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May 2009       Vol. 38, No. 5       Page  129
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Court Business

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Colorado Judicial Department
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Directives

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CJD 09-01
Statewide Pilot Project to Electronically Exchange Data
with Colorado Department of Human Services, Child Support Division

This Directive is issued to permit a statewide pilot project allowing for the electronic real-time exchange of data between Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), Child Support Enforcement Division (CSE) and the Colorado Judicial Department. As one aspect of this pilot project, the filing requirements of certain documents for CSE pursuant to § 26-13.5-105, § 26-13.5-110, and § 26-13.5-112, C.R.S. will be accomplished by the transmission of data instead of the physical filing of the required documents.

(I) Scope

This pilot project may apply statewide to actions brought on or after April 4, 2009, by CDHS, CSE, or actions in which CSE Unit is involved as a party to the case.

(II) Purpose

Pursuant to the Administrative Procedure for Child Support Establishment and Enforcement statutes, § 26-13.5-105, § 26-13.5-110, and § 26-13.5-112, C.R.S., CSE is responsible for filing certain documents with the Clerk of the District Court. This pilot project will provide for the data elements contained in those documents to be transmitted to the Court electronically in real-time to maintain the official court record.

(III) Transmission of Data and Maintenance of Documents

This Directive allows CSE to transmit data electronically instead of physically filing the actual documents listed in § 26-13.5-105, § 26-13.5-110, and § 26-13.5-112, C.R.S. with the clerk of court as required by the statutes noted above and authorizes the county child support enforcement units to maintain the documents, until such time as they are no longer a party to the case, at which time they will either transmit the documents to the court by electronic means, or they will transfer the paper documents to the court.

Done at Denver, Colorado this 19th day of March 2009.

By the Court:

Mary J. Mullarkey
Chief Justice, Colorado Supreme Court

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