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TCL > July 2012 Issue > CBA Salutes HonorLife Members

July 2012       Vol. 41, No. 7       Page  32
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CBA Salutes HonorLife Members

The Colorado Bar Association (CBA) has conferred the status of "HonorLife Member" on the individuals listed below. These members have had the distinction of practicing law for fifty years and have had active membership in the CBA for the most recent ten years.

The CBA salutes these members for their exemplary service to the legal profession and for their participation in the CBA. Each of these HonorLife Members receives a free lifetime CBA membership, as well as a certificate of gratitude and recognition.

Frank J. Anesi
Joseph S. Borus
Warren D. Braucher
Donald E. Campbell
Jorge E. Castillo
Jerry C. Connell
Frederic K. Conover II
Joel C. Davis
Peter C. Dietze
James E. Elliott, Jr.
Donald B. Gentry
Paul C. Gilman
Robert G. Good
Dale R. Harris
David G. Hill
Ronald C. Hill
Jackson L. Hummel
Joseph C. Jaudon, Jr.
William C. Jensen
William G. Kaufman
Charles J. Kimball
Richard W. Laugesen
Malcolm (Sandy) E. MacDougall
Howard Morrison
John R. Naylor II
Thomas S. Nichols
Robert W. Ogburn
Russell K. Osgood
John W. Overholser
Neil Peck
John S. Potter, Jr.
R. N. Quigley
Joseph R. Quinn
Lee G. Rallis
Garth W. Rogers
L.William Schmidt, Jr.
Thomas C. Seawell
Norton L. Steuben
Barrie G. Sullivan II
John P. Tracy
Arthur H. Travers
James R. Wade
Hugh R. Warder
Orrelle R. Weeks
Randall L. Weeks
David L. Wood
Frank J. Woodrow
David S. Woronoff
Billy B. Wyatt

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