicare's increased subrogation enforcement efforts.


Environmental Law Section
Program to be announced


Ethics Committee
Program to be announced


Law Practice Management Department
"The Internet - Making the Most of It" (continued)

2:30 - 3:30 "60 Sites in 60 Minutes" - Reba Nance, Denver; Mel Reveles, Denver; Natalie Thornwell, Atlanta

A favorite every year, you'll see sites to help you with legal research, technology, travel and much more. We'll even show you some fun sites to visit on your own time!

3:45 - 5:00 "Legal Research - What's Free and What's Not" - Pamela Lewis, Denver

A law librarian will show how to use the Internet to take advantage of free and for-pay information. What is available for free and where can you go to get it? Find out what you can get on the Internet, and what you still need to go to traditional sources for.


Real Estate Section
"The New Colorado Residential Forms and Deeds and Related Conveyance Instruments" - Thomas J. Todd, Denver

"Dealing with Real Estate Brokers" - Susan R. Fox, Denver


Coffee Break

Sponsored by Judicial Arbiter Group, Inc.


"Whose Comfort Zone Are You In?"
When you think of stretching your comfort zone, have you ever asked, "Whose comfort zone are you trying to stretch?" Learn purpose, direction, and mission to take your current level of success to the next level. Marilyn Sherman will inspire you to set goals, and show you how to overcome obstacles so that you can lead the life that you want and be happy every day! You will be able to make decisions based on stretching your own comfort zone without jumping into someone else's!


Putting & Chipping Clinic
Vail Golf Club's golf professionals will conduct a putting and chipping clinic on Friday afternoon and again on Saturday morning. To provide personal instruction to the participants, registration is limited to 12 people. There is no charge for the clinics but pre-registration is required by signing up on the CBA Institute registration form.


Wine Tasting Reception
After a day of attending CLE programs, unwind at this informal reception that will include a hosted tasting featuring a variety of wines from around the world. Light hors d'oeuvres will also be served.

Sponsored by LexisNexis


Alumni Receptions
University of Colorado School of Law
University of Denver College of Law
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