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TCL > December 2000 Issue > Court Business

December 2000       Vol. 29, No. 12       Page  185
From the Courts
Court Business

Court Business

Colorado Supreme Court Rules Committee

Reminder Notice to All Attorneys:
Use of New Captions and Formats
For Civil and Criminal Cases
Effective January 1, 2001

The Colorado Supreme Court Rules Committee reminds attorneys that the use of the new captions and formats, according to the Rules listed below, will become mandatory January 1, 2001. The Rule changes and sample captions and formats were printed in the July 2000 issue of The Colorado Lawyer beginning on page 135. This information also appears on the Colorado Bar Association website:, as well as the court website: The new Rules and sample captions also may be found in the 2000 Official Colorado Revised Statutes ("Redbook"). Their location in the Redbook is indicated in brackets beside each Rule number. Please note that the new captions apply to criminal and civil cases. See, e.g., C.R.C.P. 10(a) [p. 62].

  • Chapter 2. C.R.C.P. Rule 10. Form and Quality of Pleadings, Motions and Other Documents [p.62]
  • Chapter 25. Colorado Rules of County Court Civil Procedure, Rule 310. Form of Summons, Pleadings and Other Documents [p.913]; [Appendix with sample captions, p.963]
  • Chapter 26. Colorado Rules of Procedure for Small Claims Court, Rule 506. General Rules of Pleading [p.996]
  • C.A.R. 3. Appeal as of Right—How Taken [p.1495]
  • C.A.R. 3.1. Appeals from Industrial Claim Appeals Office [p.1499]
  • C.A.R. 32. Form of Briefs and Appellate Documents [p.1539]
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